Sunday, June 25, 2017

Liz Lisa Coordinate Olympics コーデリンピック 2017

See last year's post if you're unfamiliar with this Instagram Campaign by Liz Lisa.

1st place - 50,000yen of Liz Lisa products
2nd place - 30,000yen of Liz Lisa products
3rd place - 10,000yen of Liz Lisa products
LL Siennes pick - 1 Liz Lisa OP

2017 Announcement with Q&A

The post that introduced the 2016 got nix'd in between then and this year's so let me just summarize it a bit in case someone wants to use this for reference in a future rendition.
  • Contest will be held from May 25 - June 25 (note that it was extended after the first week).
  • Photos must be posted to Instagram with #2017リズコーデリンピック夏 and @lizlisa_official_japan.
  • Only Liz Lisa items should be used (do not mix with other brands)
  • Coordinate should include at least 1 item from SS17 but it's okay to use older items as well.
  • You can submit as many entries as you'd like.
  • "Likes" are not a factor.
  • You don't need to show your face.


I felt like I put way too much effort into my entries last year (evidenced by my way too thought out post in 2016), so this year I was determined not to try so hard, but of course that didn't work entirely. With the slightly different restrictions compared to the previous year, I had to remake a lot of coordinates that I would have considered perfect if not for the rules. And if you're going to enter a competition, it just makes sense to play by the rules.

I ended up posting 10 different outfits and really kind of changed my attitude in the middle since the entry period was so long. At first I had been determined not to reuse any items, but that really don't make sense considering that each coordinate is (likely - my guess anyway) judged separately and not as a collective group of entries from one person. Sometimes you need to reuse an item to get the best possible coordinate - plus that just shows the versatility of some of the pieces!
Outfit breakdowns are listed below each photo set. Items from SS17 are indicated with an *.

Outfit 1 - マーガレット x トロピカルジュース コーディネート
OP - Liz Lisa tropical juice OP in white*
Hat - Liz Lisa corsage actress hat in white
Necklace - Liz Lisa margaret choker in pink
Shoes - Liz Lisa knot wedge sandals in yellow

Outfit 2 - レッド x ラビットコーディネート
OP - Liz Lisa rabbit ribbon jumperskirt in pink*
Cardigan - Liz Lisa momonga cardigan in white
Purse - Liz Lisa heart frill pouchette in red
Hat - Liz Lisa tulle can can hat in red*
Necklace - Liz Lisa rabbit 2-chain necklace*
Shoes - Liz Lisa heart suede pumps in red

Outfit 3 - イチゴギンガムコーディネート
OP - Liz Lisa strawberry gingham OP in red*
Cardigan - Liz Lisa peplum cardigan in white
Hair accessory - Liz Lisa strawberry ribbon barrette in red*
Shoes - Liz Lisa lace up platform pumps in red*

Outfit 4 - ピンクキャンディコーディネート
Top - Liz Lisa x My Melody 6th collab vol 2 blouse in white
Bottom - Liz Lisa candy sukapan in pink*
Outer - Liz Lisa frill heart blouson in pink*
Purse - Liz Lisa candy pouchette in white*
Shoes - Liz Lisa many ribbon pumps in pink*

Outfit 5 - スキニーデニムコーディネート
Top - Liz Lisa margaret applique top in white*
Bottom - Liz Lisa skinny denim pants in indigo*
(Hair accessory - Liz Lisa flower pearl barrette in white)
Purse - Liz Lisa round tulip purse in white
Shoes - Liz Lisa 3D flower pumps in yellow

Outfit 6 - リボンワンピスコーディネート
OP - Liz Lisa ribbon OP in pink*
Outer - Liz Lisa frill denim jacket in medium blue*
Hair Accessory - Liz Lisa gingham ribbon barrette in pink*
Purse - Liz Lisa candy pouchette in white*
Shoes - Liz Lisa ribbon wedge sandals in pink*

Outfit 7 - レッド x フルーツコーディネート
OP - Liz Lisa fruits logo OP in white*
Cardigan - Liz Lisa gingham ribbon cardigan in red*
Hat - Liz Lisa tulle can can hat in red*
Hair accessories - Liz Lisa cherry ribbon 4 set clips in red*
Necklace - Liz Lisa cherry pearl necklace
Shoes - Liz Lisa lace up platform pumps in red*

Outfit 8 - 夏のチューリップロンパースコーディネート
OP - Liz Lisa tulip romper in white*
Hat - Liz Lisa paper can can hat in white
Necklace - Liz Lisa butterfly 2-chain necklace
Purse - Liz Lisa heart pearl straw bag in pink*
Shoes - Liz Lisa clear pearl sandals in pink

