Tuesday, October 31, 2017

My purse "collection" (October 2017)

I received a couple different requests for a "purse collection"-type post a while ago (like for the first time probably over a year ago) and I just never thought it would be prudent to do so because it's constantly changing, and I just didn't want to try and keep up with it like I do with my Liz Lisa master post. However, over the long weekend earlier this month I evaluated and looked through my various purses, so I took the opportunity to scrutinize at them as a whole and snapped a few super quick photos on my cell phone in the process. If you follow me on Dayre, you've already seen a version of this, but I wanted to do a quick Blogger version, adding slightly more content.
Note: I've added "October 2017" to the title bc I don't intend on making updates to this specific post! I may consider doing another version in the future if there are any significant changes, but this will just serve as a frozen-in-time look at what purses I had in my closet at this time.

Michael Kors black quilted tote -
I really love a quilted texture on purses, so I think that's what initially caught my eye about this purse. The black color and shape/style/design was really good for when I was still in school because it can easily fit folders/notebooks and even a small laptop. The shoulder strap helps as well. Occasionally, I'll still use this for work or something if I'm going to training and have to carry a binder/notebook.

Samantha Thavasa black heart locket studded purse -
This hasn't been an oft used purse mainly because I think I just favor my other similar black purses more, but I think the design is simple and cute, especially with the little heart locket charm.

Michael Kors black shoulder bag -
This was a bag that I used in high school a lot. It was a nice size (although didn't actually fit school papers) and it was easy to throw on my shoulder. The handles are breaking and I think I tried to take it to get repaired at some point, but the guy told me he couldn't do much. I've still kept it all these years for idk what reason, but it's now time for it to go! It's really not usable in this condition and I don't even have any recent pictures with it because I didn't even realize I still had it.

Kate Spade New York black square purse -
This is one of my most recent black color purse purchases. I got it because I realized I didn't have a smaller sized usable black purse! This one is a perfect size for my needs these days which typically doesn't include having to carry around paperwork daily anymore. I really like the smooth leather and the little square-ish shape + having the short strap and shoulder strap options.

Coach black gamaguchi style pouchette -
This is another bag that I had in high school. I actually got it specifically for a semi-formal event (like prom or winterball or something like that) and I really liked the coin purse-type latch. It's pretty small and kind of specific looking so I don't think I would ever be able to use it IRL casually, but I don't mind keeping it as a special occasion purse just in case.

Liz Lisa scalloped ribbon shoulder bag in navy -
I received this in a Liz Lisa summer happy bag and was thrilled to see it (even though it was shown in the promo pics) because I needed a navy bag. This one is petite but can easily fit a full size wallet and the material and shoulder strap allow me to use it in a dressier way if desired.

Michael Kors pewter rounded buckle purse -  
I can't remember exactly when I got this purse but I'm pretty sure it was some time in high school. The zipper pull fell off awhile ago due to frequent use, but I continued to use it with a Hello Kitty bow keychain to move the zipper instead. I've since removed that because it's kind of really tacky, but don't choose it a lot anymore. However, it's a good option when want a bag to compliment darker outfits that aren't actually black.

Urban Outfitters grey envelope pouchette -
This was a gift from a family member that I was surprised to see when I opened the present. It's not really my "style" at all, but I've found it useful for super casual occasions (football games, fairs, outdoor events, etc) where it's not the cleanest or A+ safest environment and I don't want to carry a lot of things with me weight-wise. I always like it when I receive a gift of something I kind of need but wouldn't want to spend money on myself lol.

Coach gold small purse -
I bought this purse right before going on my trip in May earlier this year because....I was shopping by myself and it was on sale. But also because I anticipated it being really useful on that trip, and actually I wasn't wrong. I really like the small shape and the mostly neutral color. I typically use the shoulder strap for it and have been consistently using this as my go-to purse in the last few months because it matches with so many things in my wardrobe.

