Sunday, September 13, 2020

EATME Wardrobe Master post

My EATME wardrobe will ever be to the level of my Liz Lisa wardrobe, but I'm definitely planning to grow it and thought this would be a fun post to create despite not having huge volume at the moment. I love how all the items work together so well too.
Since there's fewer items, I can show a little more detail for each one and format a little differently. And hopefully I can keep this up! (Constant work-in-progress - sorry this hasn't been updated in forever! I'm going to try to take some time to revamp the format in the next few months hopefully. Putting the date here for accountability! *April 2023*)
Last updated: 11/02/2021

Garter off shoulder OP in pink

Garter off shoulder OP in khaki

Button down collar OP in pink

Sheer sleeve decolette OP in pink

Sheer sleeve decolette OP in mix

Mock 2-piece side lace up OP in blue

Vintage Flower Print open shoulder OP in black

Off shoulder tulle OP with harness in purple

2way one shoulder irregular hem OP in black

2way one shoulder irregular hem OP in mix

Decolette peplum OP in check

Harness design OP in red

Balloon sleeve set up-like OP in beige

Double belt docking OP in blue

Shirt collar pleat wrap OP in mix

Off shoulder tie front OP in mix

Flare jumperskirt in mix

High neck relax Tshirt OP in black

Neck harness design OP in grey

Piping double button OP in black

Off shoulder frill top in pink

Lace up neck rib top in pink

Pearl button pin tack blouse in white

Front zip lace combination top in beige

Dot tulle off shoulder blouse in black

Neck choker design rib top in green

Neck choker design rib top in black

Cross neck blouse in white

Button decolette blouse in black

Bow tie knit top in black

Decolette sweat top in black

2-way side lace up top in white

Side lace up skirt in pink

Side lace up skirt in mix

Zip fake leather skirt in black

2way peplum skirt in mix

Pleats wrap skirt in black

Waist double belt pleat skirt in mix

Pleats wrap skirt in pink

Belt sleeve hood jacket

Single belt sabot in black

Belted pumps in mix

Double strap pumps in pink

Fake leather cross belt

2way mat satin ribbon choker in black

Rose ring necklace in silver

Ring rose pierce earrings

Cross harness belt in black

Ring pierce in silver

Rose cross masks in mix

Keyset necklace in silver

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  1. such a gorgeous collection, I really love the work EATME is putting out

    1. I can't wait to keep adding to it! I have about 8 more items coming but I had to ship SEAmail :(

  2. So pretty - I adore the colour palette you've put together - it's so nice how everything kind of goes together and matches.

    1. The brown check dress is a bit of an outlier right now but still! Love all the deep colors, grey tones, pinks and black. Cant wait to get my new orders :(