Friday, April 29, 2016

OOTD - March & April 2016

March was a really outfit light month because I was sick for almost two weeks and even missed Easter! Thankfully, I picked it up a bit in April, haha.

Outfit 1 (for work) -
Liz Lisa lace sleeveless top, Liz Lisa floral houndstooth skirt, Liz Lisa knot wedge sandals, Kate Spade New York quilted purse

Outfit 2 (for work) -
Material Girl lace dress, Flag J pumps, Liz Lisa 3-piece cup Team C purse

Outfit 3 (for work) -
 Liz Lisa x My Melody x Little Twin Stars triple collab angel OP, Liz Lisa pom pom pumps, Samantha Thavasa purse, Liz Lisa x My Melody x Little Twin Stars triple collab Kiki Lala charm

Outfit 4 (for work) -
Liz Lisa floral shirring OP, Liz Lisa (pom pom) pumps, Liz Lisa rose quilted purse

Outfit 5 (for work) -
Liz Lisa ribbon floral OP, Liz Lisa U-neck cardigan, Liz Lisa glitter pumps, Ank Rouge handbag

Outfit 6 (for work) -
Spinns embroidery collar sleeveless blouse, Liz Lisa floral panel skirt, Liz Lisa knot wedge sandals, Samantha Thavasa purse

Outfit 7 (for work) -
Liz Lisa floral gingham OP, Liz Lisa (pom pom) pumps, Liz Lisa rose quilted purse, One Spo triangle pom pom earrings

Outfit 8 (for work) -
Forever21 ruffle blouse, Liz Lisa floral overalls jumper skirt, Liz Lisa heart suede pumps, Samantha Thavasa purse, One Spo triange pom pom earrings

Outfit 9 (for shopping) -
Liz Lisa ribbon tie sleeveless top, Liz Lisa floral sukapan, Liz Lisa (flower) wedges, Liz Lisa rose quilted purse, Liz Lisa pork pie hat

Outfit 10 (for work) -
Liz Lisa mermaid OP, Liz Lisa clear pearl sandals, Liz Lisa seashell pouchette, Liz Lisa rose barrettes with pixel art by Shanty
Outfit 11 (for work) -
Liz Lisa x Yui Kanno collab fairy story OP, Spinns V-neck cardigan, Liz Lisa (pom pom) pumps, Kate Spade New York quilted purse

Outfit 12 (for work & shopping) -
Liz Lisa lace sleeveless top, Spinns V-neck cardigan, Liz Lisa picnic skirt, Liz Lisa knot wedge sandals, Kate Spade New York quilted purse

Outfit 13 (for work & shopping) -
H&M top, GAP cardigan, Liz Lisa fitted skirt, Flag J sandals, Juicy Couture handbag

Outfit 14 (for a casual dinner) -
Liz Lisa (web-limited) faux jumper skirt OP, Liz Lisa 2-strap pumps, Forever21 heart pouch, cherry earrings handmade by @rebikkuma

Outfit 15 (for church) -
Juge Etta resort floral OP, Liz Lisa lace peek cardigan, Liz Lisa heart suede pumps, Samantha Thavasa purse

Outfit 16 (for work) -

Outfit 17 (for work) -
Liz Lisa Cinderella blouse, Liz Lisa Cinderella suspender skirt, Flag J sandals, Liz Lisa 3-piece cup Team C purse

Outfit 18 (for work) -
Forever21 ribbon tie blouse, Banana Republic dress, Guess? mary jane pumps, Kate Spade New York purse

Outfit 19 (for lunch with a friend) -
One Spo choker top, Charlotte Russe tulle skirt, Tralala wedge sandals, Kate Spade New York quilted purse

Outfit 20 (for work) -
Ank Rouge blouse, Ank Rouge skirt, Liz Lisa lace up back pumps, Samantha Thavasa purse, One Spo triangle pom pom earrings

Outfit 21 (for work) -
Liz Lisa pleats flare OP, Liz Lisa glitter pumps, Samantha Thavasa purse

Outfit 22 (for nothing, just because lol) -

And just because I have a picture of it, a dressing room picture -
Material Girl jumpsuit, Flag J sandals

[Argh this ended up being another one of those posts that got deleted and I had to redo it FML. Thankfully it's not super content heavy and just involved some re-uploading and recaptioning but I did have some really decent intro and conclusion text that I no longer remember lmao. Also most of the ordering got messed up. I usually upload them as I wear them so they're in chronological order but now it's a bit jumbled lol.]
Looking back at the OOTD post from the previous two months, I realize it looks like I rewore some items too soon. But, in reality, since the outfits in the two posts span over 4 months total, I might have worn something in January and then not again until April, but it would still be in back-to-back posts lol. I recently found new homes for a number of items and have been trying to really focus on making good use of the items I already own instead of prioritizing always buying new stuff! I wouldn't be surprised if some of the items featured in these posts end up getting slightly repetitive but hopefully having different combinations and overall looks will help with that.