Michael Kors gold rounded buckle purse - 
I got this gold purse after liking the similarly shaped pewter color one but making a switch to preferring gold metallics to silver. As far as I can recall, it was mostly used through college and I've continued to use it occasionally over the last few years as well.

Guess? gold snakeskin texture tote -
This was another gold purse purchase during college and it was a good shape for school stuff. I think the last time I used it was during my 2012 study abroad and I haven't touched it since since this shape isn't specifically relevant for me anymore.

Off brand gold rose pouchette -
This was a freebie with a Yahoo auctions purchase and it's actually really cute! The chain isn't in the best condition but I love the rosette design, the gamaguchi handle closure and the tiny shape. Because of its small size, it will likely be more of a special occasion purse, but I don't mind keeping it "just in case" since it doesn't take up much space.

Michael Kors gold tote -
My mom and I were just randomly browsing and we each got a purse in this style. Hers is more of a eggshell color, but I chose gold for myself. This was a useful travel purse during my East Coast Thanksgiving trip in 2016 where I wore mostly bordeaux and didn't bring a check in suitcase so it was good to have a purse that could hold a fair amount of items. I've been using it consistently for my Saturday class I'm taking this fall because it can hold paperwork and a textbook as well as my water bottle. I also recently used it all week at work when we had to do site visits!

Michael Kors taupe rounded purse - 
This was actually a gift that I was very much surprised to receive! It's not something that I would have chosen for myself, but I think that's what makes it so interesting. The color is very practical and it's nice for work.

Samantha Vega brown fur trim purse -
I don't use this bag much IRL but it is great to have as an option to create coordinates for blog posts. At first I thought it would be silly to keep, but it's actually really fun to use even in Hawaii because the details are really cute. I don't own a lot of true brown purses, so this definitely fills a void.

Off brand bear backpack -
This was a souvenir brought back for me from China. I'm not a big backpack person when it comes to using a bag like that IRL (I just currently prefer a traditional purse), but I can easily imagine other people creating amazing coordinates with this because of the cute bear print.

Liz Lisa 3-piece cup Team C purse in beige -
I bought this purse mostly out of necessity during my Summer 2015 Japan trip when my first Liz Lisa rose quilted purse really started to fall apart. I needed a replacement as close as possible to it that would still match with the clothes I was planning to wear and this was a really good option. There's all kinds of zippers and ways to adjust it, including the pouch in the front being totally separate and having its own chain shoulder strap to make it a pouchette.

Juicy Couture beige slouchy interlock purse -
This purse has a bit of special meaning to me because my ex-coworker has a matching one in black! She's since moved to CA, but I always think of her and how we bonded over a terrible job when I use it. The shape is a bit on the bigger side and because there isn't a lot of structure to it, I don't typically use it when I need to place paperwork in it, but otherwise it's quite good for an occasion where I need to keep a change of clothes, portable lunch, etc with me.

Ank Rouge beige heart embossed purse -
I really love heart embossed designs which is what convinced me to initially purchase this bag. I didn't have a lot of ivory/off white bags at the time, so it made sense to get it. The design is actually really interesting with the "fold over" closure that the handle goes through.

Kate Spade off white tote -
I think this was a "no-reason-to-purchase-except-on-sale" type buy, but I think it's a classic shape and color, so I think it's a worthwhile purchase. Again, mostly good for work occasions, but since all I really do is go to work, I don't mind having a decent assortment for it. 

Liz Lisa seashell pouchette in white -
I bought this during my first personal trip to Japan in 2014, and I LOVE the novelty shape and design. I don't actually use it often, but it's a great little piece that I don't think I'll ever get tired of. The only issue is that it's not super easy to store, but that's a small issue if at all and it's definitely something I plan to keep until it falls apart.

Liz Lisa ice cream woven purse in white -
This was a recent buy due to my recently falling into the woven bag trend. I didn't really get the type before, but after seeing a lot of examples on my recent trip and seeing how cute they are with summer coordinates (great all year in HI), I knew I would want to get one myself. This one came with a large flat ice cream pass case which is a cute detail that can be removed or used as desired. (I typically use it without because it's more versatile that way.)

