Saturday, April 10, 2021

Kate Spade New York Picnic in the Park basket

I got an email about this purse being on sale, and I just jumped all over it. The cost was a bit more than I'd typically like to pay for a novelty purse, but I thought that this one was actually a decent size and not extremely pigeon-holed into a specific theme, so I used my PayPal balance and went for it!
(Plus I also love that Kate Spade has free shipping including to Hawaii that's actually 2 day ship :O)

Kate Spade New York Picnic in the Park basket
The purse is just about as I was expecting size-wise with the modeled photo reference. Certainly too tiny to be actually used as a legit picnic basket, but just right as a small purse! The flaps do open all the way to the handle, but at the current time, I don't think I can open both fully at once. The magic tab flaps actually work much better than I anticipated. The shoulder strap is a good option as well although the basket is quite bulky when worn against the hip since the basket shape is quite solid. 

Some quick outfit pairings!
with Charlotte Russe tiny floral print dress and Liz Lisa gingham ribbon cardigan -

with Liz Lisa vintage floral OP -

with Liz Lisa back lace up check OP and Liz Lisa paper can can hat -

with Liz Lisa sunflower parfait OP -

with Liz Lisa open shoulder sailor blouse, Liz Lisa gingham cafe skirt and Liz Lisa tulle can can hat -

I know I had some really great matches for this purse before when my wardrobe was much larger but have since re-homed those items (Liz Lisa gingham strawberry dress, basically any pink-red Liz Lisa print tbh), but I still think it works with what I do have! Maybe not as matchy-matchy, but still nice. It's great that the strawberry charm is removable as well to make it even a little more neutral/versatile. Looking forward to using this purse more during the summer :)
 What do you think? 💕

Wednesday, March 10, 2021

EATME patent leather belted pumps

I have been lusting after these pumps since their appearance in the spring 2021 promotional photos. Since it's been either Tenso shipping fees or surface mail shipping time that's been killing me lately, I hesitated for a long time, but I was able to find a small coupon, used all my points and made the splurge!

EATME belted pumps in mix
I had a difficult time choosing between the flat/matte black option and this patent leather "mix" style, but I figured that I have enough matte black leather shoes, and I wanted to go for something different. I can pretty much wear this pair with anything that I would wear the matte black pair with but they have a little more oomph! I only just have to make sure I don't scuff them too much as I tend to accidentally hit my feet together when I walk wtf :|

with EATME shirt collar pleat wrap OP -

with EATME 2way one shoulder irregular hem OP -

with EATME lace up neck rib top and EATME pleats wrap skirt -

with EATME balloon sleeve set up like OP -

& some derpy stills from video clips for a Reel I was trying to put together:
with DreamV lace choker top and Delyle Noir fitted skirt and Evelyn bijou belt -

with EATME sheer sleeve decolette OP -

with EATME Vintage flower print open shoulder OP and EATME faux leather cross belt -

with EATME mock 2-piece side lace up OP -

These shoes are just as I expected, if not even a little bit better? I love how sturdy the pumps feel when worn because of all the straps and the heel height is great. It does take a little wiggling to slip the shoe on but it's absolutely worth it for the stability and the ankle strap has a snap at least. The black color is easy to match with so many different outfits (it was hard to pick what to include in the post!) and I can't wait to wear them more.

Also, EATME Wardrobe Masterpost updated 💕