Saturday, August 23, 2014

What's in my bag

Three weeks ago, I was tagged by juliamegumi on Tumblr to share "what's in my bag". I've never done one of these before so I thought I might as well make a short blog post out of it!

Truthfully, what's in my bag is not very interesting. I figured that out when I was trying to take photos for this post lol. So, to start with I thought it would be fun for me to show you the cute things I wish I carried every day (in my cute seashell purse) because otherwise this post would be a lot more boring -
  • Liz Lisa seashell wicker shoulder bag
  • Bow hair clip
  • Earbuds
  • Minnie body wipes (peach)
  • Fluffy cosmetic pouch
  • Tony Moly pocket bunny mist, bunny gloss bars
  • Eyelashes, eyelash glue, tweezers
  • Tiny scissors & razor blade
  • Multi-color pen
  • iPhone 5s in Liz Lisa x My Melody 3rd collab phone case
  • Ralph Lauren sunglasses
  • Samantha Thavasa Petit Choice wallet
I wish I could use this purse every day lol. It's so cute ლ(⌒▽⌒ლ)
As you will see below, I do actually carry a number of these items around but not the cosmetics. I don't really wear a lot of make up. When I first started using false eyelashes, I used to carry a small pouch around with the necessities to fix them if need be, but now I feel pretty confident about my application lol *knock on wood* and instead just leave them in my bathroom. I would love to carry the Tony Moly pocket bunny mist around, but I know from seeing it in the stores that the ears can fall off pretty easily. The plastic is also not that strong. My other one (the pink version) actually rolled off the counter in my bathroom and the body cracked -__-. Don't want that happening in my purse which might actually be kinda likely since I'm not super careful with it. 
I wish my wallet matched with all this stuff better. Black clashes quite a lot lol. I've had several opportunities to get a pink/white/more pastel wallet, but there's absolutely nothing wrong with this one besides the color lol so I never find it prudent to purchase another (even to use as a secondary) wallet. Plus I do love the design of this one with the embossed hearts. Just the right amount of pockets and card slots + fits US and JPY currency easily (ofc). S got it for me when he went to Japan on a school trip back in like 2008 but he didn't give it to me until over 2 years later. It's still in good condition imo. I told myself that my next wallet will be another Samantha Thavasa one, especially now that we have an actual store location here! I went the other week, and I was just drooling over all the stuff but didn't buy anything. Anyway, the wallet ruins the picture, but it's the only one I have, and I do love it.

This is what I actually typically carry every day -
  • Samantha Thavasa 2-way bag (w/ shoulder strap)
  • 'The Bus' monthly pass on a crappy landyard with my office drawers key
  • Random snacks (in this particular case it's seedless li hing mui wtf)
  • Totes umbrella
  • Vaseline Lip Therapy 
  • L'Oreal True Match liquid foundation 
  • Car and house keys with my Salvatore Ferragamo bow keychain (gift from S)
  • BCP
  • Liz Lisa bow watch
  • Nook
  • Repeats from the first picture - iPhone 5s in Liz Lisa x My Melody 3rd collab phone case, Ralph Lauren sunglasses, bow hair clip, earbuds, Samantha Thavasa Petit Choice wallet, tiny scissors & razor blade, multi-color pen
Okay, first of all, I quite love this purse. My guy friend graciously went to the Samantha Thavasa store in Japan during his trip in 2013 and bought it for me (among other Liz Lisa things). I'm lucky to have a friend who is willing to go into girly stores in a foreign country lol.  I love the color and the pockets and all the girly details. There's a small key chain clock on it with purple and brown straps. The purple and brown doesn't match but the pink surrounding the face of the clock is practically a dead match to my purse! This actually came from my S's mom's aunty who gave it to S or some reason....he gave it to me lol. It does tick kind of loud though. When this purse is not in my closet and just hanging about in my room, I sometimes have to take the stopper adjuster pin out so that I don't hear it when I'm trying to sleep lol.
I actually have a nice lavender umbrella that I just got from Japan, but I've been using this leopard? cheetah? print one that I bought from Macy's for several years now. I like that it contracts to be very small but is a regular size folding umbrella when open. I had to buy it because my cheapy 500yen one from my previous Japan broke after being turned out from a number of strong gusts of wind lol. You never know when it's going to rain in HI, I swear. It adds some weight in my purse, and is kind of useless 90% of the time, but I'm always happy to have it when it's raining!
Even though I don't wear a lot of make up, I do carry around this like 6 year old liquid foundation lol. And use the Vaseline instead of a lip gloss lol. Tbh I don't use either very often and they get lost when I switch purses a lot, but they're nice to have in the event that I do need them lol.
Idk is it weird that I carry around my BCP in my purse with me? Lol. I do that in case I need to take it when I'm out of the house and at least I will have it on me. If I'm at home, I just take it out of my purse and then put it back in. Not really a problem since I will hopefully never lose my purse and should be aware of where it is all the time anyway.
I don't always carry my nook (it takes up a lot of room when my purse is on the small side) but when I've started a story, I will probably carry it around until I'm done with it and read it on the bus on the way to and from work. I haven't been using it as much as I would want to. Mostly because I'm reluctant to pay for the books wtf. Most recently I finished IQ84. Omfg I could not put it down lol. I had downloaded the ebook awhile ago (maybe like over a year ago lol) but only started reading it within the last few months.  Don't know why I delayed for so long. It's great. Super recommend. Well actually I wasn't overly fond of the ending, but I think I might read it again soon lol.