DIY red gingham ribbon lauhala purse - 
I did a whole blog post dedicated to just this bag because it took so long for me (and my mom) to figure out the best way to make it. Even at that, we probably put more effort into it than what it really called for. Regardless, I wanted to DIY it because I had missed out on the previous year's one and it was actually a fun project. I love matching it with my summer reds.

Kate Spade New York red die cut heart tote -
I saw this while I was shopping for a present and went back the next day to get it for myself. It's ridiculous and impractical, but that's kind of what I like about it. I got it right around Valentine's Day so it just really made sense at the time lol.

Forever21 red die cut heart pouchette - 
I saw this pouchette years ago in a local Forever 21 store and I think it was the only one there - like someone had bought it online and then returned it because there wasn't even a real tag on it, just a handwritten one. Regardless, the condition was okay and I knew I had to have it. Years later, I'm still holding onto it even though the handle is cracking lol. It adds a cute little pop of color to any outfit.

Liz Lisa heart frill pouchette in red -
Like I mentioned above, my cheapy Forever 21 version of this is cracking, so I decided it wouldn't be a bad idea to get this Liz Lisa version last year. The color is more of a deep red anyway so it's not 100% redundant, right? I've been glad I made the decision to get this pouchette lately because it actually pairs reasonably well with a lot of autumn bordeaux coordinates in a way that a true red never would.

Liz Lisa quilting pouchette in bordeaux -
A Liz Lisa bordeaux purse was a must buy for me this season and I didn't miss out on my chance to get one in store during my trip in July. It's been a fantastic match to my growing bordeaux wardrobe. This one is a nice shape and design and I think will be especially useful this fall.

Liz Lisa tulip round purse in pink -
This print series was the first look at SS16 and although I never ended up getting the OP, I ended up with this rounded purse in two color (see white near the end below). I think the combination of colors used in the print is really interesting and the little shape is cute too.

Hello Kitty die cut head plastic purse -
I was really into Hello Kitty head accessories in high school - just the head, mind you. That resulted in me getting this plastic material "purse" (if you can even call it that) and using it throughout the years in high school. It's not something I ever use anymore and after this, definitely plan on retiring it. The last time it was used was for the Kyary concert several years ago.

Kate Spade New York lavender scalloped purse -
This was my first purchase when the Kate Spade New York store near me opened up. The brand hasn't been in HI long (although ofc I've heard about it before, but just never loved it enough to want to order online or anything) and I fell in love with the unique lavender color and the little shape. I also really like that it has a shoulder strap option.

 Samantha Thavasa Azel Rafi purse in pink -
This was a last minute purchase during my November 2015 Japan trip because I just felt that I hadn't spent enough money wtf. I actually got it in Haneda Airport just a hour or so before leaving Japan. I usually don't splurge on things like that, including the charm, but I do really like it and think this will be a bag I keep for a while.

Liz Lisa pink rose quilted purse #1 -
My first real purchase in Japan during my study abroad in 2012. We were just walking around in the Daimaru in JR Osaka station when I saw that the placard said Liz Lisa so I was interested in it. I bought it straightaway and used it throughout the study abroad. I have since used it often in school, work, casual occasions and on every Japan trip until it started to fall apart. I really love the design and color and I'm just sad it didn't last longer.

Liz Lisa pink rose quilted purse #2 -
Purchased specifically to replace the original after I found it on Yahoo Auctions. The condition wasn't excellent to begin with since it's pretty old for a patent leather purse and I don't coddle the purse on trips, but I basically reserve its use for that purpose these days. This one is now falling apart itself and I don't know what I'll do when I travel next!

