Friday, June 21, 2019

Olivia Burton Pretty Blossom watch

I've been long admiring Olivia Burton watches ever since I first spotted them in the Tokyu Department store in Shibuya. I never bothered to research them more back in the US, but inspired by a photo I saw on Twitter, I went searching and this cherry blossom watch was just the thing I was looking for!

[Olivia Burton] Pretty Blossom Demi Blossom & Gold

The description from the website:
Let your dreams blossom with our latest collection, inspired by spring's natural beauty. It doesn't get much prettier than this design, featuring our delicate, watercolour-painted floral print in the softest of colourways, complemented by a shining gold-plated dial. For the dreamiest finishing touch, our designers have embellished the Blossom leather strap with a little butterfly motif.
I was specifically looking for a watch with a floral face and yellow gold metal accents, in a shade that would match well with pink. The face was just about the right size (34mm) and it has a leather strap. I thought the gold butterfly was also a super cute small detail on the strap.
[From the Pretty Blossom collection, there is also a version with a 3D butterfly and vegan strap as well as a rose gold version with a grey strap without a butterfly + a few more!]

Olivia Burton watches are also available through Nordstrom or Bloomingdales (if you're in the US) but I decided to order direct from the website due to a small discount and free shipping anyway. It took a bit over a week for the watch to arrive via FedEX and the delivery date was constantly changing, but I think that's more on FedEX than the Olivia Burton. 

The watch was packaged in a printed plastic mailer and then an Olivia Burton printed box with the watch box inside including an envelope with the return and care instruction and grass for padding which gives it a nice "nest" look!

My much anticipated LuLuFleurir order actually arrived on the very same day and I immediately paired the watch with the Papillon fleur bracelet which was my motivation for purchasing the watch to begin with. I am now hopelessly obsessed with the combination of the two but the watch stands well on its own too! 

I try to feature the watch (and bracelet) in as many OOTDs as possible now lmao. I'm happy that it blends well with most of my wardrobe!

While I wear a watch daily, it's not an accessory that I find myself using for "style" necessarily but rather for functionality. As a result, I usually buy a watch that I consider wearable for many occasions (generic color, band, size, etc) and wear it to death until I find a new watch (which usually takes a couple years). Previously, my daily watch was a FitBit Alta HR (a gift from my bf) which is both aesthetically and functionally a lot different from a traditional watch like this one. I wasn't sure if it would be worthwhile to get a new non-smart/tech watch, but I have absolutely zero regrets about this Olivia Burton watch. It's truly beautiful and I love glancing at my wrist while I'm typing or just randomly throughout the day.

The one minor detail that I'm not head over heels about is that the strap color doesn't match with the pink in the blossoms on the face. The color is similar, but not the same tone of pink to me. It's not obvious at all from most distances, but that's the only complaint I really have about it.

Otherwise, this watch was exactly what I wanted and I've been enjoying wearing it most days since I received it! My FitBit Alta HR has been downgraded to just for workouts and sleep. If I need another aesthetic watch in the future, I'll be sure to think of Olivia Burton. I'm surprised I hadn't even really heard of it prior to seeing the brand randomly in a Japanese department store. I've really been missing out!

Thursday, June 6, 2019

LuLuFleurir order - iPhone case, bracelet & earrings

I was recently made aware of this super cute Japanese accessories brand called LuLuFleurir based on Berri's Twitter likes!

I really fell in love with the look of the L monogram phone case which has a halo of flowers, gems and a ribbon to top it off. It's so simple and delicate but still extremely cute. It's a bit reminiscent of some Samantha Thavasa designs I like as well.
I started doing as much research as I could with my limited Japanese to discover that the webshop for LuLuFleurir is only open during certain specific sale periods for about 24 hours at a time! Luckily I didn't have to wait long for the next open sales period - April 22 from 21:00 until 21:00 the next day.

I intended to try to make the order for these items myself, however, when I got to the payment part, I noticed that LuLuFleurir only takes bank transfers! Since the webstore is completely shut down between sales periods, I had no idea and was completely unprepared.
I desperately tried two shopping services, but they weren't able to take my order. I later tried emailing for Tenshi's shopping service with time and stock quickly running out. Thankfully, Tenshi was able to review and accept my order in time and even though I wasn't able to buy my first choice of earrings, the pair I was able to get I think are quite comparable. She invoiced me for about half the total anticipated amount, confirmed purchase once I paid it and then there was nothing to do but wait!

