Monday, July 28, 2014

Liz Lisa x My Melody mook vol. 4 scans

Scans from the Liz Lisa x My Melody Sweet Story (4th collaboration) mook, March 2014. Sorry, some of them are a bit crooked, and there's a shadow near the spine on some of them! I just have a basic scanner and I didn't want to take it apart or bend it too much.
Outfits and items featured are all practically out of stock now (many from early spring) but I was only able to get my hands on it recently lol.
(Scans are for personal use!)

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If you want close ups or a higher res scan of any of the pages, I'll try to accommodate requests!
I do not claim ownership of any of the scanned images. Please purchase and support where you can!

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Japan trip Summer 2014 - Part 3: Other Shopping

I had most of this post written previously (saved as a draft) and then idk what happened?? I don't know if I accidentally deleted it or if it's just lost somewhere or there's a Blogger glitch or something? FML.
Anyway, I did so little shopping at places other than Liz Lisa that it can all fit in one post.

Ank Rouge
    Ribbon embroidery print blouse
    Mermaid print skirt
I knew I didn't want to leave Japan without getting at least one outfit from Ank Rouge. I stopped by the store on the first shopping day and looked around, but didn't feel the urgent need to purchase anything, and the store was quite busy. On the last shopping day, I decided to just pick something, and this set up was on the mannequin! The white button down will be easily coordinated with many other things, and the skirt has a super cute print that I love to see on Ank Rouge bottoms. I also love that both have a hint of lavender! I didn't bother trying on the skirt (and the top couldn't be tried on), but I'm lucky that they both fit :)

Miauler Mew
   Flower lace tulle dress in pink
I love seeing the Miauler Mew staff coordinates on Twitter, so I knew I would want to stop and take a look around at the store in Shibuya 109. The shop itself is not very big, but I recognized a lot of the dresses from the coordinate photos. I ended up picking this pink dress and just bought it without trying it on. I figured that I fit most free size things and this one didn't seem especially slim or anything. As it turns out, it's quite tight on me! Maybe it's just how it was designed, but I don't think I can zip it up by myself. Regardless, I'm glad I picked up something from this brand. Next time, I'll know to take the time to try it on!

I wasn't planning on going to many stores that we have in the U.S., especially because they recently opened the first H&M here in Waikiki, but my mom stopped to look at a pair of shorts near the entrance, so we decided to just shop for a bit because at least it was air conditioned in there, lol. As it turns out, they were having a pretty great sale. I got 4 dresses and a top all for only $20! The three darker color dresses were $5 each, the red dress was $3 and the top was $2. The retail total would have been around $82! I already wore 4/5 of these items to work which was my intention when I bought them lol. The remaining dress I'll probably wear later this week!

Pentel Sliccies Liz Lisa pens
I completely forgot to look for these because I figured they wouldn't be sold anywhere anymore. However, luckily, I was browsing in the stationary section at Loft, and these were right in front of my eyes! They only had the pink and white pens left, but I was totally fine with those colors. I initially only picked up one of each (and the 6 inks necessary), but after thinking about it for a bit, I decided to go and pick up two more and thus 6 more inks lol. When I got back to the hotel, I immediately filled one of the pink bodies with 3 different pink inks and used it, haha. I also inserted the inks for one of the white ones as well. I'm not sure how much I'll actually use these because I don't want to "waste" them lol. One pink and one white and 6 inks are currently still unused (bottom picture).

Just a simple long tank that I'll probably use for sleeping. I really like Little Twin Stars (even though I don't own that many of their Sanrio products). S was the one who shopped the most at Uniqlo, but I decided to get just this one thing!

Liz Lisa x My Melody mook (4th collaboration)
I was so excited to find this mook! I was crossing my fingers and hoping that maybe some place would have the older editions (1 & 2 as well), but just getting the 3rd was great. It's way lighter (in terms of weight) and not as thick than I anticipated considering how much places charge to ship these things. Expect scans in another blog post (don't want to make this one too long). Scans are available here!

Daiso and Don Quixote

I basically got a whole bunch of small things including snacks and omiyage at Daiso and Don Quixote, but don't have pictures of all the individual items because I gave a lot of them away already! I guess the things worth noting are the Little Twin Stars powder (also seen on Okarie's blog!), laundry bags and the Disney eyelashes! I think I'll try to do a separate posts reviewing the powder and maybeeee the eyelashes (not sure if I'm going to use them myself)? But let me just talk about the laundry bags for a little bit.
I've been asked multiple times on Tumblr how I wash my Liz Lisa items. I basically just throw them in a laundry bag and wash them in the machine and hang or lay flat to dry based on the material. Of course, hand washing would also be a good solution but I feel like my washing machine does a much better job, and when I asked my host mom, she said using a laundry bag would be fine so I've followed that advice ever since. I bought two Sanrio laundry bags from Daiso when I was last in Japan two years ago, and I love them. I've owned/used plain white laundry bags before, but I was perpetually losing them because I used them only like once or twice a year. Idk maybe it's the prints, but these were much easier to keep track of, and after I started buying Liz Lisa, I was using them all the time! I bought two more at our local Don Quixote, but I still wanted more! Now I have like 13 haha. I could probably do a whole load of laundry just in the bags. Anyway, it seems like I just have too many, but I anticipate using them a lot!
Lol short video of the little solar bobbles I got! These were also from a 100yen store. I bought six so I could give them out to my coworkers. The video is of mine at my desk. Works pretty well even under artificial light, but they're not the best ever lol and can be very fickle. The cat ones are a lot cuter, but I wanted my coworkers to have first pick.

Other stuff
Socks from Tutu anna. They were buy 3 for 500yen (from a specific selection) so I just randomly picked 3. I intended to go back and get socks that I would actually want to accessorize with my shoes (and outfits) but I totally forgot lol.
And these Little Twin Stars ankle socks from a different store! I don't even wear shoes (that require socks) very often, but these were too cute to pass up.
I saw this eyelid tape featured on a model's(?) crooz blog, and I wanted to give it a try because you're supposed to be able to put makeup on top of it. The one I use now is clear and plastic-y and I usually apply my eyeliner before putting on the tape because it doesn't go on well on top of it. This one would allow me to create the double eyelid and then apply make up instead of guessing where the double would be lol. I've only tried to use it once so far but it's definitely a bit more complicated than my usual one. I was in a rush when I was getting ready, so I'll need to do another attempt when I have more time, but I haven't done it right yet lol. Maybe I'll do a comparison review in a future blog post. I'm not sure how many people would be interested in my POV as someone with single --> double though as a lot of people will use this to just make their double higher...

I feel like I bought a lot more stuff, but most of it went to other people, and I'm happy with that! Truly, I spent wayyy too much on myself from Liz Lisa so pretty much ALL of my other spending money should have gone to omiyage. I wish I could have shown you guys my mom's "haul" which was basically a boatload of things from Daiso for our family and friends. She bought so much more things than I did, haha.

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