Wednesday, September 20, 2023

My shoe collection - September 2023

A shoe "collection"/master post because I took the time to rearrange my shoes after a year+ of living here, and I'm quite happy with the result and wanted to share. I did some downsizing before the move was initiated in 2021, but now that I don't have to pay for international shipping fees (based on weight) or forwarding service fees, I hesitate a lot less about buying shoes from Japanese brands, especially when they're on sale! With the colder temperatures here (compared to HI), I also allowed myself to buy way more pairs of boots than I usually would otherwise.

The majority of my shoes are kept in this entryway closet. It's behind a folding door, so I hadn't been caring too much about aesthetics, but after buying a couple more pairs, I realized I really didn't have the space I needed and something needed to change. 
Before and after:
The main change was adding in an additional shelf (luckily we had a spare one we weren't using since I wanted so much space at the bottom). For whatever reason, it took me a while to figure out what the right height was for each one, but after a handful of tries, I'm happy with the result. In the before picture, I had resorted to even storing some shoes perpendicularly behind the other pairs if I didn't think I'd use them that much which I really didn't enjoy. And I also had a several pairs in other parts of the house. 
Unfortunately this still isn't quite perfect - I'm still hiding a pair of  rarely used boots at the very top, there's some additional running shoes, soccer cleats, and hiking boots elsewhere, my snow boots and several pairs of slippers/flip flops are off to the side, but other than all my most likely plausible shoes to wear on the daily (work, casual going out) are here!

Top shelf
EMODA lace up fitted boots, EATME garter side gore long boots, MercuryDuo chunky heel long boots, (hidden Guess? knee high boots,) EATME double belt side gore boots, Jessica Simpson Dany sandals, Michael Kors petra pumps, Nine West sandals, DreamV cross strap pumps (black)

2nd shelf
EATME double strap pumps, EATME chunky heel pumps (lavender), Steve Madden Lipa clear heel mules, DreamV cross strap pumps (white), Resexxy high heel strap pumps (white), EATME belted wood sandals (ivory), FlagJ cross strap sandals, Resexxy cross design platform sandals

3rd shelf
GYDA 2-strap cork sandals, Saks 5th Avenue bow-knot mules, dazzlin many strap sandals (orange), dazzlin many strap sandals (brown), EATME belted wood sandals (black), EATME belted loafers, EATME single belt sabot shoes, EATME belted mules, EATME studded mules

4th shelf
EATME double t-strap pumps, Vessi weekend chelsea, Michael Kors sinead platform sandals, EATME belted pumps, EATME chunky heel pumps (mix), Resexxy high heel strap pumps (black), EATME cross wedge sandals, EATME belted frill sandals 

5th shelf
Guess? lace up ankle boots, EATME belted loafer boots, MercuryDuo design heel stretch short boots, Michael Kors Trudy embellished leather boot, MercuryDuo clear heel stretch short boots, GU stretch short boots, EATME lace up short boots, Michael Kors bensen ankle boots

Bottom level
Vessi everyday shoes, Uniqlo sneakers, Asics Gel Nimbus 23, Asics Gel Excite 7, Asics Gel Kayano 29
 Michael Kors Jamie stretch OTK boots, Liz Lisa side lace up OTK boots, Axes Femme stretch OTK boots, Liz Lisa ankle chain OTK boots
Liz Lisa stitching ribbon sandals, Liz Lisa lace up back sandals, Liz Lisa double ribbon clear heel sandals in white, yellow and pink
DreamV cross strap pumps in beige, lavender, coral and enamel red
Liz Lisa knot wedge sandals in white and pink, Liz Lisa 3-strap pumps in pink and bordeaux
 Liz Lisa cork heel ribbon sandals, Ank Rouge ribbon lace up sandals, Liz Lisa lace wedge pumps, Liz Lisa 3-ribbon pumps

Close-up photos are screenshots from the quick videos I took for IG, and don't showcase every single detail each shoe has to offer, but hopefully at least offer a look at how they look worn. Ideally, I'll be using these in my daily outfits, so you can see them in full outfits in my monthly OOTD posts if you want to see how I style them! There is some variability by season (I avoid boots during the hell that is Japanese summer and don't typically use open-toe sandals in the winter here either), but if there's a specific pair you want to see styled that I haven't worn in a while - let me know and then look out for it in the next month's post 😊!