Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Liz Lisa My Melody Premium tote 2016 Fukubukuro

Although I wasn't planning on it, I did end up getting a lucky pack this year!
(Believe me, it took me a while to finally make the purchase.)

【予約】25000円福袋 プレミアムマイメロトート
This lucky pack is described as a "super premium" tote in the TKL listing (to justify the price I would guess lol) with an original My Melody x plaid print and frill straps. It would contain 6 items including a coat and a pouch that would match the tote plus clothes that would create 2 coordinates.
Sample reveal from -
This was the sample reveal I was most intrigued by of all five options this year. Based on the reveal photo, I was swayed by the white coat and the set up the most (besides the tote which I already had my eye on before reveals). Even though the top in the set up is long sleeved (and I'm not supposed to be wearing/buying set ups in this style as much anymore -__-), it's very quintessential Liz Lisa to me, especially with the sailor collar!
Rima wearing the contents -
Immediate want because Rima pulls everything off so effortlessly wtf. Love the fit of the coat on her and the look of the two coordinates (with and without the coat!). Rima is a bit slimmer than I am, but we're around the same height, so I thought I had a pretty good idea of how the items would look on me.

Like I said, I really wasn't planning on purchasing fukubukuro this year. I purposefully didn't wake up for the 12/11 pre-order release on TKL because I didn't want to get caught up in the hype and just order something because I felt like since I woke up at 2am and interrupted my sleep, I should just get something to make it worth it. I was determined to wait until the sample reveals because I after reviewing past fuku purchases, I realized that, most of the time, the contents just aren't all that right for me and I only want to be shoveling money towards something I think will be worth it (because of the hefty shipping price).
Later in the day on 12/11, I came really close to ordering not just the My Melody bag  but also the sweet tote and the sweet 3-way bag because I hadn't been shopping much from Liz Lisa recently (bc winter stock) and I liked all the bag designs! I especially liked the rose print on the 15000yen tote fuku. And I was thinking that the MM tote would be a really good replacement for my big travel tote (Liz Lisa 2013 fukubukuro tote) which is getting kind of worn out. And even though I didn't really need any more 3-way bags, the fuku one is practical and has the best deal (price per items).
While I was hemming and hawing and putting things in and out of my cart, the My Melody tote sold out lol wtf. Tbh, I really wasn't expecting that since it took a long time for last year's fuku to sell out and even then, they did restock later in the month before Jan 1! That's not what happened this year lol. I think it's mostly in part to the different (price/bag) options and the lack of in-store exclusive bags. Or maybe Liz Lisa has decided not to follow any sort of pattern. I have no idea.
In any case, as soon as it sold out, I decided I probably wanted it wtf. You know, the old "you only want what you can have" adage. Yeah that's me. But since I couldn't get all three, I decided to just cool it until sample reveals and not purchase any at that point. And then I thought about it more and I told myself that if the MM tote restocked, I would just get it. No hesitation because it was clearly in demand! That feeling only amplified after the content reveal when I realized that of all the items in the bags, the MM contents appealed the most to me personally and I checked TKL often to see if it would restock. But when it was late December and that didn't happen, I resigned myself to just not getting one this year. No big deal because I wasn't dying for anything and I patted myself on the back for practicing restraint since fukubukuro tend to be one of the most frivolous purchases I make all year considering I know the items won't be worn in Hawaii.
But then the MM tote did restock (as "pre-order") - but after Jan 1 on Jan 5, and after I had completely given up and let myself indulge in some winter sales wtf. This was definitely not something I expected tbh and by this time, I wasn't sure if it was worth it because I had such a long time to think about it. I considered my January budget, Christmas money, shipping cost, the current USD JPY exchange rate. I thought about the contents that I liked in the bag and how useful the tote would be now knowing that I love using this size of bag as a carry on for travel. I checked Yahoo Auctions and other secondhand sites for people reselling items at a price I could live with (and saw none wtf because I'm so cheap). I monitored the listing constantly, multiple times a day, until Jan 9 when I saw that there were only two left in stock. I took about twenty minutes to think about it and then I just submitted the order. Less than an hour later, the listing was sold out and I felt like I made the right decision lol wtf. [The listing later restocked on 1/13 though :|]
This ended up being my first Liz Lisa purchase of 2016! (Although not the first blogged about in 2016, just to clarify. I had like three orders I made in Dec 2015 that I didn't get to blog about until later because of shipping + time etc.) Since the second listing was still "preorder" even after Jan 1, I wasn't exactly sure when the item would ship but I was pleasantly surprised to receive a shipment email on 1/11! Just two days after I submitted my order. I don't know if they were just waiting for all the stock to sell out or if this was the plan all along because they didn't have a date listed in the description. But it works for me! [Since mine ended up shipping quite quickly and they ended up restocking the "pre-order" listing and never listed a ship date estimate, I'm actually now not sure if the pre-order/予約 text in the listing name was truly accurate or if it was just left over from the first iteration. If you also ordered one of these in the second or third restock, let me know if it shipped within a few days or if you had to wait!]

