Friday, March 25, 2016

One Spo online order 3 - Heart buckle set up in pink

Fell head over heels in love with this set up as part of One Spo's "Sweet Bondage" section of their Spring 2016 collection. I casually came across a few shop staff photos of it on Twitter and was immediately interested. Most of the shop staff were showing it in black, but when I realized it came in pink, I was totally sold. I went to search for it on the web store to try to figure out more specifics.
The top and skirt weren't listed at that time, but I kept checking back and the items listed as "coming soon" a few days later. They stocked while I was sleeping and the top was already sold out by the time I woke up and there was only one skirt left in pink! I wanted pink, but I didn't want to get the skirt without the top (and didn't want to have to consolidate later), so I decided I would only purchase if I could get both and just waited it out. One black top ended up magically restocking later in the day, but I wanted pink for both, so I still had to wait. One Spo's online store seems to restock sporadically and without too much of a pattern, but I knew it was definitely possible that there might be more stock so I stalked the web shop, crossing my fingers. Luckily for me, they did decide to bring back stock of these items as pre-order. I didn't put in my order right away because I didn't feel the need to since it was early-mid February and the items wouldn't be shipped until early March. I decided to wait it out to see what it would be like, but as stock of the pink top slowly dwindled (and black had already sold out), I bit the bullet and just purchased both items in pink on Feb 22. Didn't want to miss my chance twice! Despite the estimated early March estimated arrival, I was pleasantly surprised when the items updated as shipped on Feb 26. It in-processed at Tenso on Feb 29, and I paid for SAL shipping the same day. The items were supposed to arrive on March 8 but I missed attempted delivery, so I didn't get my hands on them until March 9. The box was extremely light and way too big for the items. One thing I've noticed about ordering from One Spo online is that they ship in these boxes that are way too large which are junk for international shipping cost FML. I may even be worth it to wait and join with another package and pay consolidation fees just so that the original packaging can be disposed with Tenso.

♡ Set up - top and skirt together
(Sorry the mannequin photos in this whole post are a little off. Due to the stretchy material, the items technically fit on the form but not in the best way and doing a lay flat for these didn't seem to do them justice.)
with Flag J pumps and Liz Lisa batwing cardigan -

with Flag J sandals and Michael Kors handbag -
Super love these two items together as a set up. They clearly pair well together seamlessly to form what could easily be mistaken as an OP. I have to make sure to position the skirt just right to create the perfect illusion, but I don't mind it too much. Supposedly, the skirt can also be worn so that the belts are on the back, but I much prefer them in the front lol. It fits just about as well as expected but since the material is on the light and thin side, any kind of bulges will stand out. My favorite part is definitely the belt/choker details which keep these pieces from being too mundane.

Heart choker top
The choker can be removed from the top completely, but then you're just left with this weird section of fabric in the back neckline lol. I guess it could be replaced with any necklace though! I don't see myself using this top without the choker at this moment. But I could also wear the choker without the top (like I did in the last look in this blog post). I guess it's good that there's some flexibility there.
with Charlotte Russe Tulle skirt, Tralala wedge sandals and Kate Spade New York purse -

with Swankiss denim skirt and Liz Lisa (pom pom) pumps -

I'm really not sure if these two below really read the way I want them to. I feel like it kind of goes into the ero side a little bit more than I would generally want but I guess that's just kind of the nature of the choker when paired a certain way. I tried them anyway, just briefly so I figure I may as well just share a peek of it. Wasn't particularly sold on shoes to wear with so I attempted to cut it off at the knees for some wtf.
Overall, the top fits reasonably well. The length is definitely a true crop length and hits at a nice point on my body, and the choker has enough size options so that I didn't have to worry about drilling another hole. Despite that, I don't see myself wearing it on its own very often because I don't regularly go for midriff baring outfits but countered by the length of the longer tulle skirt, there could be a time and place for that!

Heart belt tight skirt
The skirt is very simple except the belt detail, but that's what really sold me about it to begin with! I have to make sure that my belly button doesn't accidentally peek out and ruin the look, but other than that, it's very easy to wear. Because the material is fairly thin, it definitely isn't too forgiving of bumps and lumps, but such is the case with most body con skirts and I don't find it unusual on its own.
with Liz Lisa sheer shoulder dolman knit, Liz Lisa glitter pumps and Juicy Couture purse -

with Murua (Hawaii) top and Guess? mary jane pumps -

with Forever 21 floral top, Liz Lisa riders jacket and Liz Lisa ankle boots -
If you cover up the belt detail, this definitely just functions as a regular tight pink skirt and can be incredibly versatile if you want it to be. I tried to show three slightly different variations - one with the top completely hiding the belts, one with a loose, flowy cropped length top with the belts just peeking through and then one with a top tucked into the belts just to show a few different options besides the one with in the set up with them completely exposed. I actually ended up really liking the last option more than I thought I would and it doesn't clash as badly as I had originally anticipated.

There is also a shop staff photo with a lace cami from One Spo layered under the top (and skirt since you can see it through the belt opening) and I really wanted to try that as well but I couldn't convince myself to get the cami for $40 at full price. hopefully I can scoop it during the sale or find another alternative from like Forever21 or eBay or something lol. I only need the mid section of the cami to be lace so it shouldn't be too difficult.

If you're interested, One Spo actually released a dress/OP version of this look in early March (clearly after I had already made the decision to purchase the set up and it was on its way to me) which is a lot cheaper than to get the pieces as separates.
The skirt/bottom silhouette is a little different with a little more flare, but if you're on a budget and you like the look, this is definitely another solution. I don't personally have any regrets because the belt part of the skirt and the fitted silhouette is actually what originally appealed to me with the set up which is obviously different on the dress version. Don't get me wrong, I do also like the dress version, but I'm happy with my decision to get the set up even though I didn't know the dress would later release lol.

Both the top and the skirt are made of a really lightweight pseudo-knit like material? It's definitely stretchy like I anticipated but not as heavy as I thought it would be which is good for me in terms of weather wearability, although the material is pretty thin and not really forgiving of body bulges lol. In person, the color is also darker than I expected but it's not terrible. I think that in a lot of the shop staff photos and in the stock photos, it's just really well lit or filtered? It's definitely still pink but not as pastel as I first thought. That being said, I'm still glad I took a chance with this. I don't really have anywhere to wear it, but I really adore the look and especially the double belted skirt. I'm a real sucker for set ups and this one is sweet but still maintains an edge. No disappointments in this order except I wish the shipping box wasn't so large and I could possibly do with the material being slightly thicker, but really, not a deal breaker at all!
(Sorry if the text in this post is a little wonky. I'm trying to get it published while being sick since I don't want to postpone it more than necessary. I think it may require a little rereading and revision when I'm back at full capacity but hopefully you can still appreciate it for what it is.)