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Liz Lisa 2015 fukubukuro (& sample reveals!)

For customer reveals/Liz Lisa 2015 fukubukuro recap post click here 
^^Click to find links to posts from actual fukubukuro customers about the contents they actually received as well as shipping information pertinent to international buyers such as weight.

For more information about how to (pre) order from Tokyo Kawaii Life and other fukubukuro basics, considering checking out the fukubukuro section of my guide to ordering Liz Lisa online and my how to order from Tokyo Kawaii Life post.

Liz Lisa officially announced the decision to do fukubukuro for 2015 (along with Juge Etta, Tralala and Penderie) on 11/4.
(This and many other pieces of information in this post were disseminated through TKL emails which you can easily subscribe to if you have an account with them. You will need to set up an account if you wish to make a purchase anyway, so if you are interested in their fukubukuro sales, it might be a good idea to sign up ahead of time so you don't need to fumble around when the pre-order is finally open.)

Liz Lisa announced pricing details for their 2015 fukubukuro on 11/20.
Liz Lisa will have a new 25,000yen web-limited fukubukuro, a 20,000 fukubukuro, a 15,000yen fukubukuro and one for 5,000yen. This is something different than what they did for 2014. The 10,000yen option (typically a large tote) is gone and replaced with a 15,000yen option (usually the price for the tote and boston bag set) + there is the addition of the 25,000 web-limited fukubukuro.
[They did not release any other specific information at that time such as type of bag (trunk? tote? boston?), # of contents or pre-order date, but mentioned that it would follow in future emails.]

Liz Lisa announced the date for the pre-order on 11/26 as December 1 at (around) 12:00.

There are a few other new details for 2015 fukubukuro. Customers who order lucky packs prior to Dec 8 at 10:00am will be eligible for free (domestic) shipping and will also receive a 20% off coupon (to be used between 1/1 and 1/30) in the purchase confirmation email. Those who order the web-limited trunk before that date will also be gifted 500 points (expected around mid December in your TKL account). Sounds like they were trying to give customers incentive to order early!
UPDATE: On 12/12, free (domestic) shipping has been extended to 1/5 at 08:30am. Ordering between 12/8 10:00am and 12/26 10:00am, customers will receive a 10% off coupon in the confirmation email to be used at a later date.

On December 1, 2014 at around 11:55am, the pre-order on Tokyo Kawaii Life was finally open!


25,000yen web limited rose ribbon embossed trunk carry  -   contains 6 items including an outer
   (tax in price 27,000yen)

The trunk design is very similar to that of the past two years with a cute, girly, vintage look, functioning straps and two combo locks. They kept the two buckle straps on the inside from the 2014 one as well. This one appears to be quite similar to the 2013 trunk with the added detail of the rose ribbon embossing on the outside and possibly a lighter pink. Trusting that the size is the same as the previous years' trunks, this trunk can be used as a carry on for airline flights (- in terms of size/dimensions, it fits in the overhead compartments, but is near the maximum for measurements).
[Sold out at TKL around 1/4/2015. Restocked on 1/9/2015.] 
  • No sample reveal shown, found to be outlet items
  • Listing available for the trunk *only* (no clothing items or contents) from 12/19/2014 - 12/24/2014 (which has not been done in years past and I think was a surprise to many of us), retailing at 21600yen. It restocked at 50% off (10800yen) on 1/9/2015.

20,000yen pure pure big tote in two color/style options: sweet pink and casual white   -   each contains 5 items including a coat
   (tax in price 21,600yen)

In terms of size/dimensions and # of contents, these seem really similar to the 10000yen totes from past years. The material might be different though? (Sorry I can't be sure from the photos but it seems like a cloth or canvas material versus the usual faux leather versions.) I'm not sure why the price increase, but it's nice that there are two different choices available online this year. Each contains a slightly different style of clothes. The pink bag is "sweet" themed, and the white bag is "casual" themed. These will also be available in store, and they announced a description of the contents on the official blog/ on 12/1. Please see that section below for the specific details.
[White "casual" theme tote sold out at TKL around 12/29/2014. Restocked around 1/2/2015. Both white and pink sold out (again) around 1/3/2015. Both restocked on 1/9/2015.]