I purchased the item through pre-order on 1/9 and it shipped to Tenso on 1/11. It arrived and processed at Tenso on 1/13, and I paid for it the same day. It shipped from Tenso on 1/14 and I chose EMS because it was just a little more expensive than SAL, so I figured "might as well get in 4 days for just $6 more". This package took so long to arrive compared to other EMS packages and was definitely more around the shipping time I'm used to for SAL. It was delivered to my house on 1/22. There was a federal holiday in the middle but it didn't move for about 4 days after arriving in Hawaii wtf.
I was actually surprised at how small the box/package was, but then again, I haven't ordered a tote size lucky pack in awhile and never from TKL before. There was a thin plastic bag surrounding the tote but it was busted open and one side of the tote was exposed. I'm not sure if this was Tenso or possibly customs, but it didn't really affect anything as far as I can tell. The tote was pretty much filled to capacity, and I had a feeling that once I took the items out, I would likely not be able to nicely get them back in (not that I really need to lol). Having seen the sample reveal, contents were as expected!

♡ My Melody gingham ribbon frill tote
Although the sample reveal and contents were a contributing factor, this tote was what really helped me finally give in and order a lucky pack this year. I really liked the color story and the print and I knew I wouldn't be seeing a bag like this sold outside of fukubukuro season. I was actually constantly checking Yahoo Auctions for someone re-selling just the tote, but after several weeks had passed, I hadn't seen one listed for a reasonable price. My only solution was just to buy it myself if I wanted it and I'm glad I did because this is one of my favorite parts of the lucky pack.
Initially, based on the first photos of the tote with Yui Kanno, I thought that this tote seemed a bit smaller than the "big totes" of years past. I was really looking for a tote that was similar in size to the one I received in 2013 because that one was getting a little worn out. Then I saw the photos of the tote with Rima and I thought maybe it's not as small as I thought? In actuality, it is quite obviously smaller in terms of what it can hold. This is not a bad thing for people who want to use the tote more casually. But for me, who really only wants something for trips, I prefer to have a larger tote because that means I can fit more things in it lol.
That being said, it's not a bad size ofc. It's just smaller than the totes of years past. I do really love the print on this one though which makes it worth having. I do also love the print on my tote from 2013, but this one is a lot sweeter + it has My Melody and it isn't starting to fall apart lol. I think that if I had to choose between this MM tote and the plain brown, white, pink or cream big totes from the previous years, this MM tote is still the one I would pick just because of the print even though I don't have the size that I want (as long as I have my 2013 version as a back up too).

♡ Fur collar/cuff pom pom A-line coat with back ribbon
[Retail price - 14800yen + tax]
I've always loved the idea of a white coat even though others have warned me that they're not very practical because they are stained or dirtied so easily. This coat being included in the fukubukuro was just the excuse I needed to get one and I really like it! My favorite parts are the bow in the back and the big buttons. I also quite like the cut of it. However, this is pretty obviously a lucky pack item imo. Although the pom poms are removable, the fur collar and cuffs are not. And there are no pockets. Apparently I am a doof who just cannot find the pockets. I do really enjoy the design and if it cost a little more to produce the details that I like, but it meant cutting corners elsewhere, I guess it's worth it.
with Liz Lisa knee high pom pom boots + lucky pack tote -

with Liz Lisa 2-strap ribbon pumps (and minus pom poms at collar) -

with Liz Lisa ankle socks, Liz Lisa pom pom pumps & Kate Spade New York handbag -
After reviewing the photos I took for this post, I realized I do not know how to pose in a coat lol. But I'm going to give myself a little bit of leeway since it's not like I regularly wear coats either. The fit is just about right for me. I don't feel like the sleeves are too long or too short. I like the length as well where it's practically like the coat can be a coordinate on its own lol. I feel like the color is going to be quite versatile when creating outfits and since I don't really anticipate using it any time soon, I don't think I have to worry about it getting dirty but I do want to preserve the white color as much as possible and it's one of my favorite parts about it. Unfortunately, I can't confidently comment on the weight of the coat and what kind of weather it might be best in (just that it's not best in Hawaii wtf), but there is definitely some weight to it imo and I wouldn't personally consider it "thin". I'd say that I'd easily be warm while wearing it in 60 or even possibly 55F weather.