Monday, April 25, 2016

Tokyo Kawaii Life order 34 - Liz Lisa Margaret cherry OP, Lace fit & flare flower fade OP, 3D flower pumps, Flocking print cardigan & Outlet accessories

I haven't been making a ton of Liz Lisa orders lately, but it's not because I don't like this season's Spring 2016 releases. In fact, my issue was that I wanted too many items, but I couldn't reasonably afford all of them at full price, so I had to figure out which to prioritize and watch the stock count closely. I came really close to making so many different combinations of orders, but I finally ended up with this one after noticing that one or two of the items on my wishlist were down to 3 or less stock remaining! (And while I was at it, I figured I might as well add a few Outlet accessories to it as well since they recently restocked.)

Margaret cherry OP in white (161-6011-0)
I really wasn't overly keen on this dress when I first saw it because this bandana border style of print isn't something I get giddy over even in floral, but the more I saw it, the more I liked it - especially the design of the back! What really tipped me towards it was Rebby getting hers in the mail and seeing how amazing it looked on her! I was okay with any color for this OP at first, but seeing non-stock photos of it from Rebby and chatting with her a bit about it convinced me that white was my first choice. The stock photos make the dress seem more ivory, but I'd say it's a lot more "white" IRL.
with Liz Lisa heart suede pumps (and cherry gingham bow earrings from @rebikkuma) -

with Flag J sandals, Liz Lisa pork pie hat and Ank Rouge heart quilted handbag -

with Liz Lisa flocking print cardigan (see below), Liz Lisa knot wedge sandals, Liz Lisa x Yui Kanno collab rose barrette and Samantha Thavasa handbag -
Had to bring out the red pumps again because of the cherry theming lol. Their color does photograph very strongly compared to the print, but I do love a pop of red. I was nervous about the flutter sleeves at first which have the potential to look obnoxious but I think it helps create a small waist silhouette which is something I really value. There is shirring in the back of the waist which helps when putting the dress on, but I don't personally really need it once it's in place. It's neither too tight (where it would leave an impression from the shirring on my skin or really bother me throughout the day), nor especially loose, and overall, I really like it. I may need to iron the pleats a little bit better, but I like this a lot more in person & after wearing it myself than I did from just the pictures online.

Lace fit and flare flower fade OP in white (161-6013-0)

Apparently some people really hate this OP but I've loved it since I first saw it! "Classic Liz Lisa" style or not (who defines this, I have no idea but OK), I love the silhouette, I love the lace and I love the way the flower print showers down from the top down to the full "garden" at the hem of the skirt. I was really hoping this OP would make it to a sale because although the design was a winner in my eyes, I wasn't confident with the fit (and I am reluctant to pay full price for things I'm 100% about). It seemed like it would be really boxy if it didn't hit and hug my waist just right. However, when I saw the stock dwindling, I knew I didn't want to miss out on it and adjusted my monthly budget so that the purchase wouldn't tip me over for the month.
with Liz Lisa 3D flower pumps and GAP cardigan with Liz Lisa Many flower earrings (see below) -

with Liz Lisa x Yui Kanno collab rose drop cardigan, Liz Lisa flower wedge sandals, Liz Lisa flower applique beret and Liz Lisa fur pom pom earrings (see below) -

with Liz Lisa flocking print cardigan (see below), Liz Lisa knot wedge sandals and Liz Lisa rose quilted purse -
Unfortunately, it is as I feared - the dress is too big in the part where I desperately need for it to be fitted in order for me to love it. (I pinched the extra fabric at the waist in the first coordinate above.) Such is the failure of free size, but it's just reality. I'm disappointed but not extremely surprised. If only I was more skilled in sewing, I might attempt to fix it. Looking at how it's put together though, I think it would be kind of a risk I might not want to take since I'm really not all that confident in myself. I also considered just finding a large 4" safety pin to gather it a bit more in the back but that seems obnoxious lol. I think I'll probably just try to live with it as is. I do still absurdly love the design and the dress in general, but I just don't love it on my body. However, it seems to photograph OK and the more I look at it this way, the more it seems acceptable to me lol.

3D flower pumps in yellow (161-9605-0)
I absolutely fell in love with these pumps when I first saw them. It's a classic style with the secureness of crisscross and ankle straps (which really helps keep my foot in place and aids in walking long distances), PLUS a super cute 3D flower applique near the heel which isn't too boisterous but still a great accent. I already have a bright yellow wedge sandal which I love to use for a nice pop of color, but this slightly more subdued yellow is going to be great to have, and I really enjoy how it fits in with my wardrobe but is still different (in a good way) from the shoes I already own so it's not too redundant.
with Liz Lisa margaret cherry OP (see above) -

with Liz Lisa flocking print cardigan (see below), Charlotte Russe tulle skirt and Liz Lisa fur collar (cardigan) -

with Liz Lisa flower collared OP, Liz Lisa lace peek cardigan, Liz Lisa flower pearl barrette and Liz Lisa 3-piece cup Team C purse's pouch with shoulder strap -
It's a really nice light yellow IRL that is a very reasonable neutral color without making it too boring. The fit is just as expected. I purchased size L as I usually do and it feels great on my foot, and I don't have any issues with it seeming too big or too small. I truly have no complaints about this and I'm really glad I was able to get these. I didn't immediately know what I was going to wear them with but they match so well with the cardigan, and I really look forward to creating more coordinates.

