Sunday, February 22, 2015

Tokyo Kawaii Life order 19 - Liz Lisa Wagon print skirt, flocked cardigan and lace cami

Wagon print skirt in pink (151-4011-0)
(Close up stock photo is of the white colorway which was the featured color in the listing.)
This was another order I didn't really intend to make but I really fell in love with the wagon (I prefer carriage but apparently it's a wagon) print. I liked the OP, but it's long sleeved, so I decided to just get the skirt which I think is super cute as well. The design seemed similar to the key motif skirt which I am quite fond of so it seemed like a safe bet. I was deciding between this skirt and the Frozen print sukapan, but I figured this would be a better choice because of the length. Also because it's not like I'm a such Frozen fan tbh (but I did like how Liz Lisa did that print). I saw that pink version of this wagon print skirt was selling out, so I quickly grabbed the last one at the time!
The print is just as pretty in real life as it is in the stock photos. It is basically as pictured. The difference between this wagon skirt and the key motif skirt is the inner lace hem which adds just a little bit of length and also the waist on the wagon one seems to be slightly more accommodating. But other than that, they are pretty similar.
with Liz Lisa sleeveless lace top and Liz Lisa wedge pumps (+ Betsy Johnson dot bow purse)

with Liz Lisa sleeveless lace top (it's a different one than the one above but basically the same descriptor sorry lol), off brand cardigan and Liz Lisa heart suede pumps.
I decided to add my Betsy Johnson floral cat ear headband for no good reason whatsoever and it looks very "try-hard" lol. But actually in person the colors match pretty well. I really love this skirt and I have no regrets whatsoever about purchasing it at full retail. It has one of those prints that reminds me why I love Liz Lisa so much and why it's worth it to pay for it (because I would have a hard time finding a similar item with a similar print with this color scheme locally). It's very girly and cute, and I am enjoying wearing skirts this length more and more lol.

Flocking cardigan in pink (142-3048-0)
(Close up stock photo is of the white colorway which was the featured color in the listing.)
The Valentine's Day sale was near its end, and I wasn't really interested in doing an order specifically for items from it since I grabbed most of the stock in there that I wanted already (8 orders in December and January wtf hello), but since I was already ordering the skirt, I figured I may as well see if there's just 2 items that wouldn't add too much weight or $$ to my total that I wouldn't mind owning. When I was shooting the ribbon pumps/3-way bags intro video, I realized that I didn't have a pink Liz Lisa cardigan wtf?? I didn't even really look at the listing for this cardigan before but once I noticed it came in pink, I became immediately interested lol.
Not sure why this is called a "flocked cardigan" but then again, I am not very well-versed in clothing terms. I was going to try and describe the print as like a heart/floral/bow lace but that didn't seem very concise lol. I really like the color and the print irl. I think the print stands out just enough so that it adds a cute detail but isn't overpowering. I wasn't sure how I was going to feel about the lace panel at the sleeve hem but my arm length seems to be reasonable for this particular item so I'm going to give it a thumbs up lol. I like that the print is continued there as well. I didn't even realize the buttons were pearls in the stock photos. They are full/whole round pearls and not the half pearls that are sometimes used for buttons.
with Liz Lisa faux 2-piece OP and Liz Lisa OTK boots
This was the OP that I should have worn the cardigan with for this video with the ribbon pumps and 3-way bags. Well too late for that lol but I still think it pairs well because the length of the cardigan is just right for the silhouette of this OP.

with Liz Lisa sleeveless lace top, Liz Lisa web-limited floral sukapan, off brand OTK socks and Liz Lisa lace up back pumps
I rarely wear this cropped length cardigan with my "regular clothes" but it matches well with the items I buy from Liz Lisa lol. Liz Lisa actually sells a lot of cardigans at this length that's likely why lol. This spring 2015 they seem to be doing some (very) long length cardigans though so I'm excited to see something different!

Lace cami in white (142-2047-0)
I needed to add something else small to my order so I knew it would have to be a cami (with a back chain). I wanted one in white because I only have pink ones lol. I really liked the charms on this one so it wasn't too hard of a decision since it was available in white. I actually don't pay a lot of attention to these until they go on sale so I didn't even know Liz Lisa was selling this wtf.
As with the others, no surprises here. Item as pictured. I guess one thing that may be worth noting is that it's not bright white but rather like a very light beige or maybe eggshell. I really like the charms on this one although I'm not exactly sure how a key, moon and star relate.
with Liz Lisa key motif skirt and Tralala 2-tone wedges
I knew immediately that I would want to try and pair this cami with this skirt. How could I not with the matching key theming? The color of the cami and the color of the skirt actually match very well. (The skirt was the "white" color option as well but again, not bright white.)

with the other items in this order! (Liz Lisa wagon print skirt and Liz Lisa flocked cardigan) and off brand ankle socks with Liz Lisa ribbon pumps
I was really, really hoping that these three items would pair well together, and I think it actually works out pretty well! The pink of the cardigan doesn't match the majority pink color in the skirt, but there are darker parts of the print that are close. I do like to match but I think it might be TOO matchy if the main pinks were exactly the same, so I welcome the slight contrast.

I decided to also quickly shoot some video for these items since they just happened to create their own coordinate. It's the same coordinates as featured in the photos above but ...just in a video if you're interested lol. I'm also just trying to generate more content for my YT channel. The lighting wasn't all that great (the photos were actually quite dark too) but I didn't want to wait to share these items because I was just so excited about them :)

Overall, I'm very happy with each of the items in this order separately and also together! I really wasn't supposed to be doing any unnecessary spending this month (February) but I knew I really wanted this wagon skirt and decided to allocate some Christmas money to it :) No regrets!

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