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Japan trip Winter 2017 Part 7: Liz Lisa & Other shopping purchases/coordinates

These are the purchases I made during my Japan trip in January 2017! As expected, I didn't buy as many clothes items as I usually would during a summer or even spring season, but I was still able to find a few more things I couldn't resist compared to when I was shopping in Autumn 2015. Aside from the early spring releases, there were so many great winter sales, but I just couldn't bring myself to unnecessarily buy them despite the cheap prices.

Liz Lisa items first!

Liz Lisa Rose OP in pink (171-6003-0)
Purchased on Day 1 from Shibuya 109.
This was one of the items I knew I wanted to buy and likely wear during the trip. The rose pattern and silhouette is somewhat reminiscent of the often replicated rose print from the 2011 (2012?) spring runway show (often referred to as the "Lena Fujii dress") and I'm glad they decided to do another rendition of it. After seeing the options in person, I wasn't completely sure if I wanted white or pink, especially because white was he promoted color. In the end, I decided to go with pink because that was my original intention.
with Liz Lisa momonga knit cardigan and Liz Lisa heart suede pumps -

with Grandege circle scarf and Liz Lisa many ribbon pumps -

with Liz Lisa back ribbon pearl pumps + Samantha Thavasa purse -
The fit for this isn't as fantastic as I thought it would be and I probably should have tried it on before buying it since I actually had the opportunity to. Because the thin straps aren't adjustable in length, the bust of the dress sits a little high for me even though my chest is on the small side. I think if you're a little shorter or have a shorter torso than I do, this might be a bit better. The back of the bust does have plenty of stretch and shirring so it would fit great if only the straps were just an inch or two longer. The overall length might also be a bit better on me if that were the case as well. Otherwise, I do like the print and the material and did happily wear it on Day 2 of the trip!

Liz Lisa Many ribbon pumps in pink (171-9601-0)
Purchased on Day 1 from Shibuya 109.
This was another spring item I knew I wanted going into the trip, especially because shoes can be heavy and therefore more expensive to ship internationally. I specifically planned to buy them and knew they would be able to match with most of the outfits I had packed to wear, so I didn't hesitate to get them on the first day.
Liz Lisa had produced a pump in a similar style in the last couple years but I didn't purchase it for myself and it was not the same shade of pink. I really like that this pair is a light pink color and it's made of regular fake leather instead of faux suede (which doesn't do as well in bad weather). My feet ended up getting really pinched in these on Day 2 which my big toes have not recovered from even today, but I love the design of these and it was well worth it. Expect to see this a lot in future blog posts/OOTDs!

Liz Lisa Bear roomwear set
Purchased on Day 1 from Shibuya 109.
This is a jacket + shorts set that I had seen advertised on the shop blogs/twitter accounts in November and sorely hoped would be available online! I'm a sucker for Liz Lisa roomwear but don't really like to buy it used. Sadly (or fortunately?), it was never available through TKL. I was very surprised to still see it in the Shibuya 109 store (and later on the 2nd floor of the Harajuku store as well), but I guess the plain design didn't make it a super fast sell. Lucky for me because I still wanted it lol.
Even though the material is thick and fluffy and not great for Hawaii, it was definitely useful during the rest of the trip, and I'm glad I got it! The design isn't super cutesy or outrageous, and I like the neutral color with just the small ears on the hood. Ruffle hem on the shorts is a nice small detail as well.

Liz Lisa Strawberry gingham OP in red/bordeaux (171-6008-0)
Purchased on Day 2 from Machida 109.
I was hoping so hard that the Strawberry Gingham series would release during my trip and I'm so lucky that it did! I had crossed my fingers and skipped the pre-order online, but wasn't 100% sure about the release date. It was actually in stores on Thursday, Jan 26, and I didn't have a chance to visit a Liz Lisa store until almost dinner time but still managed to get my first choice item from the series - the OP in red.
with Liz Lisa flower wedge sandals -

with Flag J pumps + Liz Lisa x Yui Kanno collab rose drop cardigan -

with Liz Lisa gingham ribbon cardigan + handmade gingham basket bag -
I love the bold gingham print and the strawberry hem! The overall shape/design is so fun and cute, and the fit is just about right for me. I could take or leave the "Straw Berry" embroidery on the neckline, but on a scale of things, it's a rather small detail that's easy to overlook. The material is definitely a little on the thicker side than you might except for such a summery looking print and is going to require a bit of pressing once washed.

