Saturday, August 31, 2019

August 2019 - EATME pink/black items & longan picking

I was excited about my big EATME purchases this month, but didn't have a whole lot going on. Hope you'll enjoy this quick update! I've been moving a bit away from social media again and am not currently trying to force myself to blog for the sake of blogging.

EATME Sheer sleeve decolette OP in pink
EATME releases something similar to this pretty much annually, but this is the first year that I had significant interest to pay attention to the release + pay full price. I was a bit torn because I love all three colorways (pink, black and mix), but pink seemed less seasonal and a bit more unique (although stereotypical and par for the course for larme-type items).

EATME Side lace up skirt in pink
There was a longer version of this skirt that was available in the previous spring/summer releases, but that sold out before I was able to make up my mind about it. The shorter version I think suits my personal style a bit better anyway and will be slightly more versatile for me. Although I liked the black version the best, I reasoned that I have many other similarly cut black skirts in my closet already, so I decided to go with the pink. I'm also considering the mix version if this ever makes it to a sale!

EATME Garter off shoulder OP in pink
I purchased the khaki version of this OP back in June and really adored it. I had paid full price for it and didn't regret it for a second. However, seeing it on sale, I realized that I would love to have it in another color because I thought the design was super cute. Again, I like the look of the black version but if I was going to get another, I figured pink was the most different from the khaki which photographs dark grey/close to black in bad lighting.

Overall quite happy with my order. I did quickly wear the black/pink OP to work one day but didnt manage to get a photo with whatever else I had going on. The other two I'm definitely planning to wear in September with a purse I'm planning to get so look forward to that!

Work Outfits
I fell off a bit on this this month because I wasn't quite feeling up to it every day and sometimes when I was wearing a travel or super lazy outfit (depending on what else we had going on that day), I decided not to photograph or post. However, this exercise has been otherwise pretty motivating for me and I think I wore most of my work appropriate Liz Lisa dresses and skirts since starting (maybe 1-2 non-seasonal items left!).
Liz Lisa message ribbon sailor blouse, Liz Lisa ice cream skirt, Liz Lisa watermark cardigan, Liz Lisa knot wedge sandals, Samantha Vega pass case purse

Liz Lisa back cross midi OP, Liz Lisa back lace up sandals, Liz Lisa big ribbon woven bag

Marilyn Monroe collection for Macys dress, Ank Rouge key embroidery cardigan, DreamV cross strap pumps, Kate Spade New York purse

Liz Lisa flower embroidery off shoulder OP, DreamV cross strap pumps, Samantha Thavasa purse

Ank Rouge gingham off shoulder midi dress, Liz Lisa many ribbon boater hat, Liz Lisa back lace up sandals, Liz Lisa heart lace up purse

DKNY fitted dress, Jessica Simpson Dany sandals, Liz Lisa heart lace up purse

Liz Lisa fishtail long dress, Flag J sandals, Michael Kors purse

Tralala bi-color dress, Kate Spade New York bijou cardigan, Tralala bi-color hair clip, DreamV cross strap pumps, Liz Lisa heart lace up purse 

Delyle Noir choker top, Delyle Noir watercolor flower skirt, Delyle Noir bijou belt, Liz Lisa bijou cardigan, DreamV cross strap pumps, Michael Kors purse

Liz Lisa floral ribbon OP, Paris Kids ribbon clip, Liz Lisa glitter pumps

Forever 21 ribbon tie blouse, Banana Republic geometric fitted skirt, GAP cardigan, DreamV cross strap pumps, Michael Kors purse

Forever 21 V-back dress, Liz Lisa cardigan, DreamV cross strap pumps

Liz Lisa sweet latte OP, Liz Lisa sweet latte cardigan, Liz Lisa 3-strap pumps, Samantha Vega pass case purse

Liz Lisa pleats puff OP, DreamV cross strap pumps, Samantha Thavasa purse

Liz Lisa bow tie blouse, Liz Lisa glen check pleats skirt, Liz Lisa cardigan, Liz Lisa 3-strap pumps

Charlotte Russe heart dress, Flag J sandals

Liz Lisa Emma plumeria romper, FlagJ sandals

Liz Lisa floral lace border dress, Liz Lisa lace peek cardigan, Liz Lisa lace wedge pumps

Miscellaneous life stuff
We went to Hilo again but this time to pick longan! It's somewhat similar to lychee but definitely not as big or sweet. This was my first time harvesting this fruit and they don't have as many trees, but it was pretty easy to pick compared to this season's lychee crop. We were able to get all that we needed and more in just one weekend with three people picking.

We went for a short hike with my coworker and her boyfriend at Moanalua Valley Trail + a little more but didn't (purposefully) go all the way to the back of Stairway to Heaven. And ofc had to have shave ice as a treat from Shimazu.

Sorry for the photo dump and go but hoped you enjoyed this short update! This month was so humid and miserable that I can't wait for fall weather :)