Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Tokyo Kawaii Life order 60 - Liz Lisa ice cream set up x2, piping flower OP, embroidery off shoulder OP

I took a point campaign opportunity earlier to grab a bunch of stuff I really didn't need but I'm actually pretty happy with.

Embroidery off shoulder OP in pink (175-6003-0)
This dress has thin, adjustable straps with a small ruffle and off shoulder flutter sleeves. There is an all-over daisy embroidery design - some in bunches of two and others solo of varying sizes.
I've had half an eye on this dress for a while, especially after seeing some amazing worn photos by shop staff and other customers that were very convincing. I love off shoulder necklines, so that's what initially attracted me, but I also loved the cute but mature embroidery details.
with Liz Lisa suede ribbon pumps + Coach mini Bennet satchel -

with Liz Lisa ribbon wedge sandals + Liz Lisa x Yui Kanno collab rose drop cardigan -

with Liz Lisa ribbon embroidery beret and Liz Lisa heart suede pumps + Liz Lisa feather knit cardigan -
The color of this dress is a bit more lavender-grey than I was expecting although the stock photos do almost actually reflect it. I'm not disappointed with it, but it's certainly not a traditional pink by any means. The fit is just slightly large but that's likely in part to the large panel of shirring in the back of the chest. I'm grateful that the skinny straps are adjustable because that allows me to adjust the height of the bust to where it's most comfortable on me. I also quite like the skirt length. The only slightly annoying thing about this piece is that the sleeves are very bulky under thinner cardigans. That being said, it clearly shines best without them covered anyway and I will likely wear it that way most.

Stripe ribbon blouse in red (173-1037-0)

This short sleeve blouse features a bold striped collar with tie detail. There are lace panels and small ruffles on the shoulders as well as parallel to the star shaped buttons down the middle. There's also a small lace panel in the upper back.
I bought this top simply because I wanted to get a matching set and this just matches perfectly with the ice cream skirt. I'm a sucker for a set, and I actually really like the color red. Although I didn't go for the ice cream OP in red (I opted for pink), I didn't want to miss out on getting this print in the red color altogether.
with Liz Lisa rabbit ribbon sukapan and Liz Lisa heart suede pumps -

with Liz Lisa check winding wind pleats sukapan and Liz Lisa OTK boots + Tralala ribbed cardigan and Liz Lisa heart frill pouchette -

with Liz Lisa fruits water jumper skirt and Liz Lisa heart suede pumps -
I was quite nervous that I wouldn't be able to find enough items to pair with this top, in particular due to prominent red striped tie around the neck. Since it's not removable and so obvious, I thought it would be really limiting. I bought it anyway because I really just wanted the matching set for the skirt - there's really no other reason. I was initially just planning to do throwaway coordinates with denim bottoms that would be obvious, but instead I wanted to try a few of these other different combinations that are a little less obvious. They don't all work, but I thought it was worthwhile to give it a shot.

Ice cream skirt in red (173-4016-0)
This is an A-line skirt with vertical stripes and ice cream and floral prints on the hem. There is a waist tie meant to be arranged in the back.
The red version of this print has always kind of reminded me of a old fashioned popcorn box, but hey, why not? I love popcorn AND ice cream (although not typically together). The red isn't the most natural color with ice cream but some how it really just still appeals to me lol.
with Liz Lisa off shoulder ribbon blouse, Liz Lisa cherry pearl necklace and Liz Lisa flower wedge sandals + Kate Spade New York die cut heart bag -

with Liz Lisa gingham ribbon blouse, Liz Lisa gingham ribbon cardigan and Liz Lisa 3D flower pumps -
I absolutely love this skirt. Tbh it kind of has a bit of an apron aesthetic to it, especially with the waist tie and food theme, but I don't totally hate that. When coordinated carefully, it won't be too easily confused with a kitchen accessory and I really just enjoy finding new ways to wear my red items I've accumulated over the last couple of years.

Stripe ribbon blouse and ice cream skirt set up

with Liz Lisa tulle can can hat and Liz Lisa lace up platform pumps + DIY gingham ribbon basket bag -

with Liz Lisa ribbon platform sandals + Liz Lisa frill denim jacket and DIY gingham ribbon basket bag -
The top and skirt are obviously absolutely lovely together and a create a strong red look that isn't as overwhelming as an all over vertical striped piece.

Stripe ribbon blouse in pink (173-1037-0)

This short sleeve blouse features a striped collar with tie detail. There are lace panels and small ruffles on the shoulders as well as parallel to the star shaped buttons down the middle.
Although I was less nervous about this top compared to the red version, I still find a color specific top much more limiting than a solid color one. That being said, when the color in the top matches just perfectly or perfectly complements the skirt/bottoms, it can be magic much better than could have been accomplished with any generic blouse. 
with Liz Lisa snow globe skirt and Liz Lisa 3-strap pumps + Liz Lisa heart embroidery blouson -

with Liz Lisa stripe bouquet jumperskirt, Liz Lisa stripe can can hat and Liz Lisa knot wedge sandals + Liz Lisa flower round pouchette -
There are several other pink skirts/bottoms I could have paired with this top, but I just chose these as a couple of simple examples. It may also be worth nothing that for both colors of this top, the main body of it is quite thin and a bit translucent. For those sensitive to that, do consider wearing a cami underneath. I am simply wearing a nude color bra for these photos with no further coverage for your reference.