Liz Lisa Gingham ribbon cardigan in red (171-3002-0)
Purchased on Day 2 from Machida 109.
I really wasn't sure if I wanted to get the matching cardigan for the strawberry gingham series because I do have a red Tralala cardigan that I thought would be passable, but since I was making the purchase during my trip, I decided to just go for it. Especially because I knew this would likely be the popular color for this item and I had the opportunity right in front of me. As it turns out, this cardigan sold really well in stores (as well as online), and by Saturday most locations were sold out of it in red! I guess I'm glad I didn't hesitate lol.
with Liz Lisa cami 3-tier OP, Liz Lisa paper can can hat and Liz Lisa heart suede pumps + Liz Lisa x My Melody 9th collab tote -

with Ank Rouge blouse, Liz Lisa strawberry jam skirt and Liz Lisa flower lace-up back wedge sandals -
I do love how it pairs with the strawberry gingham OP, but I think it also works with other (especially white) items as well. Buying a full price cardigan is certainly not the norm for me, but I'm glad I made an exception during the trip. I do love adding a bit of red to outfits when I can and the color is much brighter than my Tralala one (and matches pretty well with my heart suede pumps), so I'm going to say its justified lol.

Liz Lisa Present print iPhone case in pink (162-9719-0)
Purchased on Day 2 from Machida 109.
I really admired this print series online and came close to making a purchase in December, but I held out and was luckily able to grab this phone case in store. I love the little ribbon detail adding to the present/gift motif. I also really like the pearl wrist strap. I recently retired my previous diary style phone case and was just using a boring clear plastic one, so finding this one came at just the right time.
I haven't used it much yet, but my iPhone 6s doesn't seem to have any issues fitting into the case and I like that there's a mirror and two card slots on the cover. I don't often change my phone case, but I can forsee a few occasions in the future where I might want to specifically use this decorative one!

Liz Lisa Teddy Bear book skirt in white (162-4018-0)
Purchased on Day 3 from Omiya Arche.
I really wasn't planning on purchasing anything from this Winter 2016 teddy bear book series, but that's mostly because I wasn't expecting there to be any stock of it left! None of the stores I visited had the OP in any color, but I had seen the navy version of the skirt in a few places and this white one in the Machida 109 store. I didn't end up buying it on Day 2, but when I decided I wanted the red heart bag (see below), I figured I may as well get the skirt to match!
with Liz Lisa ribbon off shoulder blouse, Liz Lisa 2-strap ribbon pumps and Liz Lisa heart frill bag + Tralala ribbed cardigan -

with Liz Lisa fur collar cardigan, Liz Lisa OTK boots and Liz Lisa heart frill bag -
I'm actually really glad I decided to just spontaneously purchase this skirt because I love the fit. Lately some of Liz Lisa's free size bottoms haven't been a bit hit or miss for me, but this one is great! Honestly, a good fit is enough make me like any clothing item wtf. Despite the deep red/green print making it feel really holiday-specific, I'm tempted to just wear it whenever lol.

Liz Lisa heart frill bag in red (162-9425-0)
Purchased on Day 3 from Omiya Arche.
I had initially really wanted this bag in the pink color option because I have pink organza pumps to match, but the more I thought about it, the more I realized that I probably didn't really need another pink purse. When I reasoned that my current red small heart purse (an old Forever 21 purchase) was getting a bit ratty, I decided that in combination with the white teddy bear book skirt, red was the best option for this.
I do love how it pairs so effortlessly with the teddy bear skirt, but I do know that I'll find other uses for it as well. The bag itself doesn't hold very much, and I typically like my bag to at least fit my full size wallet (this does not), but I think this will be a special occasion bag anyway.

Liz Lisa Rose applique frill blouson in pink (171-7001-0)
Purchased on Day 5 from Shizuoka 109.
This wasn't something I immediately had my eye on since I'm not usually big on applique details, but after seeing in person and looking at the quality, it was quickly on my radar. I love the pink color and the smooth material, but my favorite part is definitely the quilting on the inside.
with Liz Lisa lace sleeveless blouse, Liz Lisa bouquet print sukpan, Liz Lisa pom pom earrings and Liz Lisa heart organza pumps -

 with Liz Lisa boa bustier OP and Liz Lisa many ribbon pumps -

with Liz Lisa sailor blouse, Liz Lisa corset tutu sukapan and Liz Lisa (pom pom) pumps -
Even though this type of jacket is more on the casual side, I do really like this kind of design and I think it would be good with certain girly OPs but also good to throw on with shorts. It is a bit on the thick side for Hawaii weather but would likely be okay indoors with AC or out at night when there's a bit of a breeze because of the material.

