Sunday, October 18, 2020

UBeesize ring light with tripod

This is long overdue, but I actually only recently started capturing more blog content using my phone. It's always felt a little "extra" to have a tripod for my phone (versus one for a DLSR) but the reality is that it's just so much easier to use it for camera and editing these days, so I've definitely given in.
I actually saw that @lulaslullaby unboxed a ring light + tripod similar as a gift from her partner and that combined with an Amazon gift card for my own birthday made me finally seek one out. 
There's a lot of options, even just from this UBeesize brand, but I mostly made my choice based on having the ring light + phone stand + enough height for the tripod and then from there, cheapest price. I primarily planned on using this just indoors so this type of stability was adequate for me. 

It comes two boxes and is super easy to assemble. I didn't even stop to take pictures because it's so fast and straightforward. It also comes with a bluetooth remote that works really easily as well. It can obviously be used just as a simple phone tripod without the ring light if you prefer and it's simple to just screw it in and out. The light does require a power source and then the settings are controlled by a simple touch right below the ring.

Here's the 3-4 different modes for the ring light. (I think it's just advertised as 3 but it seems like there's 4 modes when I scroll through them.) These were all taken at the same brightness level.

The 3-4 modes with the ring light facing me (you can see the little power plug in the wall!)

Let me just jump to a few pictures more comparison photos using the ring light! All are (obviously) taken indoors since this is how I've been intending to use it (versus outdoors). 
Daytime without the ring light:

Daytime with the ring light on (various settings and brightness) + using the remote for a video:

Daytime without the ring light:

Daytime with the ring light on (various settings and brightness):

Dusk without the ring light:

Dusk with the ring light (various settings and brightness) with distance from the light:

Dusk without the ring light on: 

Dusk with the ring light on (various settings and brightness):

I wanted to try to take these photos without filters just using the regular front facing camera, so excuse my eye bags that are extra emphasized with the light wtf lol. 

I'm still not confident how much I'll utilize the ring light. I definitely still need to get the hang of it and which settings are best based on what the current (natural) conditions are, but the iPhone tripod is definitely going to expand a lot of my options for where I can take full length photos now! It's definitely worth the ~$30 for + the bluetooth remote alone so far. I'm probably the last person who's jumping on this boat, but if you were in a similar situation to me, definitely consider getting one even if it's just for the occasional family photo. And it's particularly good for keeping your phone in one place for Reels/TikTok transitions :)

Saturday, October 10, 2020

Tweed jacquard ruffled dress styled 6 ways

1 dress styled 6 different ways. This concept is a fashion blogger's bread and butter but not one that I usually buy in to all that often despite always loving to show how versatile some pieces can be. That being said, when I got this dress, I knew immediately that it would be wonderful to style in a variety of ways, and even though this isn't a Liz Lisa or Jfashion piece, I hope it's still interesting to see dressed up and down!

Michael Kors Tweed Jacquard Ruffled Dress in black/white 
The dress is reasonably basic but there is an asymmetrical ruffle at the neckline and down the left side towards the armpit to keep things interesting. The tweed material is surprisingly soft and not rigid which also means it's somewhat lightweight despite being pretty warm which I wasn't expecting at all. The tight blend of black and white in the pattern makes it easy to match with other items without the outfit feeling too monotonous. 

Base look 
with Doll Kiss ankle socks and Michael Kors Sinead leather platform sandals

Office look 
+ Ann Taylor blazer and Kate Spade purse

Comfy casual look
+ H&M long cardigan, One Spo beret and Coach mini gamaguchi style pouchette

Cool flirty look
+ Bebe fitted skirt and Michael Kors purse

Preppy look
+ Forever21 ribbon tie blouse and Michael Kors manhattan purse

Classic girly/posh look
+ Guess? turtleneck blouse, Evelyn bijou belt and Liz Lisa heart spindle purse

Edgy look
+ Material Girl faux leather jacket, EATME faux leather cross belt and Michael Kors manhattan purse

And of course a quick Reel. I can't export with the music, but please check it out on my IG profile for it to be a little more entertaining lol. 

My parents picked this dress out for me for my birthday as something that would be good to wear for work but, as I hope I've proven, it's actually reasonably versatile. This dress is not something I would go out of my way to buy (especially online bc I was a bit worried how thick the tweed would be) but I feel like gifts are meant to be things that you wouldn't necessarily get for yourself and I'm really happy with the results.
Which look is your favorite? I think it's between the comfy look and the classic girly look for me!