Thursday, November 4, 2021

EATME tshirt OP and keyset necklace for Fujikyu Highlands

This isn't a typical blog post style for me, but I'm combining a small order with an outing...because that's why I bought this particular outfit + I didn't get a chance to take the worn photos in a timely manner 😓!

Fujikyu Highlands amusement park
We got to the parking lot at around 09:15am and it was very overcast and a bit cold, even. Luckily, I remembered to bring my jacket and I ended up wearing it all day!

This is a new one for me - this amusement park uses facial recognition to link you as a person to the type of ticket you purchased (since there's quite a few different types that are available depending on what you want to get out of your park visit). We had purchased the adult free pass which meant we wouldn't have to pay individually for any rides but also didn't have priority boarding included. At each ride, we simply had to do the facial recognition instead of taking out our ticket to prove it. 

First stop, Fujiyama "the most intense roller coaster in the world"! 
This isn't really going to be that great of a visual post, since you can't take your personal belongings on many of these rides, but we really enjoyed this one! We went on it twice. The wait was around 30-45 minutes each time and definitely worth it. You have to keep your belongings in a locker before getting into the cart. 

Second up, Takabisha. 
This one's biggest feature is the 121° drop angle. There's so many warnings in the waiting line about how your head needs to be back against the headrest (and no hats, mid-height ponytails, or large earrings, etc). I even had to get "loan shoes" for this one because my heels were too high! Safety is clearly very important and I think is part of the key to ensuring you don't get too motion sick from being on the ride. We only ended up going on this one once but it was a good experience. Again, you couldn't take any personal belongings with you and needed to store everything in a locker before boarding.

Unfortunately, Do-dodonpa and Eejanaika were closed during our visit, so we didn't get to go on those coasters, but we did go for some of the other rides like this Naruto x Boruto-themed shooting game that's pretty much the Toy Story target game where you wear 3D glasses and compete with a partner for a high score. 

We also finally found our way to the Neon Evangelion-themed attraction, but unfortunately was too late to ride it. I guess it's only NE-themed in the morning and then at 14:30, it transitions to being just regular "Fuji Airways"-themed. We went on it anyway and it's a bit similar to Soarin' Over California but with Fuji through the different seasons! 

To kill some time, we also went on this classic carnival ride which is just the swings, haha. They also have an EXTREME height version (50m up), but the wait for that one was over an hour (maybe 75-80 min?) and we were only trying to kill 30-45 minutes max.

Last attraction for the day was this haunted hospital! We were visiting in October (a few weeks before Halloween), but they actually offer this all year round. It's a one-way self-guided haunted house, approximately 900m in length. You have to have a reservation because only a certain number of people can enter at a time so you don't run into other groups. This attraction isn't included in the free pass so we had to pay extra for it.
It definitely had super creepy vibes and because you just have to walk through at your own pace with a small flashlight, that really adds to the scares. There are arrows so you always know which way to go and it's very well executed in my opinion! We had to pay 1000yen extra per person to get in, but I think it was worth it because it was a very unique experience for an amusement park. 

For lunch, we were in the Naruto-themed area, so we stopped for some ramen! There was a bit of a line, but it moved well enough. You pay and choose what you want from the vending machine and then the kitchen automatically gets their copy of your ticket, so you can just find a seat. They will call the number on your ticket when your item is ready!

There was also a larger food court that had a good amount of seating and quite a few choices, but we didn't end up eating there.

There were additional food stalls in the park as well that you typically find in Japan. We also got a tornado potato, lemonade and a soft cream cone. 

Despite the rain and some of the big coasters not being open, we had a good time with our first experience at Fujikyu Highlands, and would look forward to visiting again when we can try the other rides! I also didn't get a chance to take very many photos (so many rides don't really allow for that), but it really was good fun - especially if you like thrill rides. 

My outfit
Highneck relax Tshirt OP in black
I'm not usually one for this type of super casual OP that is basically a big tshirt, but when I was looking through my wardrobe and trying to figure out what seemed good for an outdoor amusement park, everything seemed wrong! I wanted something slightly stylish but not too stuffy either. Something that's easy to wear and also something I don't really have to worry about getting dirty. We would also be out all day, so I wanted something that could easily transition from day to night. This tshirt isn't much on its own or in the stock photos imo, but I loved it in the staff snaps! I had it on my wishlist for a while and didn't think I'd end up getting it, but this was the perfect opportunity, so I snagged it. 

Keyset necklace in silver
In order to get the minimum for a coupon, I also added in this necklace to my order. I thought it would pair nicely with the plain high neckline of the tshirt OP and would definitely be useful later as well. EATME also had a super similar necklace (key plus lock) available but with a daintier chain, and I almost went with that one but thought this wider chain link would have more of an impact against the tshirt collar. 

Combined with the EATME belt sleeve hooded jacket and EATME single belt sabo shoes, I really loved this outfit for this occasion! I felt comfortable with the length of the OP going on all the different rides and in the dreary rainy weather. And I was glad I was wearing black (versus a lighter color) so I didn't have to worry about kicking up the ground water onto my clothes. The jacket was just the right weight - not too heavy and not too light and I didn't take it off all day, even indoors and was fine. The hood definitely also came in handy before my husband finally caved and bought the umbrella for himself. 
I'm looking forward to being able to just throw on this dress again in the future. I had to stop myself from wearing it just whenever we went out, so I might even invest in a few more!