Liz Lisa Chiffon pleats lace up OP in white (171-6006-0)
Purchased on Day 5 from Shizuoka 109.
I loved seeing this dress on shop staff but wasn't convinced I needed it for myself even after seeing it in person. On the second to the last day of the trip, I decided to just try it on in the Shizuoka 109 store and really loved the fit and details, so I decided to just go for it since I hadn't been spending as much as I thought I would have. (Not the best reason, but I like to let myself splurge at least a little bit on trips since I budget for them specifically.)
with Liz Lisa pom pom boots + Liz Lisa riders jacket -

with Flag J sandals + Ank Rouge purse -

with Liz Lisa rose applique frill blouson and Liz Lisa ribbon pumps -
My mom told me it looked like a nightgown and I kind of see her point with the bell sleeves and the lace but I still totally love this dress! The material on the sleeves are nice and light and I love all the feminine details. The big downside is that this item, despite being made of 100% polyester and something I would usually be able to throw in the wash, is dry clean only + emphasis on don't get it wet. I think it's probably because of the lace details, but just be aware that this item might need special care! I already cleaned it once with "at-home" dry cleaning products and it seemed okay, but I was a bit nervous lol.

I created a short coordinate video for the Liz Lisa items I purchased (finally published!) -

Liz Lisa locations visited during this trip:
  • Shibuya 109 (Day 1 and Day 4)
  • Harajuku Takeshita doori (Day 1 and Day 6)
  • Machida 109 (Day 2)
  • Omiya Arche (Day 3)
  • Shinjuku Alta (Day 4)
  • Shizuoka 109 (Day 5)
Sadly, I didn't get to make it to the Yokohama Vivre Liz Lisa and obviously didn't get to go to either of the Osaka locations as I didn't get to go down to the Kansai area during this short trip. However, Shizuoka 109 is now checked off the list and I'm super happy I was able to meet staff member Kaede before she moved on from Liz Lisa in early February and also staff member Micchan thanks to Ebony! The list is also shorter than it usually is not only because of not having time to go to certain locations, but also because since my last trip, the Ikebukuro Parco store closed as well as the Primevere in Lumine EST, both in August 2016. The Lalaport Funabashi store also closed in January 2017.
So sad that many of the physical locations are closing! I can't remember them all but aside from Ikebukuro Parco and Funabashi, there's at least - Hep Five, Kawaramachi OPA, Kyoto Avanti, Niigata Alta, Utsunomiya, Kashiwa, Chiba Aurora Mall Junnu, Hiroshima Parco, at least one in the southern/Fukuoka area (not Tenjin Core), Kagoshima 109, Kohrinbo 109, Okayama, Sapporo Paseo and Sapporo Pole Town, not to mention the handful of outlets and also foreign locations located in other parts of Asia like HK!

Two small Liz Lisa shopping related regrets (which I should know to avoid by now but wtf) - should have bought the bordeaux/red ribbon beret from Machida 109's Liz Lisa and should have bought the red strawberry ribbon barrette at the same time as well. For the beret, I thought it wasn't really necessary because I recently got the deeper bordeaux color one which matches all of my autumn purchases but since I ended up buying the Teddy Bear skirt in white the next day, the winter beret would have been a great match. No other store that I visited had it in red (which I knew) but I just let it slip by FML. As for the barrette, since I'm usually not big on accessories, I didn't think it was necessary to get, but by the time I thought I might want it a couple days later, all the stores were sold out in red ofc lol.


Other shopping purchases!
I thought I would have more to write about for this but I realized once I came back that I really don't have anything substantial :O

Knot Small Second watch face + Milanese Mesh strap in rose gold -
My big major purchase besides the Liz Lisa items was a new watch for myself on Day 2 from the Knot at Yokohama Motomachi. I also bought one for my boyfriend which he didn't end up liking very much wtf but I suppose there's naught to be done lol.
(I'm wearing it with all the Liz Lisa coordinates above!)
My daily watch is a gold Michael Kors watch with a similar size but a different kind of band and a white face. Also the girl who took the links off of that watch did it in an uneven way and I've never gone to fix it so it fits awkwardly on my wrist. Won't be an issue with this new watch which has a really nice mesh-type band and is much more lightweight than my MK one. The color is a little more bronzey than rose gold imo, but it definitely depends on the lighting. I've been wearing it every day since I got back from the trip and I love it! I'm pretty happy with the strap that I have but I do like that I have the opportunity to change it out without having to buy a whole new watch.

Grandedge fluffy circle scarf
Purchased from Shibuya 109 Grandege on Day 1.
I bought this specifically for Day 3 at Jigokudani (like many of the other items in this section) because I was so afraid of being too cold lol. I didn't even end up taking it with me to the section where the monkeys actually were but I did wear it on the walk out of the park area and at night or just for a short walk a few times during the trip otherwise. I do feel like it was good to just have it as an option in case I was cold, but this is not something I think I would ever use at home. I'll probably just end up storing this with my small amount of other winter items until my next cold weather trip.