Ice cream skirt in pink (173-4016-0)
This is an A-line skirt with vertical stripes and ice cream and floral prints on the hem. There is a waist tie meant to be arranged in the back.
I knew I already liked the pink version of this print because I purchased the OP way back in during the initial release. I love this true pale pink color and I love vertical stripes. This was the safer choice between the colors which meant it was also the boring choice, but I still think it's crazy cute and feminine.
with Liz Lisa smocking embroidery off shoulder top and Liz Lisa platform sports sandals -

with Liz Lisa fur collar cardigan and Liz Lisa pom pom boots + Liz Lisa pom pom lace up pouchette -
The fit is really nice for this skirt. The waist already hugs my body in the right place even without too much help from the waist tie. With the soft pink color, I do think I can possibly wear it in both warmer and slightly chillier weather based the other items in the coordinate.

Stripe ribbon blouse and ice cream skirt set up

with Liz Lisa ice cream necklace and Liz Lisa many ribbon pumps + Liz Lisa watermark knit cardigan and Liz Lisa candy pouchette -

with Liz Lisa striped can can hat and Liz Lisa knot wedge sandals + Liz Lisa ice cream woven bag -
As expected, I love the set with the top and skirt together. In other news, the sky is blue. Although so similar to the red set, the pink has an entirely different mood due to the softer colors and I have no regrets about getting both.

Piping flower OP in pink (173-6060-0)
This is a belted dress with small ruffles on the shoulders and an all over flower print. There's a contrasting piping detail on the neckline and the belt.
This dress was a bit more popular than I expected during the summer season, but it just wasn't high on my personal list. I saw the listing still hanging out on the site, and seeing that pink was still leftover, I decided to see what was the fuss was about. I consulted with Saki who already owned the dress about the fit which is the thing I was most worried about, but with that out of the way, I figured why not.
with Liz Lisa clear pearl sandals -

with Liz Lisa back ribbon pearl pumps + Liz Lisa momonga cardigan -

with Guess? turtleneck knit top and Liz Lisa ribbon ankle boots + Samantha Thavasa purse -
I liked this dress a lot more than I thought I would, but that's probably because I didn't expect much from it. The fit is as expected based on my conversation with Saki, and the belt really works well to flatter my waist. The design and print are quite otona sweet and I can't wait to wear this dress to work or church.

Even with most of these items having been released quite a bit ago and considered "outlet" stock at this point, I am very pleasantly surprised with my level of enjoyment of these pieces. Usually when I cave and do a mini haul of outlet items simply for the discounted price (basically buying for the wrong reason), I am luke warm about many of them, but it's certainly not the case for these.


  1. The ice cream blouse is surprisingly nice and looks nice with the non-matching items as well (that was on of the reasons I didn't particularly want to purchase it myself) but I'm glad you did and you were able to style it nicely. The flower dress is also quite nice - I like how simple it is but still cute and girly.
    I like the first dress as well ofc but I have that (in white) so that's a given.

    1. Yes! I definitely knew the tops were going to be a challenge but it was a welcome one.

  2. Ooh nice haul! I actually love (and bought lol) the red striped ice cream blouse.
    The first OP looks lavender and not pink in my monitor. I do like it, but it kind of feels like something I can buy from any fast fashion brand? I think it looks best with your ribbon wedges and the loose cardigan in coord 2.
    I love both of the ice cream set ups! I think the blouses are actually great for everyday wear, and they can also be a pop of color for work wear (pussybow blouses ftw). Though I do love the skirts, the level of detail in the blouses really made them amazing to me.
    Piping flower OP looks like a dress you would ignore on the hangar but love irl lol It looks fab with the last coord actually. The fit of it really makes the dress.
    Nice haul!

    1. The embroidery OP is definitely more of a greyish lavender but Liz Lisa is calling it pink, so I'm calling it the same for consistency! Plus I think it's important for people to understand that pink doesn't always mean true pink. I don't shop fast fashion much anymore but because of the embroidery and the material, the dress still feels like a good purchase to me - not that I'm under the biased opinion that Liz Lisa is 100% unique. And it's quite funny because the coordinate you like best with the dress is the one I'm least fussed about myself!

  3. That first dress is so cute and it looks so good on everyone who has it... ugh i wish i wasn't so self conscious about my shoulders or else I would get it too! It looks like it can be worn in the summer as well. I'm glad to see that you got the Piping flower OP! Its pretty versatile and i like the way you paired it with the top underneath so that I can be worn in colder weather! I've put that one away for now just because I thought it was more of a summer piece but maybe ill try with a turtleneck and see if i like it for winter O_O