Sunday, September 15, 2013

Prettia Rose Tea Brown and Mild Bubble Pink Brown Hair Dye

I've been wanted to change up my hair for awhile now, and I saw a box of Pink Brown hair dye at The Face Shop (Korean brand) one day and decided to just give it a shot. The shop staff advised two boxes for my hair length. The same day I also went to Don Quixote and picked up a Japanese brand I was more familiar with (Prettia) in Rose Tea Brown.
Both are foam hair dyes in basically the same color. In the end, I decided to go with Prettia because I have used it before, and I liked the description on the box better than the one from The Face Shop.

Here's the contents of the Prettia box:
The instructions are all in Japanese (which I cannot read) but I know the basics are to combine contents, attach foam nozzle, apply to hair, leave for 20-30 minutes and rinse.
Here is my hair color before and after applying Prettia in Rose Tea Brown for about 25 minutes:

Both were taken around the same time of day in the same room with the same light in the room. Although the lighting seems a bit different (I blame my iPhone camera), you can kind of tell that my hair is still dark, but slightly more brown. I thought I would be okay with just one box, but I constantly forget how long my hair is. If you have hair a similar length to mine, I would suggest using 2 boxes of Prettia for sure.
I would have been happy with this color (it's subtle but different than my original color), but I already had the two other boxes of pink brown hair dye from The Face Shop, so rather than return it, I decided I might as well try it!
The next night, I opened the hair dye from The Face Shop:
I used both boxes (since I already had them and I learned my lesson the night before) and it's basically the same procedure - combine contents, apply to hair, leave for 20-30 minutes and rinse!
I'm really pleased with the color I have now, but I haven't been able to get a good picture of it :| Basically it's a nice, dark brown in low lighting (which is great for when I'm at work), but in most other lighting you might be able to tell there are slight pink/red tones in it (see below right)! In direct sunlight, you can really see the extra color (see left photo below).
I know these photos are of horrible quality, and I look super dumb in them, but I had to really try a whole bunch of weird angles and camera positions so that my phone would capture the color -__-. My hair is actually one even color (as far as I can tell), but it might look a bit uneven in these pictures because the light hits one spot more extremely than others.
Ughhh. I'm really irritated that I can't share the actual color with you, but people have seen me in person have told me that they can see the pink/red tones :3

In any case, I do recommend either of these dyes. I'm happy with my hair color. If you're going from virgin black hair, you will get a more mild dark brown color than what's shown on the front of either box.
And if you have long hair, do buy 2 boxes. I think I didn't get the results I was expecting after my first round of Prettia because I was trying to stretch one box's worth of dye for my 2-box-length hair. If you're not sure about your hair length, I would buy 2 and check the return policy from the place you're buying from, open only one box at a time, and then return one if necessary :)


2/27/2014 EDIT!
It's been about 5 months, and I wanted to show how the color has held up.
[These pictures were taken in the same room as the other pictures at around the same time as the first few photos in this post.] [Also, I know my curls are very uneven lol.]
The color looks really obvious and pink-y here but I think it's because I was pretty close to the light source. However, I didn't add any filters, so under certain light, it seems that it will look like this (although the color never looks this obvious to me most of the time)! You can see the contrast between the dyed hair and my dark, black roots at the top. I think that some of the ends are lighter but that's mostly because my hair is more damaged there and not any fault to the dye itself.
Here's a photo where I'm a little farther from the light. You can see that the pink is not so vibrant against the brown, but it's still there. Again, look at the contrast between my black roots and the dyed hair. I feel like my hair appears to be this color or a little darker the majority of the time.

Overall, I'm still happy with the color that resulted from using the Prettia and Face Shop hair color kits :) I wish my hair was naturally this color and that my roots didn't look so obvious and ugly right now but in terms of the products, I still recommend a try!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

New items from Liz Lisa and Ank Rouge

  How to order from Liz Lisa and Tokyo Kawaii Life video and photo tutorial here!

Friday, September 6, 2013

Kobe Summer Study Abroad (p3)

It's been awhile, but I guess I may as well finish this up. In this third part, I wanted to talk about the shopping I got to do in Japan. I didn't take very many pictures in or around the stores because we wanted to "blend in" (or just not been immediately identified as tourists) as much as possible. Also because I don't think photography was allowed in many stores.
My favorite place to shop was Hep5 in Osaka. Hep5 contained the closest Liz Lisa to where I was staying and this was the first ever Liz Lisa location I stepped into. I was sooo nervous. I didn't know what I was looking for and I almost didn't want to touch anything! The set that the sales girl had on was adorable, and it was also on a mannequin so I think that's how I asked to see it. I wanted to try it on, but they would only let me try on the jumper skirt. I didn't realize the difference between trying on clothes in Japan and America so Holly and I were really really confused as to why she wouldn't let me try on the top, and didn't understand at all what the girl was saying when she said I couldn't, haha. This was where I bought my first Liz Lisa items! The set was around 14000yen which was a lot to me to spend during the first week (of six) but it was awesome.
 I ended up going back to the store twice during the last two days because they were having a sale for buy two items for 8400yen! I bought 2 OPs on the first day (while not even realizing there was a sale) and went back the next day for 2 more OPs after figuring it out, haha.