Egoist beret & Juice chunky knit beanie
Purchased from Durer on Day 3 and Machida 109 Juice on Day 2.
I bought the beret from a store called Durer in Nagano that seemed to be selling a number of discounted Neo Gal/mode type brands such as Emoda, Lip Service and a few others that I'm failing to remember at the moment. I was enticed by all the SALE and discount signs and decided to just take a look. I almost purchased a dress from this store as well but ended up just getting the beret. I'm a huge, huge idiot and put my Liz Lisa flower applique beret in the washing machine after my November trip and ofc it shrunk -__-. Completely my own fault ofc but I badly wanted a replacement! The big ribbon beret I really wanted from Liz Lisa was completely sold out in all the stores I went to in white, so I'm glad I picked up this one while I could. I think it's especially good that it's plain and a solid color so it can more easily style jump! I ended up wearing it for a bit on Day 6.
The chunky knit beanie I bought specifically for Day 3 at Jigokudani (again lol) where I was concerned that my ears would be freezing. Unlike the scarf, I did end up wearing it and it did a decent job of keeping my head warm and keeping the snow from falling on the top of my head lmao. Not the cutest item but it got the job done and didn't clash like crazy with what I was wearing.

Uniqlo down jacket
I brought my all white Liz Lisa coat with me to wear on the trip, but we had read a post about the trail to the monkey park that said it was muddy and that you would likely kick sludge up onto yourself when walking. I really didn't want to bring two coats with me (especially just for that occasion), so I knew I wanted to try to find something while in Japan that could either cover/act as a shield for my white coat or just have a replacement. I ended up just buying this puffy coat from Uniqlo at the end of Day 2 (as last minute as possible wtf) and it was good that it matched with the rest of my wardrob. It was also incredibly warm lol. I didn't even really need some of the cold weather accessories I bought. Also thanks to Uniqlo Heat Tech long sleeve V-neck top & leggings!

Tutuanna and Doll Kiss socks and tights
I'm constantly buying socks during my trips to Japan, and this trip was no different, especially because I felt like I also needed more tights once figuring out what the weather was going to be like. I really don't wear tights in Hawaii, but the high denier count tights I had/purchased were definitely helpful when they weren't pinching my toes lol. For the ankle socks, I usually only buy white/off-white/cream or ivory because those are the easiest to match with any pair of shoes but this time I also branched out just a little and purchased 2 different types of pink socks and 1 pair of red as well! Both the deep pink and red pairs were used in Liz Lisa coordinates above.

Aside from the watch and necessary warm clothing, pretty much everything else I bought was for omiyage/purposefully for someone else by request including a number of things for my bf from the Shibuya Sansui. I typically like to have two posts for my trip shopping purchases, but I just couldn't justify it this time :( I suppose that's good for my spending though lol. I always try to appreciate it when I stay under budget.

This wasn't the most productive shopping trip aside from the things I felt I needed for the weather that I didn't already own lol. I was actually quite successful in that respect and thankfully didn't suffer from being too cold at any point during the trip. I was also quite happy to get the Liz Lisa strawberry gingham OP without having to deal with it online and had a less stressful experience trying some of the items on during this trip lmao. I definitely bought a few things I wasn't anticipating after being able to see them in store and that's definitely a worthwhile experience to me. Can't wait for more brands to start transitioning towards summer!

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  1. Omg! I super loves everything <3. The satin bomber looks so nice (also, hella dissapoint it's not reversible) the strawberry OP is so cute! I really like it :D So much red and white this time.

    1. Meh yeah reversible would have been nice but I didn't want to pay any more for it lol. I do like the quilting just on the inside anyway. It's super comfy!

  2. that circle scarf looks like it's literally made of the fluffiest cloud ever! I love the red gingham strawberry dress and the corset-esque lace ups on the back of those pumps! Plus that teddy bear jacket and shorts set?! Honestly I love your style!

    1. Haha I just try to pick around a general color palate. Luckily these brands are easy to style around themselves!

  3. Ahh you got such adorable stuff! I'm admittedly not much of a fan of liz lisa since i don't wear lots of patterned clothing, but i'm completely in love with these pieces you picked out! x Your style is so gorgeous and you pull it off so well, i'm jealous! ^^

    Minae ♥ MinaekeiLatest Blog Post!

    1. Thank you!
      Liz Lisa actually also has a great selection of non-print items but they might just not be as popular or easily recognizable on the internet!