  Anyway, that's it! What's in my purse lol. Even though I have two different versions of my purse contents, this post is still not all that great lol. Unfortunately, I just carry a lot of practical things. You should see what's in my grandma's purse. It's always freaking heavy lol. I wonder how she is able to carry it.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Liz Lisa (early) Autumn 2014

I don't usually do posts where I talk about what's getting released/what's going on with Liz Lisa (afaik, I mean) without having bought something...mostly because this is more of a personal lifestyle blog rather than a general fashion blog, but since I don't anticipate buying anything from LL Autumn 2014 in the immediate future, I thought I'd just do this short filler post! It's probably going to be filled more with my opinion/random commentary than a general informative post, so please keep that in mind. It's kind of more of a post for myself - to just kind of talk about what's been presented so far, so I can get over the fact that I won't be buying any of it for awhile lol.
Not exactly sure how I'm going to organize it and I know I can't cover everything, so it may seem like I'm rambling a bit (see how many times I say "interesting" in this post wtf), but basically just my thoughts about what I like that has been released (in terms of items and images) so far and some pictures!
(None of the pictures belong to me. Sources will either be listed or presented a click-through link.)

Liz Lisa A/W14: New Fancy Girl
According to the Liz Lisa official blog -
  • Key colors: Red, Rose Pink, Dusty green, Brilliant Blue, Bordeaux, Navy
  • Materials: Quilting, Shaggy, Corduroy, Knit, Tweed, Organdy, Shearling
  • Key Items: Embroidery dress, Knee-length flared skirt, Pencil skirt, Volume skirt, Cropped tops, Knit tops, Chester Coat, Box silhouette JK, Big color JK, Blouson, Pochette, Beret, Opera shoes, Fur goods
(I feel like the music note motif and check/plaid pattern should also be included in there.)
Like a total 180 from spring/summer, and that's why I'm really excited lol. I loved the summer collection (obviously), but all the autumn/winter stock will be SO different especially with the color story, and I think that's great. I mean, lbr though, I'm excited to see new stock no matter what season it is lol. I don't always love everything, but I just like that Liz Lisa is always continuously releasing items, and I never get tired of seeing what's new.
I was so excited about this heart check OP when I first saw it! I like the bold red. This was one of the earliest Autumn 2014 releases, and it's such a stark contrast to summer. Somehow, over time, my interest in it has waned though. Not exactly sure why. I think that happens to me with a lot of Liz Lisa things though. I get really excited because things are new haha. This is why I have to wait for sales - to stop myself from impulse buying all the time just because something is new and exciting. Not a huge fan of the sleeves, and in general, not sure where I would be able to wear this dress lol (just because I don't do much -__-). I would still get it if it was still in stock in red during a good sale, but I have convinced myself that I cannot personally pay full price for it atm. (My wallet thanks me.)
I love both of these set ups! Both kind of sailor collars. I like the check pattern on the top one and the skirt seems like it would be good to pair with a lot of other things besides the matching top. I like that it can be worn off the shoulder as well (and looks pretty good both ways). I think I like it best in red. The bottom set up - ahhh omg I just think it's so cute! I like the bow lace detailing and the cut of the top. My favorite part is the bow. I would love to get it in navy. I think I'm just a sucker for sailor collars which is such a shame because I really feel like I'm too old for them but then I end up buying it anyway and don't wear the items wtf. Okay, so that being said, I will just admire these from afar.
This print was somewhat prominently featured in the earliest autumn releases being on both a skirt and an OP. Colors definitely going along with the "key colors" listed at the top. Also this print -
 [8 photos above are from Liz Lisa Machida 109 shop staff blog]
Tbh, I'm not the biggest fan of either of these prints on these colors for some reason. Both are floral mixes. Maybe I'm more of a pure floral kind of girl lol. It's definitely interesting to see though - to add variety!
