Blog topics overview

A quick overview of the types of posts on this blog by label ~

Liz Lisa - posts related to Liz Lisa or including Liz Lisa items (in a big way as a focal point). Liz Lisa was my favorite brand and my main motivation for continuing to blog until about 2018. I loved to share my purchases and coordinates and hoped to help others if they had any questions or concerns, especially about items that I own(ed). I know how hard it can be to shop online when you can't try things on or see them in person which is why I shared, as honestly as I can, the Liz Lisa clothes and products I purchased for myself.
EATME - posts related to EATME items or including EATME items in a big way. I've been gradually building my wardrobe with pieces with this brand that I started buying from in 2019 and it's slowly but surely growing. 
Other shopping - posts dealing with shopping/purchased items that are not Liz Lisa, such as, but not limited to, Ank Rouge, Axes Femme, Swankiss, Samantha Thavasa and non-Japanese brands as well!

Wedding - posts related to our wedding on May 23, 2021. From engagement to wedding planning, dress shopping, venue review, day of photos and more πŸ’— (See an overview of the wedding posts from the page linked under the header.)

Coordinate - posts with coordinates that I've put together myself with items I own. These usually go hand in hand with any shopping post (regardless of brand) because I like to show how an item looks worn besides just on a hanger or laid flat. If I have time, I typically also like to style an item a few different ways, sometimes to show versatility and other times maybe just as a small challenge for myself depending on the item.

(Japan) Travel - somewhat self-explanatory, but posts related to my personal travel to Japan (or other locations, but at this time, mostly concerning Japan). Recent Japan trips (updated in page linked under header) -
OOTD - posts with outfits that I actually wore (for the most part lol). This is a newer series that I started after I created an IG account. I would occasionally post OOTDs on Tumblr but not nearly as much as I was posting on IG and wanted to share these outfits with my Blogger audience as well in case they weren't following me on other social media. Having these outfits in a blog post also allows me to go into a little more detail about the components of the outfit and link to other blog posts if you want more information about a specific item. I would be lying if I didn't say these posts weren't partially influenced by Cheesie's fashion posts as well.

Scans  - posts with scans from hard copy media (ex. books, magazines, catalogs, etc). I scan these images myself from products I have purchased/received/own. The scans are for personal use purposes such as sharing inspiration or outfit ideas and I do not intend to profit from them. I do not claim ownership or copyright of any of the scanned images and encourage readers to purchase and support the items where you can if you are interested in them!

Nails - posts featuring topics related to nails or nail art. I do my own nails/nail design 90% of the time, but occasionally get them done at a salon for special occasions. I typically only do full posts on the salon done nails since I feel they're more special and help review the salon, but I have also created a tutorial for my simple glitter gradient that was popular on Tumblr.

Guide - advice posts that are based on my opinion on varying topics. This series is usually titled "Emiii's guide" because I feel like my point of view is often very specific and only based on my personal experience. There are many different ways to approach certain topics (such as online purchasing or travel) and more than one good answer. The topics for these posts usually sprout from repeat questions or requests I receive from others and are intended to be more like helpful peer-to-peer advice rather than restrictive statutes. I really don't consider myself a true expert on any of these topics since I don't have any extraordinary insider knowledge, but I am doing my best to document the information that I've personally collected so it's only a google search away.

That's a short overview of the type of posts I have on this blog! There are a few other categories and many of these tend to overlap, but these are the more important ones to me. If you have any suggestions for better organization or different topics that you'd like me to write about, please let me know! I definitely want this blog to be as easy to navigate as possible since my main motivation in starting this blog was to use my own knowledge to help other people and if you can't find what you're looking for, what's the point? :)