Sunday, June 30, 2019

June 2019 - EATME garter OP, more pumps & lychee season

We're now halfway through the year and summer has officially started. The weather here has been hot and humid as usual but we also had a few thunderstorms (not helping with the humidity at all). This month has been a bit more exciting than usual with great new purchases that I am/have been super excited to share!

I finally bit the bullet and ordered items from EATME! I chose to purchase from Runway Channel (the official webstore) directly and use Tenso this time. I think Buyee or a similar shopping service may have been similarly or even possibly cheaper all expenses considered. However, because I wanted more control over the order and to build a Runway Channel profile with points, etc, I decided to just order on my own.

EATME garter off shoulder OP in khaki
I was instantly drawn to this dress based on the neckline. At first I thought pink was my first choice for color but as more photos were released, the khaki/green color really spoke to me! It's a bit more unusual and I really like that. Although black and pink are both excellent in their own way, I knew I wanted a piece I was buying from EATME to be something I likely wouldn't find similarly in the US. It's quite a dark green irl which I like even better. In some photos/some lighting, it may even photograph as black! I got this in size S and I think that was the right choice.

EATME 2 way matte satin ribbon choker in black
Looking at how the garter dress was styled in all the shop staff coordinates, I realized I wanted to have a least one accessory to match with it as well. (Most of the accessories I already own are a little more on the girly side and that's not how I envisioned the outfit.) This simple black choker is perfect and I think will be useful with other coordinates as a simple detail as well!

Also ordered 2 more pairs of these cross strap pumps from DreamV since I'm kind of obsessed -
[Rakuten link]
One pair of cream and one pair of coral. The cream one is more of a light "nudey" color irl, maybe even slightly closer to a light beige than what I would describe to be "off white" (sorry irl photo has the default snow filter on it so it makes it look more white). I think it'll still work really well for my intended purpose though and I like that it's not too similar to the white version. The coral was also a nice surprise - not too putrid at all irl. I wore both of these to work once and you'll see them in the work outfits section below!

I chose to do separate posts for my two other major purchases this month~!
See LuLuFleurir order - iPhone case, bracelet & earrings for my accessories order

and Olivia Burton Pretty Blossom watch to read more about my beloved new watch if you haven't seen these yet!

Work Outfits
I was very determined to keep up with the work outfit posts that I started last month after figuring out how to capture a full body shot at my desk! These are all posted to my IG story, but I wanted them to have bit more permanence so I think they're worth posting here to the blog as well! Let me know what you think. 
Liz Lisa vintage flower OP, DreamV cross strap pumps

H&M fitted dress, Kate Spade New York bijou cardigan, DreamV cross strap pumps, Kate Spade New York purse, Knot watch (battery died fml)

Cecil McBee pearl strap ruffle top, Cecil McBee watercolor tight skirt, Ank Rouge key embroidery cardigan, Samantha Thavasa purse, Olivia Burton watch, Lulu Fleurir accessories

Delyle Noir flare sleeve top, Liz Lisa flower fade skirt, Liz Lisa knot wedge sandals

Liz Lisa butterfly sleeve floral top, DNKY jeans, Liz Lisa sandals, Michael Kors purse

Liz Lisa x Yui Kanno collab fairy story OP, Liz Lisa x Yui Kanno collab rose drop cardigan, DreamV cross strap pumps

Delyle Noir flutter sleeve top, Delyle Noir belted (suspender) skirt, DreamV cross strap pumps, Samantha Thavasa purse

Cecil McBee 2-way maxi dress, Flag J sandals

Liz Lisa bow tie blouse, Liz Lisa cardigan, Liz Lisa key print skirt, Liz Lisa glitter pumps

Forever21 bow tie blouse, Banana Republic tweed belted dress, DreamV cross strap pumps

Liz Lisa ice cream OP, DreamV cross strap pumps (coral color!), Kate Spade New York quilted purse

Liz Lisa color scheme blouse, Liz Lisa dress up doll skirt, Liz Lisa 3-strap pumps, Liz Lisa long ribbon barrette, Samantha Vega purse

Tralala off shoulder stripe skirt OP, Liz Lisa double ribbon clear heel sandals

H&M flower print dress, Ank Rouge key embroidery cardigan, Nine West sandals

Lauren Ralph Lauren knot twist dress, DreamV cross strap pumps (cream color!)

 Idk the brand name but bought it from Nordstrom black shift dress, Nine West boots, EATME ribbon choker

 Liz Lisa open shoulder sailor collar blouse, Liz Lisa gingham cafe skirt, DreamV cross strap pumps, Liz Lisa cherry ribbon barrettes

 Material Girl sleeveless necklace top, Material Girl pants, Guess? mary jane pumps

Miscellaneous updates
This doesn't fall under purchases because it was a gift. New acquisition this month is RAM OTTOMAN!
Randomly saw that my bf's sister got a rabbit version on Amazon and when exploring the listings further, realized they had so many other animal options! I'm a sucker for a good sheep/ram thanks to my Chinese zodiac and think this one is just adorable. We don't already have an ottoman so this was just a good excuse to get one. Mostly I think these are produced for children's rooms but I think it makes a nice addition to our house anyway and I just move it around whenever I feel like it. There's also a storage compartment in it, and it's pretty solid though and has a max weight capacity of 120kg!

June is LYCHEE SEASON! Touched on this a bit in my 2018 recap, but my bf's grandma has a lychee farm on the Big Island and it's a whole family affair to harvest the fruit when it's ready!
Aside from one or two hourly paid staff, the entire process is family and friends powered. We go out to pick/gather the fruit in the field; grandma's friends are back at the house plucking the fruit (separating it from the branches/leaves etc); other family is sorting/grading it and then it gets washed & distributed in 5lb bags. Bf and I went out for 2 weekends this month. This was my second time going and ofc felt like I had a bit better handle on what to expect and what to do. Unfortunately, there wasn't as much fruit this season and some trees/fruit seem to be significantly delayed. As a result, we weren't always able to fill all the orders, but hopefully there might be some hope in future months.

Otherwise, life-wise it was a pretty chill month. Lychee season is a pretty big deal and completely wiped out two weekends for us but it's completely worth it. At work, we're ramping up for audit season at work but that'll be something and a half next month - but hopefully drama free. I really just went for it with my purchases this month, but I'm really excited to see what Japan's summer sales bring as well!