Saturday, June 28, 2014

Salon Cherie pink/white nails
from their Facebook page
I was so sad that they weren't open 6 month ago, but Salon Cherie has finally reopened after their renovation! I knew I wanted to get my nails done before I went on my trip, and they're just about the right length. I called to schedule an appointment with Anri, the owner (and the nailist who usually does my nails when I go here), but she recently had a new baby and was only doing a couple days a week and wasn't available when I had time. No big deal because I would trust any nail tech in this salon! Mariko san ended up doing my nails :)
I always have such a hard time figuring out what design I want on my nails that it actually ends up stressing me out a little -__-. I think it's just because I pay so much and it lasts for so long that I want to really like it and want to get my "money's worth". I knew that I wouldn't be too disappointed with whatever I left with at Salon Cherie though so I wasn't overly concerned about the quality of the work or generally liking the design, just that I'd have regrets about I should have done this or that instead. 
LOL. This was the paper that I brought in with my "ideas". (So embarrassing wtf. S always laughs at these mock up drawings I do ahaha.)

And after a little bit of discussion with Mariko san, this is what I ended up with! -
I think my middle finger on my left hand is a little confusing from this It's supposed to be a monogram cursive initial "E" but I didn't really explain that properly and if English is your second language, you probably didn't bother learning cursive (even if English is your first language, most people can't bother with cursive anyway). so I think it a was a little confusing for her and looks a lot like a 3 to others, but from my point of view, it's an E!

 Curse my weird, short pinkies :| They make it so hard to take nail pictures...

Individual nails (from left hand pinky to right hand pinky)-

The one picture I managed to take with all fingers and both hands in the photo wtf -

I was having such a hard time photographing both hands at the same time. Tbh, I always have trouble taking photos - so what else is new lol.

Anyway, thank you so much to Mariko san! She worked so quickly and efficiently and didn't seem troubled at all about my design choice and was very patient while I was trying to figure it out lol. I never felt uncomfortable or rushed even though my appointment went a bit beyond their closing time.
Salon Cherie is always my first choice nail salon. Definite recommend if you are in Hawaii!

Other examples of my Salon Cherie nails -
Sorry there aren't better pictures of this set. Idk what I was thinking
These are mostly a result of my friend trying to be artistic lol

lol pre-iphone picture

Salon Cherie
1888 Kalakaua Ave
Honolulu, HI 96815
(808) 277-3027

Saturday, June 14, 2014

TKL Orders 3 & 4 Coordinates!

For links and other info about the featured items, please check out my previous post here!

Lace flared skirt and Liz Lisa Cambric puff sleeve blouse with Liz Lisa lace-up back pumps
If you read my previous post, you know I was just waiting and waiting and waiting for this skirt to go on sale so I could complete this set up! I wasn't even sure I'd be able to pull off this silhouette (if my body was proportioned right or if the clothes would even fit right - *sigh* the drawback of online shopping is that you can't try anything on) but I loved it on the stock photo model so I decided to go for it!  I think it's actually quite nice on me lol - or at least it's what I was expecting it to look like based on what the stock photo coordinate. I love love the matching flower lace detail on both the skirt and the top and the fit of the skirt is pretty darn perfect. The skirt does have to sit just exactly right for this set up in order for it to look "right", but I don't find it very problematic. This kind of silhouette is not for everyone/not everyone's taste since it's a little unusual, but I'm very happy with it.

Rose embroidery OP with Tralala bow wedges and DreamV heart heels
Super cute and girly! A slightly more conservative neckline but necessary for the rose detailing and the skirt length keeps it young, I think. I really like the sheer panel in the hem. Also the material for the dress is quite nice as well. I'm not a huge huge fan of clothes with elastic waistlines (like I understand why they're great for free size items, but I just don't love how they look generally) so I like that this OP comes with a (removable) waist tie to help hide it and create a smaller waist if you so choose.
+ Ruffle ribbon large handbag
[Apparently the only way to pose while wearing the DreamV mules is in profile with one heel up lol wtf *desperate to show off the best feature of the shoe*.] Anyway.... Lol. All pink everything. This purse is just so much better than I expected it to be - not that I expected it to be bad or anything. Great size, cute details, straps long enough for it to be a comfortable shoulder bag, color is also fab. I haven't used it or even taken off the tags yet, but don't anticipate having any problems. Ahhh, just so fantastic for the price at which I snagged it. No regrets at all even though I'm pretty sure it was the reason my box attracted attention at customs. Goes so well with so many of my existing outfits.
 Gingham off-shoulder OP with Flag J (Hawaii) heels
Such a great summer dress! I love the off shoulder bow sleeves but the (removable) crisscross straps also help keep it in place.The huge buttons down the front are also a nice detail. Good for casual outings, and the skirt is quite full. This dress actually looks somewhat large on the hanger imo, and I think it might be closer to a US size M, but it's not TOO big on me I think, although I can't wear it without the crisscross straps at the neckline. The elastic waistline is pretty accommodating and if you have slightly more athletic shoulders there's definitely a bit of room there. I feel like this would probably still be a great dress for many despite being free size.

Border lace "docking" OP with Liz Lisa double strap ribbon pumps
I absolutely adore this dress. The material is light but not cheapy feeling, and it gives me such a wonderful silhouette without needing a ribbon tie. The pink color is so girly and feminine, and I just feel really princess-y, even more so than with many of my other Liz Lisa items. To me, this dress just screams himekaji.
Lol + small bonus with my Liz Lisa x My Melody collab fukubukuro luggage
Mermaid OP and Liz Lisa pink wedges
I love the print on the skirt, mermaids and flowers! Somehow it works haha. I also like the lace up detailing on the top. It's also fully lined and just feels like it's great quality. I think it'll probably travel reasonably well too? versus some of the other items in these orders which wrinkle quite easily.
+ Ruffle ribbon large handbag
Gingham flower towel
Not much explanation needed here, I think lol. It's a cute towel! I think I should say that direct out of the packaging, it's not super soft or plush though. That may change when it's washed though? I plan on using this more as a beach towel although obviously it could easily be used in the bathroom as well. (My bathroom is not very cutesy anyway.) Hopefully I'll get some pictures of it being used if/when I get the matching swim suit set...

  Overall, I'm just so, so pleased with these orders! Yay for sales, and yay for spring/summer items!