Flocking print cardigan in yellow (161-3003-0)
Again, thanks Rebby. I had been thinking about this cardigan for a while because I feel like this style pairs well with many Liz Lisa items, but it wasn't until Rebby shared her purchase of it that I really felt compelled to have it - especially to pair with the Margaret cherry OP in white. I don't already have a yellow cardigan but I love the use of the color for Spring 2016. I already had a few coordinates in mind when I bought it!
with Liz Lisa faux 2-piece OP and Liz Lisa glitter pumps -

with Liz Lisa lace sleeveless top, Liz Lisa floral panel skirt, Liz Lisa heart suede pumps, Liz Lisa fur headband (see below) and Liz Lisa x My Melody 9th collab tote -
It's so hard to tell in the stock photos, so I was (pleasantly) surprised to find that part of the print includes script text "Pique-nique sue l'herbe", the theme for Liz Lisa Spring 2016. Even though I'm not overly fond of having text on clothes in a language that I don't understand, I don't mind it as much in this case because it helps directly relate the item to the season which I like. The material is reasonably light (definitely not insufferably thick). The yellow is a bit more pale/pastel IRL as compared to the stock photos and matches well with the pumps. It reminds me so much of spring! I was really happy with this item as it pairs well with pretty much everything else in the order ♡

Many flower earrings in yellow (151-9003-0)
Well, when buying yellow shoes and a yellow cardigan, might as well get the yellow earrings to match right? Especially because the blue tone in the earrings seemed like they would match well with the blue accent in the flower applique for the pumps! These were the last ones in stock and I couldn't resist having them with the rest of my yellow items :)
Even though they're from last year, these earrings pair so well with the 3D flower pumps from this spring! And I just love matching things like this lmao. The earrings are a bit smaller than I expected but I really like that because they're also not as heavy and not as obnoxious lol. I think these will be great to add just a little pop of color to an outfit even though I don't often wear earrings because my hair hides them 9 times out of 10 lol.

Fur pom pom earrings in white (142-9004-0)

I was extremely surprised to find these restocked in white! The other color option was an electric blue color and when I saw it stocked in the Outlet, I was almost certain that only blue would be remaining. Imagine my surprise when I find that there's only 1 stock left in white instead! I was immediately sold. I missed out when these were trending heavily about a year and a half ago but I'm finally hopping on the train and need a pair in white in addition to my pair from One Spo in pink.
If I'm honest, I didn't even realize there was a music note charm on these until I opened the package lol. They don't bother me though except I guess I might feel a bit like a phony since I'm not a music person, but otherwise they're just a cute gold accent charm on the earrings. These are a bit nicer than my One Spo pair because they're made with "fur" have a really nice puffy effect. I also really like the pearl stud. I'm so glad this was restocked in the outlet and I was able to grab them!

Fur hairband in pink (152-9205-0)
I had seen this appear in stores near the end of my trip to Japan in Summer 2015 when the autumn stock was just starting to roll out and I really liked how the shop staff were wearing it! The bow design is cute but subtle. Even though I don't wear a lot of "fur"-type material items at home, I've been meaning to gather a few things just for A/W season coordinates and I was happy to see this restocked in the outlet. I had a hard time choosing between pink and beige because one is more cutesy and one is a good neutral, but in the end, pink won.
IRL, the color is a lot more like the deep pink that reminds me a lot of Liz Lisa Autumn 2013. It's pretty close to brown and makes the item a lot more "neutral" than super cutesy IMO which ended up being a great balance lmao. In these photos, I'm not wearing it tucked under my hair because the wig is just too bulky (see photos with the flocking print cardigan above), but I do plan on wearing it IRL in the more traditional way. I don't usually like to wear my hair so that my ears are sticking out but for some reason, I don't mind it with this headband lol. I feel like my bangs have to be styled just right though. I almost took this out of my cart several times, but I have no regrets about going through with the purchase.

Rose scarf hand towel in beige (152-9909-0)
I have one I purchased during a trip in Japan and the My Melody 6th collab one which I can't bring myself to use. The first one I bought is getting a little old, so I figured it was time for a new one! I really only use them on trips but they can definitely be useful in a multitude of occasions and it's hard to go wrong with a small towel with a cute floral print lol. No particular surprises here - it's the same hand towel I'm used to from Liz Lisa.

I made the order on TKL on April 10. I shipped from Tenso via EMS due to weight on April 13 and received it in Hawaii on April 18.
In this order, there were 4 accessories from the outlet (past seasons) and 4 items from Spring 2016 and I'm happy with all of them, especially all the pale yellow! Tbh I'm pleasantly surprised with how much I was able to integrate the items in this order amongst one another. I probably could have done it a bit more but I wanted to show a little more variety lol. Although the fit of one of the OPs could be better, I'm still really in love with the overall style and look of it in general, and I don't regret purchasing it. I'm excited to have an opportunity to wear them and can't wait to get my hands on more spring (and summer) releases!