On May 20, Tenshi emailed me that my LuLuFleurir items had arrived! I had requested SAL shipping and luckily she was able to get the package in the mail before her planned travel at the end of the month.

After what seemed like a ton of ups and downs, I finally have my first LuLuFleurir items!

All items were individually wrapped in plastic for shipping. The earrings and the bracelet were also nicely packaged in a box each with petals inside.

Flower & Bijou tokimeki smartphone case (iPhone 7) [blog link]
I barely want to spend even $20 on most phone cases, so this item is considered a huge splurge for me. Since this was the item that caught my attention for the brand, I felt committed to getting it despite the price tag. There were many different iPhone size options for this item - from the iPhone SE and iPhone 5 all the way to the iPhone XR (including iPhone Plus models).
As expected, it fits my iPhone 7 perfectly and easily snaps in. The interior is like a medium-dark grey color suede with 2 card pockets in a smooth leather. The phone case part is medium grey color plastic. Stitching all seems extremely uniform and overall quality of the phone case seems high. The right edge of the cover is magnetic and "snaps" to close. Of course, my favorite part is the front bijou and gold details and I find myself staring at it often.

Papillon fleur bracelet with "R" initial [blog link]
パピヨン フルール ブレスレット♡
The cluster of stones and flowers really caught my eye with this one and I liked that it was paired with the delicate gold chain. You get to choose the charm initial on the bracelet clasp with the following options: A, C, E, H, K, N, M, R, S, T and Y. I decided to go with "R" which is the initial of my bf's first name because I liked the look of that letter the best (compared to the E).
I don't wear a lot of bracelets and I have a hard time using the lobster clasp to get this type onto my own wrist, but I'm looking forward to pairing it with my Olivia Burton watch! (My bf has been helping me put it on in the morning because I like it to be as tight as reasonable. If anyone has any tips for putting these on on your own, please let me know! I'm trying to practice with the paper clip trick.)

Pink fleur pierce earrings
pink fleur ♡ピアス/イヤリング
This comes in a clip earring or pierce earring option. Since I have pierced ears, I went with the standard pierce hook. I really wanted the matching Papillon fleur earrings to the bracelet, but those sold quite quickly (within a handful of hours). These are a very reasonable alternative and I think the theme difference will be barely noticeable from most distances. Tbh I'm happy to be getting a pair of earrings at all!
Like with the bracelet - I don't wear dangling earrings regularly anymore but having this pair will definitely change that, especially because they will match with most of my girly wardrobe but are also easy to incorporate into a more elegant outfit as well.

Butterfly & flower open heart pendant [blog link]
This is a novelty item that was offered for orders over 15,000yen. I selected items for purchase specifically to get this novelty because I loved the design of it so much. I've been looking for a necklace with this kind of cute simplicity for so long. I do love my Samantha Silva one that I got in Japan, but it'll be nice having this as a second alternative and for no additional cost!
As it was a novelty item, it does not seem to be the exact same quality as the other items (although quite similar), but I am still extremely pleased with it for what it is. While it won't take over as my daily wear necklace, there are occasions when I think I will want something with a slightly larger pendant or maybe with a slightly longer chain than my Samantha Silva necklace, and this is exactly perfect for that.

If you're considering buying from LuLuFleurir yourself, here are some of my recommendations/things I wish I knew:
1. Follow the brand and the designer on social media! They announce new products and also when the shop will be open. Brand [Twitter] [IG] [Blog] / Designer [Twitter] [IG] [Blog]
2. The webshop is only open for a limited amount of time (24 hours), so you need to be paying attention to the announcements to even stand a chance, especially for the new releases.
3. Payment is accepted by Japanese bank transfer only. If you cannot use this method this yourself, be sure to reserve a shopping service that can.
4. Items are not ready to ship and can take several weeks (I'm not sure if mine was especially delayed by the GW holiday in early May)
5. Gem/charm placement may differ slightly from the example photos depending on the stock.

Back when I first found this brand and was researching through the blog posts and trying to figure out how everything worked, it really reminded me of the excitement I used to feel about Liz Lisa items. Honestly, I hadn't felt that way about a release in a really long time and was practically heartbroken when I thought it would be impossible for me to get the items due to the payment method (before Tenshi accepted my order).
Due to the price and the additional shopping service fees, I don't anticipate that I'll be regularly buying from LuLuFleurir, but I'm so glad I found the brand and was able to get my hands on these items to feel that joy from discovering something new and special again.