Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Tokyo Kawaii Life order 41 - Liz Lisa pleats top/sukapan set up, peplum cardigan, waffle x lace skirt & thin ribbon boston bag

Okay so this is really the last spring/summer 2016 order! After the previous "last ss16 order" (TKL order 37), I honestly thought I had purchased everything I wanted and was ready to put all my focus on autumn buys, but I just couldn't resist picking up these last few pieces, many of them on a whim as I was browsing Tokyo Kawaii Life.

Pleats lace set up
There was a set price for these items and it was still available in a color that I was interested in, so I wanted to try it out! I have a really hard time rejecting these long top + sukapan sets from Liz Lisa even though I rarely ever wear them in public. There's just something I really great about the pieces working so well together of course, but also typically being very wearable separately, and I like exploring those options.
with Flag J sandals -

with Liz Lisa pom pom pumps + Liz Lisa peplum cardigan* + Liz Lisa x My Melody 9th collab tote / Liz Lisa thin ribbon boston bag*
As expected, the top and sukapan work so nicely together. There is a bit of volume with the skirt and the bottom of the top combined, but it creates a nice shape. The hemline of the sukapan sticks out just enough to add a little length for modesty but without overpowering the entire silhouette. Set ups are always so easy to wear because they're an instant outfit!

Pleats top in pink (161-1038-0)
This top/set up was released a bit late in the summer season, but it's one of those quintessential items from Liz Lisa that I never really tire of. The material is delicate and cute and unexpectedly doesn't have a heavy lining like I had anticipated. I love how soft and thin it is. The color is a bit more like peach than a "true pink" and the neckline is elastic so it can easily be worn off shoulder or not.
with Liz Lisa cotton lace frill shorts, Liz Lisa actress corsage hat, Liz Lisa flower wedge cage sandals + Liz Lisa seashell pouchette -

with Liz Lisa floral jumper skirt and Liz Lisa t-strap wedge sandals -
The elastic waist does hit me at that typical terrible spot that I expect from free size that makes me look pregnant if it's not placed exactly right but I've never let that stop me before lol. I'll do my best to try and balance that volume out by making my legs appear longer with heels. This top obviously pairs well with any sort of short, neutral bottom (like this tutu sukapan) but looks essentially the same as it would with the matching sukapan or even the shorts. I wanted to try something a little different by layering it under the jumperskirt because the pinks match pretty well, but I think the colors may look a little washed out. This top would also pair really well with denim bottoms!

Pleats sukapan in pink (161-5024-0)
Not gonna lie, I bought this just because I was buying the top lol. Do I really actually need something like this? Not particularly. But I suppose it doesn't hurt to have it either - and I like to get both pieces of a set up if I can usually. It also seemed like a fun but solid/plain bottom piece that will be a reasonable option with both printed and solid tops. There is a dainty lace layer below the pleated material that is really pretty. As expected, this is the same color as the top (peach).
with Liz Lisa plain browsing top, Liz Lisa t-strap wedge sandals, Liz Lisa margaret choker + Liz Lisa thin ribbon boston bag* -

with Liz Lisa lace sleeveless top, Liz Lisa OTK boots + Liz Lisa riders jacket -
The waistline is elastic and fits like the average sukapan in this style. It has a bit of volume that can be unflattering at certain angles, but it may depend on your body type. I will most likely be using this as a support piece rather than a statement piece in an outfit and I think it will serve its purpose in that regard quite well.

Peplum cardigan in white (161-3010-0)
I've been meaning to try a peplum cardigan since I missed my chance last year. I have to admit, I didn't understand the appeal of this style of cardigan initially, but it has really grown on me in the spring shop staff photos! I knew I needed to at least get one and see how it looked on me. The thickness of the material was my main concern and why I had never made the move to purchase it any earlier. There's a lot of detailing around the neckline but because it's all in white, I don't consider it too distracting or obnoxious.
with Liz Lisa mermaid OP, Liz Lisa pom pom earrings and Liz Lisa (pom pom) pumps -

with Liz Lisa vertical lace top, Liz Lisa floral sukapan, Liz Lisa pom pom knee high boots + Liz Lisa Seventeen ruffle tote bag -
The material is actually quite heavy imo and probably why my package weighed over 2kg wtf. It does make it seem like better quality but weight is not something I really consider to be a plus lol. That being said, I do think it is exactly as pictured and functions well for what it is. I had a lot of fun trying to figure out the best way to wear it and look forward to continuing to explore that.

Waffle x lace skirt in yellow (161-4013-0)
I saw the above snap of Shinjuku Alta shop staff Rie on IG and thought the entire outfit was magnificent - 6 items, practically monotone but still had some texture and girliness. It was because of this photo that the skirt went on my TKL wishlist. I believe it actually sold out online at some point and I fell a bit out of love with in when there was an abundance of summer items that grabbed my attention, but when I was putting together my cart and I saw there was stock available in yellow, I immediately became interested again wtf. The majority of the skirt appears to be made of the "waffle" textured material but there panels of lace in the pleats which I thought was really elegant. There's no elastic in the waistband and no real stretch in the material.
with Liz Lisa lace frill ribbed top, Liz Lisa flower pearl barrette, Liz Lisa lace-up back flower wedge sandals + Liz Lisa tulip round bag -

with Liz Lisa chiffon A-line no sleeve blouse, Liz Lisa multi-flower earrings, Liz Lisa glitter pumps + Liz Lisa flocked cardigan + Michael Kors purse -

with Liz Lisa tulip sleeve frill top, Liz Lisa paper can can hat, Liz Lisa 3D flower pumps + Liz Lisa riders jacket -
The length of this skirt is a bit longer than the average Liz Lisa bottom but very similar to some of the recent releases like the lace border flower skirt which I recently purchased in navy so it was not unexpected. The fit on the waist is actually pretty good for me although I think that if there was just a small panel of elastic to help pull it in, it would feel slightly more secure. This has a great otona kawaii vibe and I'm glad I didn't miss what might be my last chance for a while to add another pale yellow item to my Liz Lisa wardrobe.

Thin ribbon boston bag in pink (161-9434-0)
(If the reference picture looks familiar, it's because I also used it for the sandals!) Unlike the two items immediately above but similar to the set up pieces, this was more of an impulse buy. I was surprised when there was still stock available and just put it in my cart for fun. When I was trying to eliminate things after finishing my browsing, I realized that this bag would fit in nicely with the rest of the order and decided to keep it in. The size is very petite but I don't have an abundance of bags this size, so I am looking forward to having it as a neutral option. It's a nudey color and is made of faux leather. There's one main zipper and also a removable shoulder strap.

with Liz Lisa x My Melody x Little Twin Stars angel OP, Liz Lisa 3D flower pumps and Liz Lisa beret -
[also paired with the pleats set up and pleats sukapan above]
I've been calling this purse "the chubster" because I love how small and fat it is lol. It's actually even a little bigger than I anticipated based on the photos and that's great. I don't expect that I'll be using this bag a lot but it will be a great option for when I don't want to take a full size bag but also don't want something overly cutesy and attention grabbing. It does hold all of my essentials (wallet, phone, keys) in addition to all of the other junk I unnecessarily carry, so I'm really happy with it.

I really got caught up in end of season purchasing and buying these things that I don't really need (almost always the case with sale buys for me wtf - I seemingly have very little impulse control) but these items were fun to style and I'm happy to close out SS16 with these great items. I'm especially happy about the fit of the skirt and I've already used the purse on two occasions. It really is a great small size bag in a cute but neutral color and design!