Monday, March 30, 2020

Work OOTDs - March 2020

***It has been brought to my attention that the photos for this post are no longer showing correctly. I am currently working to remedy this. Thank you***

Unfortunately I don't have as many work outfits as I'd typically like to share for March. As is the case for a number of white collar workers, I was given the option to work from home starting in mid-March for the purpose of reducing the spread of COVID-19. I'm very lucky that my supervisors are pretty prevention-forward on the whole situation as not everyone was given the same opportunities, even within our building.
That being said, I still really liked some of my outfits from earlier in the month and still want to share them!

Outfit 1 -
 EATME sheer sleeve decolette OP, H&M long knit cardigan, OneSpo beret, Michael Kors OTK boots, Michael Kors manhattan purse

Outfit 2 -
 Charlotte Russe eyelet lace top, Liz Lisa flocked cardigan, Cecil McBee watercolor tight skirt, Delyle Noir bijou buckle belt, Liz Lisa necklace, DreamV cross strap pumps, Samantha Thavasa purse

Outfit 3 -
EATME pearl button blouse, Ank Rouge key embroidery cardigan, Liz Lisa gingham cafe skirt, Betsey Johnson wedge heel oxfords, Liz Lisa lace up heart purse

 Outfit 4 -
Liz Lisa fishtail long dress, Liz Lisa lace up back sandals, Samantha Thavasa purse

 Outfit 5 -
 Rojita off shoulder blouse, H&M long knit cardigan, EATME side lace up sirt, Michael Kors petra pumps, Michael Kors manhattan purse

Outfit 6 -
Material Girl heart print hi-low dress, Betsey Johnson 2-tier heart/key necklace, Michael Kors petra pumps, Liz Lisa lace up heart purse

 Outfit 7 -
EATME harness off shoulder tulle OP, Michael Kors petra pumps, Michael Kors manhattan purse

Outfit 8 -
 XOXO brand dress from Macys, H&M long knit cardigan, Michael Kors petra pumps, Michael Kors manhattan purse

 Outfit 9 -
Banana Republic belted dress, H&M ribbed cardigan, Betseyville necklace, Michael Kors petra pumps, Michael Kors manhattan purse 

I finally got the Michael Kors Petra pumps in my size and I was determined to wear them to work for the entire week (at least) so that was the strong theme in my outfits this month. Because of that, I think it's a bit unfortunate that there's not as much variety as there usually is, but I really wasn't anticipating to only have a handful of days in the office!
My work from home outfits are very casual clothes that I'd really rather not photograph and share, but hopefully I'll have the opportunity to share some similarly redeemable content next month if I'm not back to status quo. I hope everyone is staying safe in these uncertain times.

Monday, March 23, 2020

EATME 2-way peplum skirt and single belt sabo shoes

I was really excited to start ordering items from EATME's spring releases! I wasn't ready to preorder at the beginning of the year, but having had a chance to think about it for a couple months, I solidly knew what I wanted to order when they were finally stocked. Thanks goodness for online shopping in a time like this. (And thank you to all the employees who have to work to get these online orders shipped.)

EATME 2-way peplum skirt in mix
I love that EATME is still featuring check prints this spring and I really loved the look of this peplum skirt - even better that the belt is completely removable and the remaining skirt is still really suitable on its own. This was a big must-buy for me this spring.

with EATME dot tulle off shoulder top (with peplum, without peplum, with fake leather cross belt)

with EATME pearl button blouse (with peplum, without peplum, with fake leather cross belt)
I love the skirt more in person than I did in the photos. I purchased this skirt in size S and the fit is just about perfect. I do actually like it without the peplum more than I anticipated (even though I always thought it was a huge advantage to have that flexibility). The only thing is that the material is thinner than I had anticipated and really has no stretch which isn't good for bending but I just have to be a little more careful. It is fully lined and well made - just the material isn't what I was expecting. I also think the peplum belt could use one more belt loop, but other than that, no complaints! I can't wait to wear this to work when we return to the office.

EATME Single belt sabo shoes in black
When I first saw the spring previews at the beginning of the year, I knew I wanted to get these shoes, even if at full price. This was the chunky black shoe I was looking for that, of course, would complete all of my "edgier" EATME outfits in a less posh way than regular black pumps. EATME does do a similar shoe every year or so, but this was my first opportunity when I was willing to spend the money and I jumped on it.

with EAT ME off shoulder garter OP
I was concerned about sizing since I've never purchased or tried on shoes from EATME before, but after looking at the sizing chart, I decided to go with my typical Japanese size L. They are slightly big (which wasn't unexpected) and the back strap isn't adjustable, but I believe they'll be okay. I do think the M might have been a little tight in the covered foot part and might have produced blisters on the top of my foot, so I believe I made the right choice.
All of the worn photos of the 2-way peplum skirt also include these sabo shoes (see above), but I'll definitely be wearing them when I eventually go back into the office and can't wait to experiment with a few more combinations.

Short post and update during this self-isolation period. I'm very lucky that both my employer and my husband's employer are allowing us to work from home during this time and our income hasn't been impaired for the most part. My thoughts and prayers are with all of you who have been negatively impacted by this pandemic is some way, whether it's employment, travel, health or income for yourself or family members. Please stay safe.