Betseyville big ribbon pink rounded purse -
The giant bow and color of this purse are what caught my eye when I was walking through Macys. Betsey Johnson makes some really great accessories and I had a red patent leather heart quilted purse from her when I was in high school that I loved to death and used until it was basically shredded. I don't find this one as useful, maybe because I have so many other pink purses, but it is a good option.

Liz Lisa thin ribbon pouchette in pink -
This little chubby purse is so cute. It was just something I had thrown in my TKL cart on a whim because I thought I would benefit from having a purse this size in a reasonably neutral color. My small gold Coach purse has since filled that void so I don't use this nearly enough anymore.

 Kate Spade pink quilted buckle purse -
I made the move to smaller purses (to carry just the essentials) sometime in the last 3ish years and bought this just because I saw it in the store. I've been using it non-stop since purchase and it's already showing a little discoloration lol. That being said, I'm always glad when money is well spent and I hope this will last a while longer even though this soft leather doesn't always hold up well in HI's climate.

Liz Lisa lace up pom pom pouchette in pink -
The listing for this purse was resurrected when TKL revamped and I didn't want to miss the opportunity to get it. The color is a little unusual but it matches with a lot of my fall/winter pinks and the pom poms are seasonally appropriate for those anyway, The 3-way straps are great options as well.

Samanta Thavasa pink ruffle ribbon purse  -
I had asked my guy friend to bring this back for me from Japan (among other things) and he had graciously agreed to do it. I love it to death and used it many many times, but the leather hasn't held up over the years and it's definitely falling apart. I'll hold onto it just a little longer, but sadly it's just not usable anymore due to the material shedding.

Liz Lisa flower round pouchette -
I wasn't sure about this pouchette at first, but after seeing Amby's one in person, I knew I would want one for myself. Because of the drawstring pouch, it can actually hold a fair amount of items and I think it's a cute little addition to a summer outfit.

Liz Lisa candy pouchette in white -
I think the design of this pouchette is crazy cute and it actually matches with more than I anticipated when I first purchased it. Although it doesn't hold much, it can fit my card holder, phone and keys which is all that I really need, so I do occasionally actually use it IRL.

Liz Lisa clear envelope sweets clutch in white -
This was a novelty item from years ago that matches with the Liz Lisa sweets OP from the same season (see coordinate picture on the left). I love the concept of this clutch, but I think in terms of practically, it's not high on my list because it can only hold such few items and it takes a while to access them. However, I really don't mind hanging onto it because it's thin and stores easily.

Samantha Thavasa white ruffle purse -
This was pretty much an impulse buy during my Summer 2015 Japan trip while we were in Sendai. I think this is my first and only pure, all white purse, and I'm not sure why I never got one earlier (except maybe being worried about care/longevity of the color). It matches with so many different kinds of outfits and is a great size and shape as well.

Liz Lisa tulip round purse in white -
The white version of the purse (pink shown above somewhere). I really like the incorporation of bright yellow and navy in this print and I think it works well with a lot of Liz Lisa's printed items in the navy colorway which do often include yellow as a detail.

 Liz Lisa embroidery ribbon pouchette in yellow -
A yellow purse was high on my WTB list after this past SS17 season, and I think this purse in what is a very common shape for Liz Lisa was the perfect way to fulfill that requirement. It's a pale yellow which isn't too obnoxious and I think it will incorporate well into many SS outfits.

Kate Spade New York small blue/teal shoulder bag + Kate Spade New York pineapple charm -
I have no other purses even close to this color, haha. I've mentioned this before, but I purchased this purse specifically to match with the Liz Lisa fruit ring OP in mint. There's really no other reason behind it than that, and I have 0 regrets about it lol. The cute little pineapple charm is separate but I leave it attached because I just think the contrast is really cute together and a perfect match to the OP.

Well, that's what I've got for handbags! Obviously, I haven't included totes or anything much larger than what I would consider using daily, but there's maybe only 12-15 of those at the most.

Let me know if you have a similar number of purses and what kind of style you prefer for yourself!