Saturday, September 30, 2023

OOTD - September 2023

It continued to be quite hot and humid through the majority of the month, so I made sure to take advantage of wearing short sleeve items and open-toed sandals while it still made sense. While a lot of my pieces transition to other seasons reasonably easily by layering with outers, some items are just best when you can see them on their own!

Outfit 1 (for work) - MercuryDuo multi-way narrow strip rib knit, EATME waist double belt pleat skirt, EATME belted wooden sandals and Michael Kors manhattan purse 

Outfit 2 (for work) - EATME belt design OP, EATME cross harness belt, EATME belted pumps and Michael Kors star-embellished hamilton purse

Outfit 3 (for work) - Liz Lisa lace fishtail dress, Liz Lisa lace-up back sandals and Liz Lisa heart lace up purse

Outfit 4 (for work) - Liz Lisa sunflower parfait OP, Liz Lisa double ribbon clear heel sandals and self-made gingham ribbon basket bag

Outfit 5 (for work) - Liz Lisa flower dot OP, Liz Lisa cardigan, Liz Lisa lace up back sandals and Samantha Vega bijou ribbon purse 

Outfit 6 (for work) - Liz Lisa bowtie blouse, Liz Lisa key skirt, EATME belted wooden sandals and Samantha Vega bijou ribbon purse

Outfit 7 (for work)  - EATME contrast cuff & collar docking OP, OneSpo beret, EATME belted loafers and Michael Kors manhattan purse

Outfit 8 (for errands) - 

Outfit 9 (for work) - dazzlin sheer ribbon tie cut top, BarIII wrap around pants

Outfit 10 (for work) - Liz Lisa sweet confiture jumperskirt, Liz Lisa ribbon rose chain camisole, Liz Lisa double ribbon clear heel sandals and Samantha Vega bijou ribbon purse

Outfit 11 (for work) - EATME front lace up tight OP, EATME single belt sabot shoes and Dr Martens heart bag

Outfit 12 (for work) - dazzlin organza balloon sleeve bowtie top, Honey Cinnamon fukubukuro jumperskirt, EATME belted frill sandals and Liz Lisa lace up heart purse

Outfit 13 (for work) - titty&co cropped embroidery blouse, Resexxy (layered) inner knit top, Resexxy quilting flare skirt, Flag J cross strap sandals and Michael Kors purse

Outfit 14 (for work) - EATME wrap double button OP, EATME double t-strap pumps and EATME belt attached 2way bag 

Thankfully, it did cool down a bit in the last week of September (my birthday week 😊), so I felt more comfortable wearing some items that weren't as breathable. I teleworked for the last three days of the month so I didn't dress for work, but looking forward to October because I'm eager to wear all of my short boots 😁