The big shopping center near the university is Sannomiya. It includes a huge cluster of stores. Most days I didn't go throughout the whole mall, and I think I even got a bit lost on occasion. It didn't have a Liz Lisa (which I guess is good because then I would have spent way too much money since Sannomiya is so close), but it did have a wide variety of stores besides. There's a portion of Sannomiya called Vivre. It seems like it was a portion that catered to the "trendy" side of Japanese fashion. There were 6 stories (if I remember correctly) including an Anap and Pink Mix.
 There was also a shop that sold Liz Lisa shoes. I'm grateful for that shop because I always got really nervous in the actual Liz Lisa shops and it never crossed my mind to try on shoes in there. This was where I learned that despite looking to be the right size, M wouldn't fit me for Liz Lisa. (I'm an L for Liz Lisa shoes, US size 7.) Unfortunately, the shop didn't carry the shoes I wanted in L so I never bought any.
On the top floor there was an Angelic Pretty store. Katherine and I went there a couple times and I was really close to buying a JSK that was on sale for around 12500yen, but I decided I would rather spend that money on Liz Lisa instead. It was a lot of fun trying on the dresses though.

The shop staff was really friendly and no one else was ever there when we went, so she helped us quite a bit. I'm glad Katherine did end up buying quite a bit because I would have felt a bit guilty otherwise. The JSK is one of the things I almost regret not buying...It was on the simpler side but the fit was quite good, and it was marked down quite a bit! I think this was before I knew about the large Lolita community and saw the pictures I've seen on Tumblr so I didn't know what a treat it was. That being said, they only had it in pink and black, and I really wanted the navy colorway. I also didn't have very much room in my suitcase left. In the end, I'm not sure how much I'd wear it other than to take pictures (and post it on Tumblr :|) so I guess it's just as well.

One of my favorite things to shop for in Japan is underwear sets. They're a lot cheaper than most American brands, plus they have a better fit, more push-up and more variety for someone my sizel. The stores are also pretty prevelant. I think I ended up buying around 10 sets by the end of the six weeks and never spent more than 2500yen for a set. Some I even got for less than 1100yen! One of my favorite brands was Aimer Feel. I also bought a sleep set from this brand.
 When we went to Tokyo for the weekend, I was determined to hit Shibuya 109 and Harajuku. None of my friends were interested in the same fashion as me, so I went alone. Luckily, Graham's friend Cleo helped me get a train pass so I could get lost as much as I wanted and would pay the same fare. By that time, I was more or less familiar with how to catch the train and it's mostly one big loop so I knew I wouldn't get too lost. I also carried around a train/subway map that my host mom has graciously provided me. There are absolutely no pictures of me at any of the shops because I was too shy to take selfies there. Or even stop in the middle of anywhere and attempt to take one because it seemed to go against the general hustle and bustle. (Again, doing my best to blend in.)
I had no idea where I was going when I first got off the train in Shibuya, but there are maps everywhere so I just followed them as best as I could and pretty soon I was in the basement of 109! I shopped in quite a few places and went into a good deal of stores. After I got through all the floors, I was pretty exhausted and it was hard to shop with so many packages. I had wanted to head to Harajuku immediately after (because it's just one stop away) but I had so many bags, I kept banging into people and it was hard to catch the subway. #Firstworldproblems for real. I can't even remember if I went back to the hotel to drop off the bags...But I think I did because I wanted to calculate how much I had spent in 109. Next was going to Harajuku and searching for the Liz Lisa. They had a lot of the same stock as the 109 Liz Lisa so I didn't buy anything. They also have a Chambre a Couche section at the Takeshita Dori location but I thought I wouldn't want anything there so I didn't go upstairs :| I didn't buy very much in Harajuku. I think because I had spent a good amount in 109 alone.
It was a little intimidating to be out in an unfamiliar city by myself in a country where I couldn't really speak the language, but the shopping was awesome. I can't believe the others missed out on going to 109 and Harajuku, but I ugess it's not really their style. I think they went to a musuem and to look at shops in Ginza instead. I thought I would also head over to Ikebukuro (and hit that Liz Lisa), but I decided that was enough spending.
Ugh, there was so much great shopping. When I went to Japan in seventh grade, I did no clothes shopping and instead was so happy with buying two Mogu pillows. This time, I made sure I made up for that. Knowing what I know now, I maybe which I had spent a little differently (aka MORE), but during a six week trip, I think I did okay. I just wish I had documented it a bit better (or maybe written this blog post sooner than over a year later, haha).
Shopping is precisely the reason I want to go back in 2014, especially for the summer sales! I would love to go around New Years for the fukubukuro, but I don't want Autumn/Winter items :\. The horrible thing about the summer sales is that they're during the hottest season (duh), but I think it'll be worth it. Hopefully I'll be able to save enough money and go :)

Other photos of things I bought/tried on: