Friday, November 22, 2013

Analysis of my 2013 Liz Lisa fukubukuro

VENT has announced the release date of the 2014 fukubukuro ~
There will be 3 options for Liz Lisa - one for 20000yen, one for 10000yen and one for 5000yen. They will be available for order on 11/30 at 7pm Japan time.
I have been stuck debating which fukubukuro I want to order this year, if I want to order any at all. This has lead to me to reflect on last year's (2013) fukubukuro (aka lucky packs/LP).

Last year, I ordered the 20000yen Premium Trunk Carry from VENT. Stock photos of the trunk -
 And the contents image that was released -
I received the items exactly as pictured - one coat, one dress, two knits, three tops, two bottoms and a small tote for a total of 10 items and then the luggage to make 11. I paid 21000yen for the LP itself, 13780yen for the shipping via Tenso and $55 to customs. My total for the order was over $450 because of the exchange rate at the time.
Besides the customs fees, I was super freaking excited about receiving it even though I already knew what the contents would be.
After trying on all of the clothes, I knew there were pieces I liked a lot and pieces that I could part with.  When someone on tumblr first suggested that I sell some brand name pieces from my closet, I knew some of these items would be good to list.

Positives for ordering from VENT -
reserve it early (I put in my order the day these were released and didn't have to worry about whether I would get it or not)
quick arrival (LP was shipped promptly by VENT on 12/30 and arrived at/processed by Tenso on 1/2. Tenso shipped it on 1/4 and I received it in Hawaii on 1/8)
20000yen trunk option (see MaruQ comparison below)

Negatives for ordering from VENT -
Tenso fees and customs (price of shipping will kill. If you have another way to forward it to you, I'd advise that. This is technically not VENT's fault. If you live in Japan, LPs will ship to you for free)
no Rose line (MaruQ offers this. I believe the rose option is also available at physical store locations)
Japanese (ofc, this is only a problem if you don't know any Japanese)

The results of this LP about one year later -
The items I kept - I love the luggage, and even though I don't anticipate it getting a lot of use, I love just looking at it. The two-tone sweater is not something I would have usually purchased, but I enjoy having it in my wardrobe. The material is really really soft. The coat, similarly to the luggage, will not be used very often but a good piece to have on the occasion that I might need it. Receiving it in the lucky pack keeps me from buying other (completely-wrong-for-Hawaii) coats from Liz Lisa. The T-shirt is really simple and lightweight. It's good to just throw on for a casual look.

The items I sold -  I liked the floral dress, but it's long sleeved so I thought someone would get better use of it. Same with the button down. The skort/sukapan wasn't of typical Liz Lisa quality imo and the material was a little irregular. It could have been used for layering, but I was happy to give the person who bought it a deal so they could own LL. The sweater was fine, but not something I thought I would use very often. The skirt was a nice, soft material on the outside and the design was cute, but I feel like there should have been a zipper or more stretch in the waistline area. I could barely pull it over my hips and the best way to put it on/take it off was over my head/shoulders. (This was fully disclosed at time of sale.) I would have kept this skirt except for this difficulty.

The items I am still trying to sell - Anyone want the small floral tote? I just listed it in my shop. The outside material is soft and fuzzy. Like something you might make a stuffed animal out of. SOLD! The tank top...the arm holes are a little small. It would be good for someone very tiny or maybe a pre-teen? If it doesn't sell, I may gift it to my cousin's daughter. Make me an offer if you don't like my price :) SOLD thank you!

Final verdict and considerations for 2014 - 6/10. The bulk of this score is because I just love the luggage so freaking much. I also quite like the coat, but am just luke warm about the tshirt and 2-tone sweater. The score would be a 4 if I had not sold the five items that I did. It is because of this that I am not sure if I want to order the 20000yen LP for 2014. Especially because I don't need a second luggage (- I'm assuming it will include a luggage). Additionally, the quality for a couple of the above items were a little questionable for me. I think the only reason I'll order another 20000yen LP is because the luggage is too cute to resist, and I'd fear regret and extreme jealousy if I see others who get it -__- haha. Maybe I'd order the 5000yen bag.

The second fukubukuro I bought last year was the Rose tote -
Sorry this is such a crap photo, but it's the first photo I got of the bag. I was away from my family home and my mom texted me that the bag came and she opened it lol. 
I ordered this one from MaruQ after I heard they were taking orders. I liked that I was able to order the Rose (floral) series because VENT only had the Boston (white) bags. I noticed that the contents of my Rose tote were not the same as others' who ordered the same tote. That element kept the contents a surprise until I opened it.
I paid $150 for a 10000yen tote and $15 for the shipping. No chance for customs because it's shipping from California. Total for this tote was $165. 
I sent one of the MaruQ shop staff an ask on tumblr to inquire about their plans for LP orders for 2014. I'll update this if/when I get an answer.  
**Update from Tiffa - confirmation that MaruQ will be doing LP orders for 2014**

Positives for ordering from MaruQ - 
the price (even though they charge a bit more for the actual bag, I think I probably would have paid at least $65 to ship the tote with Tenso, and there is a possibility of being charged a customs fee. This was also paid in USD versus yen)
different stock (I was able to order the Rose tote that wasn't available through VENT)
English (the entire transaction was in English, although since their online store wasn't 100% functioning, I think I had to communicate through emails instead of making a "purchase")

Negatives for ordering from MaruQ -
date of arrival (I didn't receive my LP until March 12. I was billed on January 6)
communication (at the time the company was fairly new, and I was left wondering if my LP was in the mail and whether I should file a paypal claim)
no 20000yen trunk option (although MaruQ had the Rose line, they didn't offer the trunk. If I had not ordered the trunk from VENT, I would have been SOL if I waited to see if MaruQ had it)
EDIT: I just got a teeny tiny hint that MaruQ maybeee might possibly be selling the 2014 Rich Vintage Rose Carry! If (BIG if) they do, they will likely only be available for sale in-store at MaruQ, so if they sell them and if you live in SF or know someone who does, you're super lucky!

The results of this LP about one year later -
The items I kept -The tote is lovely. It's pretty good quality, and I like the pattern on the outside. It matches well with the luggage. I used them both on my east coast trip recently. I like this dress much more than the dress that came with the luggage LP. It's suitable to wear here and the material and design are both great. The butterfly sleeve top is very lightweight and very pretty. I think it was a 2012 spring/summer item(?). The skirt is cute and a good fit, made of quality material.

The item I'm giving away -I'm giving this coat away here (ends today actually) ENDED. Thanks to everyone to entered! I like it a lot, but I don't think I need two coats in Hawaii lol. I thought it would be a good opportunity for people who might not be able to afford it to own brand, and since colder weather is coming up for much of mainland America, the timing is right. There are no issues/problems with this item except that it is a coat, and I live in Hawaii. I like this coat a lot more than the one that came with the Boston tote (I didn't order it but I saw pictures).

The items I am still trying to sell - The cosmetic case is the same print and material as the small tote from the luggage LP. I recently listed it.  Buy it with the small tote and get $5 off the total (message me for details). It was in the plastic I received it in until I opened it to take pictures. The sheer dot sleeve/collar top is lovely. There's nothing wrong with it, but it's a long sleeve item that I don't find useful here. I'll accept any offers on these! BOTH SOLD! Thank you so much!

Final verdict and considerations for 2014 - 8.5/10. I thought this purchase was well worth the price. I don't love a lot of the items in it, but I do like many of them and find them wearable. If I wasn't giving away the coat, I'd be keeping the majority of the items. I didn't really like that I didn't receive it until mid March, but it's a fairly minor sacrifice I guess. I can only hope they will be better at communication now than they were last year. If MaruQ does fukubukuro orders for 2014, I will probably order one or more if they don't increase the price, especially if they offer something VENT doesn't.

Anyone want to share their fukubukuro experience? :)


Thank you to the people who bought these items! I hope you/the person you bought them for enjoys them! The only item remaining from my 2013 fukubukuro for sale is the tank top!

Monday, November 18, 2013

Order arrived - Liz Lisa ribbon belt, plaid skirt, lace-up back pumps

I went to get my VENT order from the post office the day I got back from my east coast trip. I was surprised I didn't get the novelty item which was the reason I ordered in the first place ): but I'm pleased with the contents that I did receive. Sorry these pictures are not very good. Although it's been crazy hot/humid, there hasn't been very much sunlight when I have time to take photos :|

First item up is the belt 合皮リボンベルト (131-9301-0) -
I've been wanting a belt to accessorize a few of my Liz Lisa items, so why not a Liz Lisa belt? This was from the Outlet Shop. It's a shiny gold color best seen above. It has many adjustment options and it definitely fits! I just put it on the dress that was already on my mannequin below for pictures. I don't think I will coordinate it like that.

Next is the skirt 先染めチェックPT (131-5009-0) that I bought to go with the top that my host mother sent me -

They match so I feel like it was a good idea to get it, haha. I was afraid the skirt would be a bit big but the fit is actually spot on because it's sits pretty high on the waist. It has elastic but also a zipper closure. I sent the picture of me wearing the set to my host mom with a thank you note today :3 I think I will wear this set to work later this week!

Finally, the shoes ベロアストラップパンプス (132-9602-0) (also pictured in the photo of me wearing the set above) -
Liz Lisa shoes never disappoint me in terms of quality and cuteness. One of my favorite features of their shoes in the floral pattern on the side of the shoe (including the straps!) and the logo on the bottom of the shoe. I also really enjoy the snaps versus buckle snap closures. 
This color is listed as "pink". In certain lighting, I'm sure it could pass for a nude colored shoe, but it's really like a dusty pink. It matches well with my other Liz Lisa items and my Samantha Thavasa purse of a very similar color.
 Honestly, when I wear them and look down at my feet, I'm not sure I like them from the top, but I definitely think the profile is cute. My other Liz Lisa pumps have a pointier toe in a leather(ish?) material so this rounded one in suede adds some variety to my wardrobe.

The Liz Lisa Doll items were also in this package, but my mom already stored them away because we're giving them away for Christmas. They're pretty much exactly as pictured, and she was happy with them.

I'm really sad I didn't get the blanket. I'm trying to figure out why that happened because I ordered the minimum amount fairly soon after the novelty item was listed. The only thing I could think of is that part of the 12600yen of Liz Lisa was made up of items from the Outlet Shop? But they're still part of Liz Lisa so I don't really know. I'm trying not to think about it because there isn't really anything I can do about it, and I am truly happy with the purchases that I did receive. And the shoes were the last pair in my size so I'm glad to own them...I don't really have any regrets, but I'm trying to stay away from the website as much as possible since I did this extraneous order for pretty much "no reason" at this point.

HOWEVER, if I were to put together a wishlist of currently listed items at VENT, it would probably consist of these items (click on picture for link to listing) ~
But I probably won't buy anything until the fukubukuro
...if I decide to order the fukubukuro (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ

  How to order from Liz Lisa and Tokyo Kawaii Life video and photo tutorial here!