Thursday, May 28, 2020

Featured items - Outers

I don't have an extensive selection of outerwear since I live in a place where 75F is considered cold but you don't really need a coat lol. However, there are a few pieces that had survived my wardrobe purge + some of my favorite cardigans and I'm especially excited to share the coordinates with these items! I really love layering and planning for a trip in spring, winter and fall is always so fun for me.

One of my major trip MVPs is this Liz Lisa peplum cardigan in white. I really didn't understand the appeal of this style of cardigan for a long time until I ran across a particular shop staff snap and then realized I absolutely could not live without it. The design isn't all that interesting by itself (as is the case with many cardigans - they play a support role) although this one does have a few cute details especially around the neckline!
Paired with skirt hemlines that reach just below the end of the cardigan are how this piece really shines imo. A lot of Liz Lisa pieces are just perfect for it, in particular the set ups that Liz Lisa used to regularly produce. One of my all time favorite trip outfits was pairing it with the Liz Lisa bouquet print top and sukapan. (Although looking back at it, I really peaked for outfits on this trip in general. The variety was pretty dang good for how I packed + bought in store and everything just worked out perfectly if I do say so myself.) Because of the weight of the cardigan, I don't often wear this cardigan at home which is a pity.

Against all reason, I have held onto this trench coat because I really adore the versatility - Liz Lisa 3-way trench coat in beige! Liz Lisa has released multi-way outers in the past and I've always been tempted but this was the only time I ever followed through lol. The material is nice and lightweight - great for early fall or late spring (when traveling some place farther from the equator than Hawaii lol) and I adore the style of the inner dress so much but also am obsessed with the whole 2-piece look with both pieces combined.
I paired this coat with mostly neutrals here but I think because it's a classic trench, it can be worn with a lot of different colors! It would look really stunning with a deep green outfit (too bad I don't have one lol). I surprised the hell out of myself by wearing this coat to work this past February during a particularly cold week. Thankfully the AC in the office didn't konk out that day and I was actually moderately comfortable lol. I don't think wearing it will be a regular occurence by any means though.

Although a slightly more classic looking cardigan, you can tell that this Liz Lisa x Yui Kanno collab rose drop cardigan in white does actually have some outside influence imo. It was hard to choose only one other cardigan to feature, but this one often gets me a lot of comments when I wear it IRL and I think it has some interesting close up details, so I thought it would be a good choice. I never really wanted this cardigan when it was released and only got it as part of a set price deal that the shop staff actually DIDN'T apply properly even though she was the one who talked me into it which tainted my opinion of this piece for a while, but I did eventually get over it and I really appreciate it now. Note the mismatched buttons that are somehow cohesive...and are actually snaps!
This cardigan is relatively lightweight and airy and I think that makes for a great spring - summer piece. The cropped length is great with many Liz Lisa pieces and the volume in the sleeves is really cute as well.

Very unassuming on it's own, but I still adore having this Material Girl faux leather jacket in my wardrobe. I know that a black faux leather jacket isn't a novel concept at all but I really love the fit and style of this one which is why I keep it around even though it's heavier than I ever really need at home.
This jacket has been a really great asset on my US-based trips and also a fabulous option to wear with my EATME items since many feature puffy sleeves that don't look good stuffed into a cardigan. So far I've been really happy with the quality as well and I hope it stays in this kind of shape for a few more years at least!

Last, but not least, my only "real" coat - Liz Lisa My Melody 2016 fukubukuro coat! I actually love that fukubukuro include a real outer piece like this because it's the only reason I'd ever consciously buy/own a coat. The designs for fuku coats are usually a bit simpler than the ones they regular release but this one still has a ton of adorable details even though the fur isn't removable. I find the white color reasonably versatile for my Liz Lisa trip outfits but it can sometimes stand out in a less than ideal way lol.
This coat pairs well with pretty much all shorter length (i.e. not maxi or midi length) Liz Lisa dresses and set ups. Its simple A-line design is easy to wear and adds some cuteness without being too distracting. Outfits with this coat don't photograph extremely well from the front (or maybe I just don't know how to pose in a coat) but the back shots are really cute because of the ribbon!

I had heavily debated making "cardigans" a theme by itself, but I ultimately decided to lump them in the general "outers" category because I have a couple of jackets that I really wanted to feature but no longer have 5 pieces to share! (In my giant downsize, outers were high on the list to go because they're so impractical in Hawaii and I thought I wouldn't be traveling for a while wtf.) I may need to do an "Outers part 2" with mostly cardigans though because I have a few that I love that didn't get to make it into this post!

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