Outfit 9 - ピンクアイスクリームコーディネート
OP - Liz Lisa ice cream OP in pink*
Camisole - Liz Lisa ribbon pearl camisole in pink
Hat - Liz Lisa tulle can can hat in pink*
Purse - Liz Lisa candy pouchette in white*
Shoes - Liz Lisa many ribbon pumps in pink*

Outfit 10 - パラソルワンピースでピンクローズコーディネート
OP - Liz Lisa parasol OP in pink*
Top - Liz Lisa cut x chiffon blouse in white*
Hat - Liz Lisa tulle can can hat in pink*
Hair accessories - Liz Lisa rose clips in pink
Purse - Liz Lisa flower round pouchette in pink*
Shoes - Liz Lisa heart frill pumps in pink

Outfits 7-10 were shot by @chibiamby - thank you so much for your help!
And even though everyone seems to be saying it, I honestly feel this way so I don't feel so fake for saying it too - it really has been great to see some of the amazing coordinates other IG users have created! I usually avoid the #lizlisa tag on IG like the plague bc I just roll my eyes and get so irritated with all the unrelated crap that's in there. It's been nice to have the contest tag to have a more concentrated filter for this kind of content!
Also this contest made me realize how fat my legs, arms and face have gotten, so there's that too.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Buyee purchases 10 - Liz Lisa peplum jacket, english rose set up, rose OP, check sukapan

I was itching to buy something in February between my Japan trips because I was resisting purchasing from TKL and this was the result! Sorry for the delayed post but these secondhand buys are the least time sensitive posts imo because they can't be easily be bought during a specific time. Most of these were purchased from the same Yahoo Auctions seller which, based on the item descriptions, seems to be some sort of thrift shop or consignment store that also has a physical location where the same items are listed for sale as well. The prices seemed a little too good to be true for "new" items but most had a small disclaimer in the description stating a small flaw or defect. I was a little reluctant to purchase so many items from the same seller without first knowing exactly what level of flaw constituted a certain description, but I ended up just going for it. In case you end up purchasing from this seller in the future, I'll try to list what the original description of the flaw was in Japanese and how I would judge it for myself in person.

Liz Lisa back ribbon peplum jacket, Condition: "New with tags" -
Japanese description of flaw - 注意 前えりや後ろに赤い汚れが御座います。毛玉も少しみられますのでご了承下さいませ。
The close up photo of the collar didn't seem to be too bad and the farther away pictures in the listing were reasonably decent imo so this was the first item on which I took a chance. As it turns out there's a few more blemishes in the fabric than I was anticipating but it still functions well and now I guess I don't have to worry about ruining it as much since it's already pretty flawed. Both bows on the sleeves have a little "shredding" on them and there's some small other issues. I think if I didn't have to pay for all the extra ss fees, I would have been happy with what I paid for what I received, but it's slightly less of a deal with everything added in. (This is, of course, no fault to the seller and just a reality of being an overseas shopper.)
with Liz Lisa ruffle blouse, Liz Lisa check sukapan and Liz Lisa 2-strap ribbon pumps -

with Liz Lisa floral collar OP and Liz Lisa glitter pumps -
The fit is nice but I personally prefer for blazers to be a bit more fitted. I just get this idea that they make me look too boxy. But on a whole, I really like the design with the cutesy details and peplum and I think it'll be great to wear to work once in while with a dress like in the second outfit.

Liz Lisa English Rose top, Condition: "New with tags" -
イングリッシュローズトップス (162-1005-0)
Japanese description of flaw - 注意 毛羽立ちが御座いますのでご了承くださいませ。
The second picture in the listing seemed to illustrate the flaw reasonably well and I was more or less okay with that given that it wasn't all over the top which it seemed like it wasn't. There are a few more spots that I would have guessed, but it's still in reasonable condition imo. I'm not sure what happened to some of these garments to make them this way (it's like someone dragged them on jagged concrete or something) but it doesn't seem to affect the structural integrity or overall look, especially from a reasonable distance.
with Charlotte Russe tulle skirt and Liz Lisa knot wedge sandals -

with Swankiss denim skirt and Ank Rouge heart spindle sandals + Liz Lisa 17th anniversary embroidery cardigan -
I really like the elastic for the waist that helps pull it in to balance out the volume on top. The ruffle did seem a little overwhelming at first, especially with the additional shoulder details, but I noticed it less the more I wore it. I love the deep navy color and the contrast of all the flowers.