The first print actually has music notes in it which is really big in early autumn. Not only on the OP and skirt (and another skirt, backpack and a jacket as well) but also on the pom pom shoes and a number of accessories.
Lol and this isn't even all of them! I'm sad that I'm not really a music person. If I was, this would be so cool. I feel like I can't really indulge in a lot of this music print stuff because I don't even remember how to read music anymore. I used to take piano lessons, but that was years ago lol. So long ago that I've pushed the knowledge of how to read music out of my brain completely. Anyway, it would just feel kind of phoney for me to be wearing anything music-related when I'm not inclined towards it lol. Maybe some of the accessories might be good gifts if you have a female music teacher that you're close to?
Even though I won't purchase this (long sleeves), I really like this set up because of the print. Maybe I'll just get the skirt! Or maybe they'll release an OP with the same print! (It'll probably also have long sleeves though.) The print looks so lovely. It looks like Risato is wearing a different pom pom platform shoe as well. It doesn't look like there are music notes on this one. Interesting that they would release two that are so similar. I guess the music note ones did sell out on the online shop already (although already restocked), so why not. They do look comfortable and very autumn/winter.

Newspaper pictures source:
There's a first part to this newspaper vol. 1 with Tina Tamashiro, but I'm going to skip it because I'm most interested in the outfits in this section with Yui Kanno lol. And tbh this part is what inspired me to write this post the most. I think it's the way they present and style this section.

I think Yui Kanno wearing almost anything Liz Lisa will sell me on it tbh lol.
Here's a staff snap of the set up in Look 1.
Look 2 OP is also available in lavender! I think that's so interesting. Thought the color was gone for awhile, but apparently not. It's also obviously available in pink lol. Tiny heart print is super cute and the sheer trend is continuing as well as the text embroidery. I think the color teal color shown on Yui Kanno is an interesting choice as well. It almost doesn't seem to fit with a lot of the other things lol.
Look 3 also on Chiba shop staff but in green. Similar to the heart check OP! Grey color option is an interesting choice. I think I might even like this one better? (I'm not sure lol). I do like the red check.
The pom pom x music note platform shoes featured in Looks 1 and 4. I feel like these are so funny (in a good way)! I was definitely happy to see a shoe like this in the very early autumn photos. So different than summer and coming in strong with the music note and fur theming.

I think the a lot of the items featured here aren't released online yet besides the flat oxfords in Look 6,  the purse in Look 9 and the other in Look 10 (at the time I'm writing this) which makes this page even more exciting for me lol. I'm extra excited about the boots in Look 5...just because I love Liz Lisa's OTK boots.
The shoes in Look 7 and 10...they're growing on me (especially in pink), and I don't want them to lol. I do NOT want to get another shoe with the lace-up back. I already have one from last winter and just recently got a summer shoe with it. I do NOT need another lol. The more I see them though...
Minami in the green(?) version of the Look 7 OP. I'm really, really looking forward to seeing more of these suede heart pumps that Minami is wearing. I've only seen it in these New Arrivals photos from so far. I think it will probably be my shoe purchase from the AW14 seasons. I think I wouldn't mind it an any color (should be available in pink, red and green). *Puts aside money for these shoes*
Oppp. Actually ended up finding pictures of the 2-way coat in Look 8! Super cute! Even though I have zero use for it, I still kind of want it in pink...Without the capelet, it's somewhat reminiscent of the trench coat from Spring 2014 (stock photo above).   VS.
The cardigan in Look 9 kind of reminds me of the one from summer? Except the autumn one is long sleeve ofc
And the top in Look 10 looks like one from early spring as well. Is it just me? The detailing is different for both when you look closely at the newspaper image, but similar I think! The print on the skirt in Look 10 is really cute too!

