Saturday, September 26, 2015

Tokyo Kawaii Life order 26 - Liz Lisa Floral ribbon OP, Floral chiffon sukapan, Little Twin Stars Kiki Lala charm & Tralala Ladder lace top

I really wanted this bordeaux dress and the Little Twin Stars charm restocked so that was the whole reason for this order! I didn't think I would make one so close to my trip, but I couldn't resist getting the dress and the option of getting the charm just made it even more worth it, haha. The other two items were just add-ons but I'm really glad I got them as well!

Liz Lisa Floral ribbon OP in bordeaux (152-6018-0)
I feel in love with this immediately! I didn't expect to want something at full price from the earlier autumn releases, but this really captured my attention. I like it both on a hanger and worn which is super great. The best part for me? A sleeveless autumn OP. Total gold. I love a lot of autumn designs but because of the materials or the sleeve length, I usually pass because I don't think it'll be worth it for me to purchase. A few of us were so unsure about what color to pick, but as I looked at more and more pictures, I knew that I would probably pick bordeaux as my #1 choice. The other colors are super cute as well but I really like the gold accent and need more of this color in my wardrobe. I purchased a different autumn dress in bordeaux in 2013 and liked it a lot, but I ended up selling it because I wasn't super happy with the fit on me & didn't feel confident in it and that's why I didn't end up wearing very much.

  with Flag J pumps -

  with Liz Lisa (flower) wedge pumps, Liz Lisa x Yui Kanno rose barrette & Liz Lisa ribbon belt -

  with Liz Lisa (flower) wedge pumps & Liz Lisa porkpie hat -

  with Liz Lisa 2-strap ribbon pumps, Tutuanna lace ankle socks and Liz Lisa batwing knit & Liz Lisa 2015 3-piece cup Team C purse -
The fit could be better on my waist, but I'd say it's about average for a free size dress that doesn't have a ribbon tie back. I feel like this is going to be a really good go-to dress for me. It's super cute but still not outrageous or ridiculous. Pair it with pumps like the first look, and I feel like it's good to go. The fabric is a little on the thicker side, but I'm sure I'm still be able to wear it year round because it's sleeveless and the overall length is very reasonable. And if it does ever get to be a little colder, just add a cardigan! I feel like it'll go well with many different outerwear pieces and different footwear as well, regardless of season. I totally love it!

Liz Lisa x My Melody x Little Twin Stars Kiki Lala charm (152-9901-0)
☆LIZ LISA×My Melody×Little Twin Stars☆キキララチャーム
Okay I was being a bit of a loser and bypassed this charm during my trip on multiple occasions. I just couldn't see myself spending so much on a charm that I didn't think I would really use. It wasn't until after I bought the Samantha Thavasa purse in Sendai on Day 7 that I realized that I absolutely wanted the charm, and it would be totally perfect as a charm for that. Okay well actually, I didn't realize I wanted it until like Day 9 or 10 when it was already too late lol. The only store location I was able to make it to to check was Hep Five and they were already sold out! And when I came home, I realized it was sold out online as well (although the listing was presenting oddly). The only place I could find it was eBay and it was like 200% marked up. I was literally checking the Toyko Kawaii Life listing every day hoping to see that they restocked it because Ebony told me that the stores were rolling in new stock and rolling out old stock so I figured that's bad for in store purchasing, but good for online!
I was hemming and hawing and trying to figure out when the best time to order the bordeaux dress would be when I decided to check the listing for this charm again because I would order the bordeaux dress straightaway if I could get this at the same time. I had checked in the morning and it wasn't there, but no harm in checking again right? And whaddaya know? IT WAS FINALLY IN STOCK AGAIN. I don't how or when, but finally, when I really wanted it to be (because I had other things I wanted to order), it was finally restocked. The timing was great. I didn't want to bother about waiting any longer because it really felt like I was getting a second chance, and I wasn't going to risk it. Plus I didn't want the dress to sell out either lol. It all worked out in the end!