♡ Off-shoulder ruffle neckline floral logo OP
[Retail price - 8300yen + tax]
I feel like this dress is definitely meant to be worn off the shoulder or at the very least, at the edge of your shoulders. It falls very easily to off shoulder and also stays put well (not a lot of adjustments necessarily). There is no side zipper but the bust/chest area is full shirring on front and back. It's a very subtle light blue IRL with blue and pink roses and "Liz Lisa" text in the print which seems to be somewhat common for dresses that have come from high tier price lucky packs. [Edit: I may, in fact, be the only one who thinks this dress is light blue lol. Apparently it's white FML.]
with Liz Lisa ribbon pumps + lucky pack coat & tote -

with Nine West faux fur trim ankle boots (I had to try my version of it since Rima styled it a similar way although my boots are not exactly the same) -

with Liz Lisa light denim jacket and Liz Lisa (pom pom) pumps for a more casual look -
I have to say that I wasn't immediately sold on this OP when I first looked at it on myself, but the more I tried with it, the more I liked it lol. I think I'm just really not used to seeing myself in long sleeve OPs, especially with a full print. I actually really like it "dressed down" with the light denim jacket but of course it pairs very nicely with the fuku coat as well. Unfortunately, this is still not something I can see myself wearing in Hawaii, but it is a bit on the lighter side in terms of material compared to other winter dresses.

♡ Plaid check top and sukapan set up
Matching top and sukapan set ups are extremely common for Liz Lisa and I'm glad they decided to include one in this fukubukuro. I really like how they did the check/plaid pattern for this set up. The brown has a little bit of a pink tone in it that keeps it girly and prevents it from being too harshly neutral or blah imo. The top and sukapan match well together as a set which is usually my preferred way to wear it, but they can definitely be utilized separately as well (see examples a bit further down.)
with Liz Lisa OTK boots + lucky pack coat & tote -

with Nine West faux fur trim ankle boots (yes, sorry I had to try it with this too lol) -

with Liz Lisa ankle boots + Liz Lisa faux leather riders jacket -
I definitely like this top and sukapan together, but for some reason there's a lot more of the sukapan showing below the top than I'm personally used to (for Liz Lisa set ups). I don't think there's a lot of extra length but maybe the inner shorts lining is higher or the top is shorter? I could personally do with an inch or two less showing to help with the proportions on my particular body but if you're a shorter than me, this will probably be ideal. I tried to show an alternate coordinate with an outer (besides just the one with the fuku coat) with my riders jacket, and when it's zipped closed, I actually quite like it which I didn't expect, but it does give me my waist back which I appreciate.

♡ Plaid check sailor collar docking top
[Retail price - 6400yen + tax] 
The ribbon at the neckline is removable and has a pin back. There is no hidden side zipper in this top (which I had expected to find based on other Liz Lisa tops of similar docking style), but rather elastic. This allows a bit more size freedom I think, but the top "docking" part of the piece then becomes the limiting factor for max width. I almost wasn't able to get this on my mannequin because although the hidden elastic waist would allow it, the top "flap" was pretty much at its max extent with the width of the mannequin's shoulders.
with Liz Lisa shorts and Flag J pumps (ribbon from the top is used as a hair accessory)
This is yet another freesize item that I feel my torso is just a little too long for and the "waist" hits just a bit higher than I'd prefer and sits better on my mannequin than on my body. Although I like the matching set up best in concept, because of the length of the top on me, I think I might prefer this with the shorts in this situation because that's how much of the bottom piece I feel should be showing for best proportions for me. The shorts also help slim down the silhouette a bit because it doesn't add volume near the hips as the sukapan does. I feel like this top could also easily work with denim or jeans. To make the ribbon into a hair accessory, I just temporarily slipped in French barrette clip.

♡ Plaid check sukapan
[Retail price - 6400yen + tax]
The back of the waist has some great shirring for this sukapan. This fits very snugly on my waist. The length is about average for Liz Lisa sukapan, if not just slightly longer. There is good volume in the skirt part and the lace that sticks out on the bottom is very pretty as well.
with Liz Lisa lace sleeveless ribbon tie blouse and Liz Lisa glitter pumps -
The sukapan part of a set up is usually the piece that's easy to wear on its own because it can be worn with just about any matching color top lol. This one is no exception. It pairs easily with both ivory, white and even light pink imo and can easily be used in different seasons. The length of the sukapan on its own doesn't seem all that odd (as compared to in the set up), so I'm not sure what's different that makes me feel iffy about it with the top, but I definitely quite like it by itself.

