Sunday, August 30, 2020

Michael Kors Manhattan medium purse in silver, Sinead leather platform sandals

Back under stay-at-home orders here and I slipped up with online shopping a bit. Especially with a discount coupon! I know I don't really need accessories at this point since we're not really going anywhere, but I still enjoy thinking of outfits and trying to figure out how to use my existing clothes and create different coordinates.
I thought both of these items from Michael Kors would, in particular, really add a little variety to my EATME coordinates since I'm always using the same couple of items.

Manhattan medium cracked metallic leather satchel in silver [link]
After getting the black version of this purse, I knew I loved the design and how I was able to wear it with so much of my (non-Liz Lisa) wardrobe. It comes in quite a few different color options and I wasn't sure which one to pick during the sale. Based on what was in stock at the time, it came down to this silver color and a bright red. Inspired by the two silver purses EATME released this SS20 season, I decided to go with silver!

Sinead leather platform sandals in black [link]
I saw these as a new arrival months ago and knew immediately they would be a great shoe option with my growing darker-themed wardrobe. I do already have quite a few pairs of black shoes, but I really enjoyed the design with a very secure looking strap with a bit of an edgey look but still casual. These seemed like a good option that would be stable but also stylish and give some great height. With this pair, I feel like I have a black shoe for pretty much every occasion now! (Will that stop me from buying more black shoes in the future? Unlikely.)

The coordinate examples in this post all utilize both featured items (the purse and the sandals)!
with Michael Kors jumpsuit and Betsey Johnson bijou necklace -

with EATME faux 2-piece OP

with EATME vintage flower off shoulder OP and EATME faux leather cross belt -

with Ted Baker Tilliai bluebell bodycon dress -

with EATME pearl button blouse and EATME faux leather zipper skirt -

with DreamV lace choker top and Bar III split leg pants -

Tried to go back to indoor shooting for this blog post as I didn't want the shoes to get lost in the grass for the mirror photos. I also turned on the AC and had a much easier time changing clothes with this method, so ultimately it resulted in more coordinates! The lighting is a bit off so I have to work on that in the future, but let me know what you think in the meantime. Is the trade off for more outfit examples worth it or would you rather see a "prettier" outdoor picture?