Liz Lisa English Rose shorts, Condition: "New with tags" -
イングリッシュローズショートパンツ (162-5002-0)
Japanese description of flaw - 注意 ひっかけがございます。全体的に毛羽たちが御座いますのでご了承下さいませ。
There's a bit more "damage" to the fabric of the shorts compared to the top, but again, not unwearable and it doesn't seem to affect the structural integrity. I really only bought the shorts and the top because I really wanted to try them out as a set but I actually quite like the shorts on their own more than I thought I would. 
with Cecil McBee ribbon off shoulder top, Liz Lisa paper can can hat and Liz Lisa knot wedge sandals -

with One Spo fluffy heart cut out knit and Liz Lisa 3D flower pumps -
The waist fit isn't perfect so it slides down a bit more than I would like, but at least they're not annoyingly tight. I think the length would be perfect if the waist sat exactly where it's supposed to so I'm not complaining about that. The ruffle hem is so cute and fun and I think works nicely with solid tops.

Liz Lisa English rose top & shorts set
Ofc I have to try these items together! This is basically the reason I wanted both and wouldn't have bothered if only one or the other was available. Set ups are some of my favorite things about jfashion tbh.
with wedge knot sandals + Liz Lisa long cardigan -

with Bebe knit turtleneck and Liz Lisa ankle boots + Liz Lisa riders jacket -
I surprisingly love both of these outfit combos more than I thought I would lol. I especially love how it looks with the turtleneck layered underneath - too bad I probably won't ever get a chance to wear it that way!

Wedge knot sandals in navy, Condition: "New without tags" -
Japanese description of flaw - 注意…左のアンクルのボタンが止まりませんのでご了承下さいませ。
This is one of the flaws I was most nervous about because it seemed like there might be trouble with the securing mechanism for one of the shoes which is pretty important but since I wanted a complete navy outfit, I was willing to risk it after trying my best to examine the photos provided. As it turns out, the buckle snaps work fine but the overall condition of the shoes, while believably "unused", is not what I was expecting. There's definitely signs of age and fading of the material. I guess it doesn't matter so much but they were also a bit dusty as well lol. If I had seen these in person, I almost definitely wouldn't have paid money for them.
with Liz Lisa flower dot OP -

with Liz Lisa floral top and sukapan set up -
Since I've already purchased them in this condition, there's not much to be done but I don't think these will be worn often. I do like having a navy sandal (versus just pumps) though so I don't really have regrets necessarily. It's just that I'm not fond of the condition of the shoes which make me less likely to want to wear them.

Liz Lisa rose print chiffon OP, Condition: "New with tags" -
This is from a different seller than the previous 4 items. I saw that they had a few dresses in a similar pre-2013 style and was immediately interested knowing that they dresses were new with tags. Older dresses are always a little bit of a risk with sizing for me (some are a couple inches too short for my current taste), but I was willing to risk it for this one even though the price didn't justify that big of a chance wtf. 
with Flag J sandals -

with Liz Lisa momonga cardigan and Liz Lisa OTK boots -
The dress is a little short for my current tastes but hey, at least I live in Hawaii, right? I did wear it out once already and the length didn't feel wholly uncomfortable, so I don't anticipate having any huge issues for at least a year or so haha. The overall dress is really light and it'll be great for the weather here.

Liz Lisa 2014 fukubukuro check sukapan, Condition: "New with tags" -
I see Rune wearing this sukapan all the time and have always thought it would be a good item to have. Most people selling it outside of Japan value it a bit more than I'm willing to pay but I finally found one at what I considered a reasonable price for the condition.
with offbrand collared blouse and Liz Lisa 3D flower pumps -

with Liz Lisa sheer flower shoulder knit and Liz Lisa (flower) wedge pumps -
It's pretty standard for what it is. My only real comment is that I wish it was a bit more high waisted. It fits a bit weird on my mannequin's hips and I think that I probably wouldn't wear it with a lot of my Liz Lisa tops that have to be tucked in. Otherwise, I love the classic plaid in brown and I'm glad to finally own this.

I'd consider this a reasonable success although, as always, I feel like I ended up overpaying for everything. I think it's a feeling I just have to get used to when I'm shopping using an SS like this. I just get distracted when I see an item I think it worth it but then end up adding other random stuff to the same order to "round it out". Hopefully this time I actually take a break from this kind of secondhand shopping (which I always vow to do but never follow through). The items are good but not really as cost effective as I'd like.