♡ Racer back fleece cami
[Retail price - 3200yen + tax]
The correct name for this kind of fabric/material is escaping me at the moment, but it's soft and fluffy and warm - kind of like a fleece blanket I think? It's a very light pink color that kind of shows up almost as an off white color if the lighting is off. There is a tiny pink bow on the front of the cami and the straps have lace detailing.
layered under the lucky pack OP with Liz Lisa OTK boots, Liz Lisa beret & Liz Lisa 3way bag -

with the lucky pack sukapan + Liz Lisa (flower) wedge pumps & Liz Lisa cardigan -
This fits very similarly to all other Liz Lisa camis that I own. I would not suggest it if you have a larger bust because the body of the cami does not stretch all that much. It is very nice and soft and does actually provide a little bit of warmth imo (enough that I couldn't wear it for very long in Hawaii weather). Sorry there's not as many coordinates with this, but I did try to combine it with the other lucky pack contents. As with most other Liz Lisa camisoles, it's meant to be worn as an inner piece/layered, but it's opaque enough to be worn on its own if you want to.

♡ My Melody ribbon gingham frill pouch
[Retail price - 3700yen + tax]
The print for the pouch matches the tote exactly (as advertised). It's on the small side, but seems to have slightly more structural integrity than the pouch I received in the 2014 MM fukubukuro and would be slightly more protective of its contents. I was luckily able to get quite a few full My Melody images on the various sides of the pouch (instead of like 1/2 of her body and 1/2 of her head here and there). I have a ton of pouches like this and nothing to put in them, so I personally don't find these particularly useful, but it's definitely cute, and I love how it matches with the tote.

Since I'm likely going to be using this tote for travel, I wanted to see how it paired with my Liz Lisa trunks from past fukubukuro.
(Liz Lisa 2013 Premium trunk on the left, Liz Lisa 2015 Web-limited rose ribbon embossed trunk on the right)
Honestly, in person, my first instinct was to pair it with the darker pink 2013 trunk and even if it might not seem like it, it does match with the darker tones in the tote's print. However, visually in these pictures, it definitely jives with the 2015 trunk better because of all the softer colors. I think I have two solid options either way. This will make a great second option to the 2013 tote which also easily matches with both trunks, and I'm looking forward to using it!

I also made a short "content reveal" and coordinate video for YouTube if you're interested -
There were no huge surprises in this lucky pack since I was very familiar with the sample reveal by the time I ordered it + I ordered it way after New Years, but I am pleased with more of the items after trying them on and seeing them in person. There were a few details that were different than what I initially thought (like the size of the tote or the non-removable features of the coat), but I'm not disappointed that I purchased it. Despite liking all the items, I will definitely be looking for new homes for the items I don't think will be useful to me because I don't want them to sit on my rack and waste space, and I hope that someone else will find them worthwhile.

Just some personal thoughts as I purposefully didn't include these in the "general" Liz Lisa 2016 fukubukuro posts since I try to keep those more generic and information/fact-based rather than my just spewing my opinion about everything which clogs up what's really pertinent.
Yes, Liz Lisa didn't do a trunk option this year. Yes, the prices have "gone up" in relation to how many items you receive. Yes, these are valid complaints and if you have these complaints I understand why you didn't buy one. If you have these complaints and you still bought one and are continuing to gripe about it, why?? Liz Lisa disclosed the number of items in each bag when the pre-order started so you should know from the start just generally what you are receiving. If 3 clothing items including a coat + a tote bag aren't worth 16200yen to you, do not buy it (and likewise for the other bags and content amounts). It's that simple. I don't think it makes very much sense to (generally) know what you will be receiving and then complain about it. I understand if maybe you don't like the specific design of the contents, but that's part of what fukubukuro is. You're getting a deal on "mystery contents". If you want to wait until the sample reveals, you may miss out on the bag that you want (because it has already sold out) or you'll have to go through other measures to get it (such as reserving an SS). I just don't understand people who complain about fukubukuro being what they are tbh. If you don't like the concept - do not buy one. We're already getting way less options than years past. Even though I almost didn't order one myself this year, I'd rather that Liz Lisa offer it and at least have the option to purchase one than to not have the option at all.

As always, please please please do not repost my photos, especially without my permission! I had a lot of fun taking photos and creating this post, but I don't like to see them on weheartit, pinterest, etc. Please, at the very least, ask me if you want to use my photos!
Oh and in case anyone is wondering (I doubt it but hey, you never know), this is Tokyo Kawaii Life order 31 even though I didn't label it that way, so my next TKL order post would be 32...even though it looks like a skipped a number. TKL order 30 was made prior to this but the blog post has yet to be published since I prioritized this one over chronological accuracy.