Some people don't like the slightly repetitiveness of some of the clothes season after season, year after year, but I actually kind of enjoy it. I don't love every single item, but for the ones that I do love, I wouldn't mind getting another one that's not exactly the same but similar because clothes don't last forever. It's also good because sometimes I miss out on something (like it sells out and never restocks), but I know that it will probably come back in some variation next year so I don't need to get in a huge tizzy about it. I just need to be patient and wait lol. For example, if I liked the poncho/coat combination last winter (sorry can't find a picture atm for some reason found it) -
 it seems like there's going to be something similar in terms of multi-look outerwear, although of course not exactly the same, this year with the 2-way coat in Look 8.

Photos of the LL Gals always look so lovely! The color scheme for the photoshoot is a little misguiding given the bolder, deeper colors that are most prominently featured otherwise. But then again, the pink/white here makes sense because this is classic Liz Lisa. Like, it's nice that items are available in other colors, but you still have the essential options of cream/white and pink for sure.
I don't even want to look at the outfits on the bottom of this page lol. Only because they're not going to be available to me unless I use a shopping service. I don't want to want any of them :| The Shibuya 109 novelty boston bags look super nice though! I have serious novelty item envy because I s2g, the best novelty items came out the month before I went to Japan and then after I left wtf. I think I just want all novelty items though :O

More novelty items I cannot have at the top D:
The baby doll set is especially cute. I also like the giant key cushion! Okay not going to dwell on things I can't have >:|
But yay, another Yui Kanno collab! last time it was a 3 piece set-up, necklace, knit, OP and shoes). I wonder why they decided to do less. Maybe Yui Kanno is just really busy lol. Or they'll do another one sooner rather than later.
This time just an OP and shoes it seems (
Personally I think March's constellation OP was more interesting (definitely for Liz Lisa) in contrast to this check OP for September, but still it's good to see some variety lol. I'm not loving the puff half sleeves on this and a lot of Liz Lisa OPs lately (such as the check heart OP and even the 4th collab LLxMM OPs had half length sleeves), but I'm not someone who really likes sleeves in general. I blame HI. I do, however, like the shoes in this collab better than the ones from March. I'm thinking that the heart is detachable. It meshes well with the fur/shearling thing for autumn and the look is similar to the music note platforms. I especially love the hearts on the back of the heel. Red is an interesting but sensible (considering the color story for autumn) color choice for the second color option.
P.S. I really like the look of the dress in the bottom. Somewhat reminiscent of something from last AW I think in terms of color and print. I liked the print a lot last year but didn't like the style of the top of the dress. I might still get to snag something similar if this one is more to my liking :) (Again, advantage of similar but slightly variable repeats.) The jacket looks super cute too!

Okay so it probably seems like I like a lot of what's presented here (obviously, and therefore the excitement that's pushing me to do this post), but why am I not planning on purchasing any time soon? For me, I just tend to want to spend more money on summer from Liz Lisa than any other season due to the climate where I live. As a result, I spend a lot of money during June/July on Liz Lisa during the summer sales, and my wallet needs time to recover before I even think about delving into buying autumn lol (especially at full price). If/when I do buy from the Autumn 2014 collection, it will probably during a sale. I don't know when the next one will be, but probably not for awhile :| I don't mind though. I can wait lol. I think.
Anyway, this is pretty useless post for most of you, but I think it served its purpose for me anyway - to kind of get all my excitement out in writing instead of through my wallet lol. Can't wait to see even more from Autumn 2014 and then winter! What do you guys think?
Also, they changed the look of the website! The castle is gone!

P.S. This One Piece Cup sounds crazy interesting
but again, not going to dwell on it because they'll only be available in stores :(