Sunday, May 31, 2020

Featured items - Liz Lisa skirts

I took a week off as a break from doing featured items on my story because it was really starting to feel like a chore for me. During this time, I solicited requests if anyone had any particular interest in a part of my wardrobe and one suggestion was Liz Lisa skirts/separates! Although I had two Liz Lisa skirts in my first week of featured items, I thought it might be nice to specifically look at bottom pieces which definitely stand out in their own way from OPs.

First up is the Liz Lisa dress up doll skirt in pink and bordeaux. If I have a skirt in multiple colors, it only makes sense to feature it! I thought this would be a good place to start because the print has so many details and even has a big removable bow (not extremely commonplace for Liz Lisa skirts). You can see all the thought that went into the different dolls and how each colorway is customized.
Recommended coordinates utilize color-matching piping in the blouse for a very cohesive look! Both pink and bordeaux can vary in shade a lot so I'm always glad when I can have an almost exact match.

Now for something a little different...Liz Lisa houndstooth fitted skirt in navy. This isn't as recognizable as a Liz Lisa item and I never would have picked it out for myself. I received it as part of a hodge podge happy pack and was a bit disappointed when I first opened it. Then I tried it on and I realized that it's actually super flattering and really cute! The big buttons are fun and there's even a little embroidery on the back that is really subtle and I feel like serves basically no purpose lol.
Even though Liz Lisa is largely known as a "cute" brand, the curved flap design on the front of this skirt can be a bit sexy as well. The length of this skirt is almost perfect for me. The split isn't too high and feels quite safe while the entire skirt isn't overpowering.

For something a little newer and also slightly different following the lead of the fitted skirt - Liz Lisa gingham cafe skirt in black. This print has all the quintessential Liz Lisa components but in a new colorway - black! This was a big leap from the colorways the brand had been producing for many years and oddly refreshing for an early spring release.

This skirt easily pairs with both white and black accessories but as seen in the Featured items - Accessories post, I sometimes like to play up the red details too. I wasn't the hugest fan of "sweet black" items for a while but once I go the right accessories, I really changed my mind.

Back to status quo Liz Lisa, I thought it would be nice to feature this Liz Lisa ice cream skirt in pink. At one point, I owned all three colors of this skirt (pink, red and blue) + the pink version of the dress + the matching striped top in 2 colors. I really loved the print tbh and thought the design of both the set up and the OP were spectacular. The only piece I've held onto now is this pink skirt and I think it's because it's both cute and unassuming at the same time. I really like the striped waist tie bow.
This item is a true pale pink and so girly! I love pairing it with white tops and then loading on the pink accessories for a really feminine coordinate. (That Liz Lisa watermark cardigan in pink is pretty much an exact color match so I wear this skirt with it quite often.)

It would be a pity if I didn't feature these Liz Lisa bear book skirts in white and bordeaux/red. It definitely seems like this is a beloved past print by many, especially in the red color. I only had the white version for so long (purchased in store on a past trip) and was lucky to snag the red color secondhand only a couple years ago. Even though the print feels VERY seasonal, I've held onto both colors of this skirt because it just feels so great to wear them for the holidays!
The red in this series is not a perfect match to all other bordeaux items that Liz Lisa has released but it's close enough imo to pair it with bordeaux accessories. It's really the combination of red + green that makes this print stand out as very holiday/Christmas-y though and I try to make sure I wear them at least a couple times in November - December (to different events)!

My skirt "collection" is definitely not as extensive as the OPs I've retained since my wardrobe purge, but I definitely do love the pieces that I've kept. There are a few that I rehomed that I definitely miss now that I look back, but I know that what I have is definitely still special and worthwhile. I love looking at the details in all the prints and creating different coordinates by changing the top I pair these with.

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