Monday, January 31, 2022

Aimer Feel fukubukuro & Tutuanna socks & tights

✧Content warning ✧ This post will include underwear (bra and panty sets) and some undergarments, so it would be considered NSFW.

I've never really blogged about purchases from Aimer Feel or Tutuanna before because I thought the content would be a little boring without worn photos, but I'm using lucky pack season and an Aimer Feel fukubukuro to do a small introduction on the blog for these brands that I've actually been buying from for almost 10 years now. 

Aimer Feel 2022 fukubukuro 
限定新春福袋 2022 お楽しみアリの豪華7点セット
I saw this Aimer Feel fukubukuro still available a couple weeks into January and figured why not give it a try. I didn't quite know what to expect from a lingerie brand and thought how they put it together was very interesting. This particular lucky pack includes 7 items, of which 3 are specifically revealed - 1 bra & panty set and a coupon. The remaining 4 items are 2 "fun" bras and 2 "fun" panties of which the pattern/type are not known and not guaranteed to match. You select the bra size, and based on the bra size, a certain size of panty is paired with it. (For better or worse, this means that smaller bra sizes = panty size S vs. bigger bra size = panty size L.) For my bra size, the matching panty size is M which is appropriate for me. As for color, the black set was sold out, so the pink was my only option.

Here are the 7 items I received! 

Pink bra from revealed set -

Pink panty from revealed set -

Fun bra 1 (push up bra) -

Fun bra 2 (tshirt bra) -

Fun panty 1 (t-style back) -

Fun panty 2 (plain type) -
Admittedly not the most attractive flatlays I've ever taken, but hope they're enough to get the point across. I feel like Japanese panties always look so "tall" but aren't quite as high-rise when worn lol. In any case, I think this fukubukuro was very interesting! The pink set is exactly as advertised and quite nice. The two fun bras aren't quite the best fit-wise (my fault because the Japanese bra size I usually buy can sometimes be unpredictable based on the style but that was just a fukubukuro risk), but wearable. I actually like both of the fun panties and they do have a good fit (makes sense because that's my standard size). I probably wouldn't buy one of these again unless they had one that's all underwear or all XYZ-type of item, but I don't have any regrets for learning this!

Aimer Feel lacy 5 halfback panty in blue green and lavender
レーシー5 ハーフバックショーツ
I threw these pairs of underwear into the cart as well because they seemed fun and I figured why not if I could get free shipping. I love the fun design in the back . The color of the blue-green pair is definitely a bit more cerulean than teal (although the lighting in my photo isn't perfect) but that's not a big deal to me and actually matches with one of the fukubukuro bras better that way by chance. I've purchased panties like this before from Aimer Feel and I'm rarely disappointed. 


Tutuanna [Sanrio character collab] Hangyodon room socks
【サンリオキャラクターズコラボ】ハンギョドン ルームソックス
I (not-so-secretly?) love Hangyodon more than My Melody. There's something so endearing about his blank-looking expression and the fact that his listed hobby is "comedy" lol. So I saw this collaboration included him and tried to purchase immediately. I almost bought a My Melody pair as well (which were also super cute bc pink and white) but I already have quite a few of this type of warm socks, so I couldn't justify more than the one pair and had to prioritize my favorite 😜

shown with Liz Lisa Chambre a Couche floral roomwear jacket and shorts set -
The Hangyodon face is super cute on the front and I love the detail of the octopus friend on the back for a little pop of color. I bought these socks mostly because of the character and not so much for the usefulness, but these do work as any other fuzzy socks would. I wear a US size 7 shoe and the fit of the socks is just right.

Tutuanna 80 denier tights in black
Since I was making the order for the Hangyodon socks, I thought this would be a good opportunity to get some tights for colder weather. I do have a handful, but I couldn't remember the exact thickness and also I get runs in them pretty easily *shurg* lol. Black was a no brainer with the amount of EATME I've been buying lately!

with EATME fukubukuro A-line collared OP and EATME double strap pumps -
These tights feel nice when worn and aren't too thick. I haven't had the opportunity to wear them out in the cold yet, but from what I remember, 80 denier is pretty good for the milder autumn and spring seasons but does not cut it for for a coldest part of Japanese winter. These feel like a nice enough weight so I'm not constantly worried about them snagging on anything.

Tutuanna 80 denier tights in camel
Same tights as the black ones above but I wanted to try a more "nude" color. I had to kind of guess what would be close to my skin tone based on the stock photos which isn't the easiest. This one is actually called rakuda which is like camel the animal lol. 

with Liz Lisa sleepy bunny OP and DreamV cross strap pumps -
No surprises and very much exactly as it should be, these are just like the black pair above but a different color lol. A bit unrealistic for a skin tone color but overall not terrible. I'm not sure if I would order this exact color again but it does well enough for the current time.

Tutuanna 110 denier tights in black
I also figured I might need something a little more than 80 denier, and most of the higher counts are only really available in black, so black it was! This was added mainly to get the 3 item price and just give it a try - not too much deep thought. 

with EATME choker knit top, Aritzia Sunday Best Olive mini skirt, Honey Cinnamon fukubukuro jacket, One Spo beret and DreamV cross strap pumps -
Not gonna lie, I couldn't remember exactly what 110 denier felt like, so I was a bit surprised these seemed a bit thinner than I was expecting which isn't entirely a bad thing. Overall, this type of tights doesn't feel as comfortable as whatever type the 80 denier are lol. 

Like I mentioned, not the BEST post I've done but I hope maybe at least interesting because this isn't my typical type of content. I know I was interested in the Aimer Feel fukubukuro items at least - although I admit I at least have the advantage of knowing what it looks like on haha. 
Let me know what you think about these posts where try-ons/coordinates aren't entirely feasible but there's still something new!

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