Saturday, November 30, 2019

November 2019 - Liz Lisa salon de patisserie, mercari boots and Waioli Grill

The holiday season is here! But I've been pretty slow to get into it. I have a few other things I'm trying to attend to at the end of the year before I feel like I can really celebrate. 

Liz Lisa Salon de Patisserie sukapan in pink (197-5009-0
I really liked seeing @miemuu's photos of this sukapan when she received it, so that put it on my radar when she confirmed that the length wasn't too short. When the free shipping promotion came up, I thought that would be a good time to buy! It's been a while since I made a full price Liz Lisa purchase, but this one seems worth it. 

Liz Lisa Charlotte print skirt in pink (195-4001-00110)
I quite liked this print series when it was first released, but missed out on the chance to get the skirt in navy which was my first choice color because I hesitated for way too long. The OP in bordeaux was my second choice which also sold out before I could make a decision. It's all for the best in the end though I think because I'm not disappointed to scoop up the pink skirt when I had a little more budget flexibility. 

I received both of these at the beginning of the month and wore the charlotte print skirt to work and have plans to wear both in December as well!

Secondhand Liz Lisa music note charm long boots in ivory (音符ロングブーツ, 152-9662-0) 
It took a ton of searching to find stock photos and item information about these boots. I guess they weren't very popular when they were released in 2015 and I didn't even upload any shop staff photos of them when I was running the Liz Lisa tumblr page which is super surprising. 
I spotted them on Mercari when I was looking for a boot to wear for winter travel. I used to own the Liz Lisa knee high pom pom boots from 2013 but have since rehomed them because I wasn't wearing them very much. Lo and behold I now have a need for something similar lol. I was close to purchasing this year's ankle boot from Liz Lisa instead but I just couldnt justify the price for something I won't wear very often in Hawaii. These secondhand boots really fill the anticipated need and although they were lightly used, I am comfortable with what I paid for them. I used Buyee with Mercari!

Work Outfits
 Liz Lisa open shoulder sailor collar top, Liz Lisa bijou button cardigan, Liz Lisa charlotte print skirt, Liz Lisa 3 strap pumps, Samantha Vega passcode purse

 Material Girl dress, Ank Rouge key embroidery cardigan, Jessica Simpson Dany sandals, Liz Lisa heart lace up purse

 Liz Lisa lace pleats OP, Liz Lisa ribbon frill cardigan, Liz Lisa glitter pumps, Coach mini bennet purse

 Rojita off shoulder frill top, Liz Lisa gingham cafe skirt, Liz Lisa lace up heel sandals, Liz Lisa heart lace up purse

Liz Lisa x Yui Kanno fairy story OP, Ank Rouge key embroidery cardigan, DreamV cross strap pumps, Samantha Thavasa purse

Liz Lisa sunflower parfait OP, Liz Lisa peplum cardigan, Liz Lisa music note charm long boots, Coach mini bennet purse

 Liz Lisa back lace up off shoulder midi dress, Liz Lisa double ribbon clear heel sandals

Liz Lisa bow tie blouse, Liz Lisa sweet latte cardigan, Liz Lisa key motif skirt, DreamV cross strap pumps, Coach mini bennet purse

Delyle Noir lace top, Liz Lisa bijou button cardigan, Delyle Noir watercolor floral skirt, Delyle Noir buckle belt, Liz Lisa double ribbon clear heel sandals, Samantha Thavasa purse

Miscellaneous life updates
Work trip
I had to go to Kauai again for work. Nothing super interesting here - it's getting pretty routine now!
We flew in on Monday night, did some work Tuesday through Friday and then flew back to Oahu on Friday night. We ended up doing two dinners at Japanese Grandma and my coworkers really enjoyed it! On the way to the airport on Friday, we also stopped to get taro chips in Hanapepe (highly recommend if he's open), chocolates in Eleele and then shortly at Hanalima Bakery before eating lunch at Gaylords restaurant at a really beautiful Hawaiian Estate and then returning the rental car.

We did lunch with my bf's family and then dinner with my mom's side of the family. There was a ton going on and mostly family stuff so no pictures to share, but I did want to take a beat to reflect on what I'm thankful for. 
As cliche as it is, I'm always and forever thankful for my family and their support, including my bf and his family who have always been warm and welcoming. I had great friends and reliable job with coworkers who make it easy to go to the office every day. I have tons of opportunities in front of me, and I really cannot ask for more. 

Dinners out
We went out to the Royal Hawaiian Center in Waikiki and decided to get this "instaworthy" dessert lol. The soft serve was good but the shaka itself wasn't as great as the ones from SomiSomi. I guess you're really paying for the look!

We also went to Waioli Grill on Kapahulu two times this month and I just wanted to give them a small shout out! It's a decent size restaurant but the name is a little misleading. It's mostly a Japanese restaurant with some Korean fusion in there.
We mostly order the set menu when we go with people who are there for the first time and enjoy it (good for 3 - 4 people if you add one or two more mains ala carte). The staff are really great and friendly and the interior is really nice as well. Please check them out if you're looking for something in the area! They're also great for lunch. Service is a little slow lately (they basically only had one waiter who was also functioning as a host and busboy while we were there), but the food is delicious and worthwhile. We recommend the bone marrow bibimbap and the caramel popcorn ice cream!

The start of Christmas
We got our Christmas tree on Black Friday and moved it in the house just before the end of the month. We still need a tree topper (especially for this particular tree lol) but otherwise I think it came out pretty decent. We're still getting our one Hallmark Keepsake ornament per year and it's already hung.

Bf and I have a trip planned for next month, so we're really looking forward to that to help close out the year! Looking forward to sharing that here when I return!