  on Samantha Thavasa ruffle ribbon purse -

  on Liz Lisa x My Melody x Little Twin Stars triple collab tote bag -

  with Liz Lisa x My Melody x Little Twin Stars triple collab angel OP & Flag J pumps -
This charm is what I would consider expensive tbh. I wouldn't usually pay this much for something like this, but the exchange rate is in our favor right now and I had a real purpose for it so I decided to just bite the bullet and get it. There is a kind of similar Kiki Lala charm from Sanrio
but Lala isn't dressed in Liz Lisa, nor are they wearing floral crowns and I had seen it in person and didn't really like how their faces were attached to each other. It's still super cute ofc and part of the 40th anniversary line, and about $10 cheaper than the Liz Lisa one, but it just wasn't what I wanted, and I'm really glad I was able to get the Liz Lisa version. It would have been a lot better if I wasn't so lolo and purchased it on the trip, but the end result is the same, so I guess all that matters.

Liz Lisa Floral chiffon sukapan in white (151-5003-0)
I really like this sukapan in pink - more than I thought I would. Pink and navy were sold out but then I saw that this was still in stock in white and there was only one left, I figured I should just get it lol. Summer items were going out the door, unlikely to return any time soon, if at all, and this sukapan had already sold out and restocked before, so this was pretty much my last chance. I was looking for other things to just throw in my cart, and this was just right.

  with Tralala flower applique blouse, Flag J pumps and Liz Lisa porkpie hat -

  with Liz Lisa lace sleeveless ribbon tie top, Flag J sandals and Liz Lisa rose quilted purse -
I like that it matches really easily with other things. I thought I would find the length to be too short when I bought the pink one, but it doesn't feel too revealing or cheapy or anything. Although I realize that it does look a bit on the skimpy side with the pumps lol. I didn't see it when I was taking the photos, but later when I was editing, I was like oh, haha. Probably would have been better paired with a cardigan or something too lol. Now I know.
(Check the last coordinate below for colder season look with this sukapan as well!)

Tralala Penderie Ladder lace top in white (651-2607-0)
I wanted something to pair with the sukapan for the sale price, so I looked through my options for tops in the sale venue and picked out this one from Tralala. The best thing it had going for it was that it came in white lol. I was kind of picking through the dregs of what was left and most tops had already been sold out in white/ivory. This top is actually super cute but basic enough to match with so many things, so I'm surprised it was still available! It's especially good that bow is removable too. This is actually my first Penderie item!

  with Liz Lisa wagon skirt, Tutuanna ankle socks, Liz Lisa lace up back pumps, Liz Lisa x My Melody gingham bow barrette & Samantha Thavasa 2-way purse -

  with Liz Lisa lace flare skirt, Tutuanna ankle socks & Flag J pumps -

  with Liz Lisa floral sukapan & Liz Lisa OTK ankle chain boots -
I'm constantly complaining about the weather and how hot it is, so you probably think it's odd that I purchased this long sleeve top lol. It is out of the ordinary, but out of what was left to choose from in the price range that I set for myself, this item felt the most useful amongst all others. Sometimes I need tops like this just to put together coordinate looks but not necessarily wear out lol. And I think it'll come in handy if I ever go on a trip to the mainland or some place that gets cold during the winter! I also kind of have a similar top from my very first Liz Lisa order that came in a happy bag, but that one has removable fur trim so the sleeves are a bit stretched tbh. And actually I have reached for that once or twice lol, so I figure this one will get similar usage. You can never have too many basic white tops anyway. It's definitely easy to pair and coordinate!

The bordeaux dress is the shining star of this order, but I'm actually really happy everything! And really, I like the Penderie long sleeve top more than I thought I would. I really wish that I would have the opportunity to wear it without having to travel during specific seasons lol. It pairs so well with so many bottoms I have! Overall, quite a good order imo :)