15,000yen stripe rose mini trunk carry   -   contains 3 items including a coat
   (tax in price 16,200yen) 
This mini trunk carry is an entirely new bag option for Liz Lisa! Judging from the pictures, it looks like it's about 3/4 the size of the regular trunk so this would easily function as a carry on (on an airplane) as well. The design is very similar except this one has only one combo lock, and it is practically hidden beneath the side handle. The floral stripe design is very cute, and similar but not too close to the popular floral designs from last year.
[Sold out at TKL around 1/4/2015. Restocked on 1/9/2015.]

5,000yen 3-way bag   -   contains 3 items (for some reason I thought there would only be 2 items in this one but the image says 3?) UPDATE 12/14! Anon has pointed out to me that Tokyo Kawaii Life has changed the info and image concerning this fukubukuro (see change below). This fukubukuro contains 2 items including an OP (which makes sense since the in-store version was advertised as 2 content items as well).
   (tax in price 5,400yen) 

Like last year, this is another 3-way bag which can be worn as a handbag, shoulder bag and backpack. It's nice that they decided to white for the color this year. The design is a little simple but the gold accents stand out nicely, I can easily see a number of different people with different styles coordinating this bag in totally different ways. Basically, I think it can be very versatile and should appeal to a number of people, because it's not so specific.
[Sold out at TKL around 1/3/2015. Restocked on 1/15/2015.]

20,000yen set of the stripe rose mini trunk carry and 3 way bag   -   contains 5 items total
   (tax in price 21,600yen) 
The white 3-way bag matches so nicely with this mini trunk carry! I'm glad they decided to do the colors this way. It would be a great little overnight travel bag set. As with previous years, this is a combo of the two cheaper bag options as a set. The price is the same as if you would have bought them separately, but this is the only listing you needed to purchase instead of trying to get each separately.
[This option sold out at TKL around 1/2/2015.]

One catch this year with the pre-order sales is that you could only have one fukubukuro in your cart at a time! If you wanted to purchase more than one, you had to do separate transactions. (Which is why the set option is very convenient.) This is especially troublesome for international customers because you'll have to consolidate your packages at your forwarding service (if you want them to ship to you together) which does have a cost and makes the shipping process a bit longer.
Another issue this year was that many people were getting caught up in the server error from about 5-10 minutes after the release until a bit over an hour later. If you find yourself with a server error page, unfortunately the best/only thing you can do is keep hitting refresh or back/forward until you get through. This is why it's best to log in to your TKL account immediately and before you add anything to your cart. If you are already logged in, that item is for sure reserved for you until the 45 minute time limit runs out. I'm not sure if it is the same if you are a "guest".

For shipping price estimates, please see the "Shipping Notes" section of my 2014 recap here. I would have to emphasize that these are only estimates because the bags are a bit different this year. The web-limited trunk carry should be a similar weight to the Rich Vintage Trunk Carry, and the 20,000yen big tote and 3-way bag this year should be a similar weight to the Classical Ribbon tote and Classical Ribbon boston last year, but I'm not sure where the Mini trunk will fall in terms of weight since it only has 3 items, but the trunk will likely add more weight than just the tote. Additionally, Tenso has changed their shipping options recently and the prices I collected from last year were only for EMS. I feel like it might be wise to set aside the EMS amount just in case, and you can always look forward to saving by going with a slower method. 

