Wednesday, March 10, 2021

EATME patent leather belted pumps

I have been lusting after these pumps since their appearance in the spring 2021 promotional photos. Since it's been either Tenso shipping fees or surface mail shipping time that's been killing me lately, I hesitated for a long time, but I was able to find a small coupon, used all my points and made the splurge!

EATME belted pumps in mix
I had a difficult time choosing between the flat/matte black option and this patent leather "mix" style, but I figured that I have enough matte black leather shoes, and I wanted to go for something different. I can pretty much wear this pair with anything that I would wear the matte black pair with but they have a little more oomph! I only just have to make sure I don't scuff them too much as I tend to accidentally hit my feet together when I walk wtf :|

with EATME shirt collar pleat wrap OP -

with EATME 2way one shoulder irregular hem OP -

with EATME lace up neck rib top and EATME pleats wrap skirt -

with EATME balloon sleeve set up like OP -

& some derpy stills from video clips for a Reel I was trying to put together:
with DreamV lace choker top and Delyle Noir fitted skirt and Evelyn bijou belt -

with EATME sheer sleeve decolette OP -

with EATME Vintage flower print open shoulder OP and EATME faux leather cross belt -

with EATME mock 2-piece side lace up OP -

These shoes are just as I expected, if not even a little bit better? I love how sturdy the pumps feel when worn because of all the straps and the heel height is great. It does take a little wiggling to slip the shoe on but it's absolutely worth it for the stability and the ankle strap has a snap at least. The black color is easy to match with so many different outfits (it was hard to pick what to include in the post!) and I can't wait to wear them more.

Also, EATME Wardrobe Masterpost updated 💕

Monday, March 1, 2021

Michael Kors Haskell glitter combat boots vs Bensen cut out combat boots

Since my existing pair of flat/no heel black ankle boots from Nine West are super worn out, I've been on the look out for a new pair! I ended up ordering the Haskell glittery boots from Michael Kors when I saw them on sale. About a week later, I stopped by the MK Outlet and was this Bensen cut out boots in a similar design that were a bit more comfortable. Here's a quick comparison of the two! 

Michael Kors Haskell glitter combat boots in black
I stared at these online for a long time because I thought the sale price was really good! The obvious feature of this boot is the glitter all over! It's a lot different than the flat leather boots I was trying to replace, but I thought it would be a fun, fashion touch. I also knew I wouldn't be upset if the glitter eventually started to fall off with more wear since I'm primarily looking for just a black boot anyway. I like this full coverage boot style with the side zipper that makes it easy to put on and take off. It feels really sturdy and easy to walk in!

when worn -

with EATME clothes 
Sheer sleeve decolette OP -

Front zip lace combination top and pleats wrap skirt -

Off shoulder tulle OP and faux leather cross belt -

Dot tulle off shoulder blouse and 2-way peplum skirt -

Balloon sleeve setup-like OP -

2-way one shoulder irregular hem OP -
The size/length fit well and I didn't mind the aesthetics when worn, but the top part of the shaft of the boot fit my calf in a weird spot and was a bit uncomfy. Could possibly be okay with some breaking in + wearing a longer/thicker sock. However, with these being returnable, I figured if I could find a different replacement, I'd be happier since I didn't want the boots to be too difficult to wear. I also thought these boots made my foot and leg appear a bit chunkier than I would typically like but I understand that's just part of how combat boots look the majority of the time, so it wasn't a deal breaker. I was also surprised (not in a bad way) to see how the glitter appeared pretty flat in these photos. 

Michael Kors Bensen combat boots in black
I initially saw these at the Michael Kors Outlet before Christmas but I wasn't serious about getting a new pair at the time so I wrote them off. (I also thought maybe I'd be able to find them online - but I was wrong!) I went back recently, looked at the price and unfortunately they didn't have my size in black, but did have a half size up! I tried it on anyway and ended up buying them because I couldn't pass up the price. This smooth black leather is more what I originally wanted to get. Even though the cutout isn't ideal and the buckles have to be used to take the boot on and off, I still really like the overall design.

when worn -

This is just what I was already wearing at home to take the test shots but it also kind of works as a casual look lol.

with EATME items
DreamV lace choker top and EATME waist double belt pleated skirt -

Pearl button pin tuck blouse and side lace up skirt -

Garter off shoulder OP -

Off shoulder tulle OP with faux leather cross belt -

2-way one shoulder irregular hem OP -

Vintage flower print open shoulder OP -
Despite being half a size too big, I find these boots much more comfortable than the glitter pair, I think because the material is a bit different than the glitter boots, despite both being leather. The buckles keep it feeling secure and overall the boot itself is slimmer, making my foot look less clunky. The cutouts mean I have to wear black crew length socks to give that full boot effect but I look forward to trying out different color socks in the future for different looks. 

Glitter boots and cut out boots side-by-side comparison 
In the end, I am deciding to keep the Bensen cut out combat boots. Not just because they were clearance and therefore final sale, but also just because I think the style of the boot (aside from the cut outs) is closer to what I was looking for to begin with. While both boots were very heavily on sale, the Bensen boots actually ended up even half the price of what the glitter boots were, so I'm happy with this result even though they're not my exact size. It's a bit funny too because in the side-by-side pictures the glitter boot appears a little bit larger even though it's half a size smaller. 

(The coordinate photos were taken very hastily the same day I got the boots, and I hadn't initially meant to make a blog post out of this - just wanted to test out how the boots paired with my wardrobe and how they photographed for my IG stories! I'm glad I did though because I think this ended up making for a pretty good comparison, but I really don't like to make a habit of photographing items I don't know if I'm going to keep :/)