Available in-stores (announced through official ameblo blog on Dec 1, around 14:00 and on -
30,000yen Liz Lisa x My Melody collaboration trunk carry   -   contains 9 items valued at 60,000yen The contents are described as fur collar coat, blouse, suspender skirt, frill cardigan, a-line top, lace sukapan, floral dress, My Melody pouch and blanket.
   (tax in price 32,400yen)
The contents sound alarmingly similar to last year's LLxMM trunk carry's contents so I'm not sure if it's a mistake on the blog post, if they are surely very similar with the content items, or just the descriptions sound the same but they're not the same? This lucky pack is only available from Liz Lisa store locations, and you will need a shopping service to order this item internationally. Last year, I used Tokyo Pirates to order mine. According to the HepFive blog, the dimensions are 59cm x 36cm x 19cm.
Thankfully the description of the contents was just alarmingly similar to last year's and not actually the same (not that I really thought they would repeat but still). The coat does look a bit familiar, but I think the silhouette is different with the waist. The cardigan looks a bit familiar as well but I think there's only so many ways to do a cardigan like that, and they're more useful as a simple basic anyway. The suspender skirt looks like quite an improvement from last year's as does the top and definitely the cosmetic pouch. The dress is not long sleeve for once! This one actually reminds me of a dress from AW13 but I don't think it's the exact same.

20,000yen pure pure big tote in pink (sweet) (on left)   -   contains 5 items valued at 40,000yen including a fur collar coat, top, sukapan, check sailor OP and inner
20,000yen pure pure big tote in white (casual) (on right)   -   contains 5 items valued at 40,000yen including a dufflecoat, knit, sukapan, check shirt OP and inner.
   (tax in price 21,600yen)
These are the same as is offered through Tokyo Kawaii Life. According to the HepFive blog, the dimensions are 32cm x 58cm x 22cm.
Basically as described (which is great!) Although one is "sweet" (left photo) and the other "casual" (right photo), I feel like both are quite true to Liz Lisa's typical style and great options for many customers with a nice variety of items.

15,000yen stripe rose mini trunk carry in white (on left)   -   contains 3 items including a coat valued at 25,000yen.
   (tax in price 16,200yen)
15,000yen 109 limited color stripe rose mini trunk carry in pink (on right)   -   contains 3 items including a coat valued at 25,000yen.
   (tax in price 16,200yen)  

The white (on left) version is the same as is offered through Tokyo Kawaii Life.
The pink (on right) version will only be available at over-the-counter at Liz Lisa 109 shops: SHIBUYA109店, 109MACHIDA店, SHIZUOKA109店, SHIBUYA109ABENO店,  KOHRINBO109店, SHIBUYA109KAGOSHIMA店 only.
According to the HepFive blog,  the dimensions are 49cm x 32 cm x 16cm.

This dress is too cute! I love the plaid. And the coat is somewhat reminiscent of the top half of last year's coat in the trunk but cropped! Also super cute imo.

5,000yen 3-way bag   -   contains 2 items including an OP valued at 15000yen (see this is why I'm confused as to why the TKL image says 3 if the ameblo blog and graphic/text says 2??) See update in TKL section - TKL 3 way bag image and information now changed to reflect 2 content items, not 3. But based on what some customers have reported from their forwarding service's processing items, I think some who ordered through TKL will be receiving an accessory as a possible 3rd item?
   (tax in price 5,400yen)

It seems like this is the same one available at TKL as well. According to the HepFive blog, the dimensions are 22cm x 33cm x 11cm.

According to the official blog, these in-store available bags should be available for pre-order in-stores on December 20. Please contact the store you're planning on visiting for specific details!

Ideally, I will have a line of Liz Lisa 2015 fukubukuro informational posts similar to that of 2014, including a general one about the official announcement and what is being offered this year (which is basically this post), one for the sample reveals (released by Liz Lisa) including them in this continually updated blog post instead and another for a recap (from actual customers who are willing to share). A number of people seemed to find them helpful not only in December/January but also throughout the year, and I personally also found myself looking back at them when asked for specific information months later. I hope these 2015 will be just as useful. Please message me with suggestions/critiques of how I can make them better!
For more information about how to (pre) order from Tokyo Kawaii Life and other fukubukuro basics, considering checking out the fukubukuro section of my guide to ordering Liz Lisa online and my how to order from Tokyo Kawaii Life post. 

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