Thursday, April 30, 2020

Work OOTDs - April 2020 aka Self-quarantine p2

Let me just say up front, the title of this post is misleading because I will not be posting any regular work outfits here. However, for some reason, I was compelled to title it in alignment with the rest of my monthly OOTD posts because I thought it would bother me not to have one for April.

We're still in an unprecedented time right now and I really wasn't expecting to not have any real blog content for this month! But that's kind of the world we're in, so I'm going to ramble a little bit and see where that takes me.

April was the first full month of the stay at home order for us in Hawaii. We had started working from home in mid-March and honestly didn't fully expect that we'd still be here today. I'm glad that my husband and I had somewhat established a routine which I had mentioned in my previous post and we continue to follow that today. Almost everyday I am thankful that I am doing the self-isolation thing with someone I truly love but also having enough space inside the house to give each other some space when we need it.

I really don't have much of an update because we're still very much doing the same thing! In no way, shape or form am I fully "getting ready" for work while I'm teleworking. My employer doesn't do any video conferencing (everything is over the phone), so I have no need to present myself any particular way. After working off a small tablet screen for the first few weeks, I finally caved and brought home one of my computer monitors (with 5 friends) and teleworking is about 10x better with 2 screens. Now what I need is a better office chair than my dining room one which I'm just putting a pillow on to get my arms to align with the table surface correctly lol.

I did get "dolled up" just once to take remote twinning pictures with Ebony in our Liz Lisa sweet latte OPs. See Ebony's post on IG here and on Twitter here.
I literally got ready in the morning, put the dress on, took photos for about 20 minutes and then changed back into casual clothes for the rest of the day lol. It did feel really nice to have my hair and make up look presentable, but I do think I'm doing the right thing by giving my hair a break from heat products for the most part.

And then we changed out our bathroom lightbulbs on the same day and apparently I couldn't resist taking some selfies since hair and make up were already done lol.

I also finally got around to trying to do my nails again and did two simple "manicures" this month. The thing I learned is that I cannot properly photograph glitter nail polish. I swear it looks a lot better in person! (Not that anyone will see it in person these days so I'm just enjoying it on my own lol).

The part of our routine that I'm the most satisfied with is the "stay active"/exercise portion. We're still following the Monday-run, Tuesday-100 burpees, Wednesday-walk, Thursday-100 burpees, Friday-run schedule and it really helps me feel like I'm still being a little productive even though it's not something I typically look forward to. Especially running after work when the sun is blaring and we have to be careful to avoid other people out exercising or walking dogs.
I am regularly "documenting" our burpees progress through time-lapse videos + sharing a portion of it on my IG story and this is the only visual content I really have to share for the month. We made it to 1000 total burpees (10 sets of 100) on the second to last week of April! For the last set this month (#12), I decided to shake it up a little but I have no idea if it will be sustainable.

I don't see any real difference in my body, but when actually doing the burpees, I do feel a like it's a lot easier now compared to when we first started! I can even do short additional workouts after as well. My dad had made these plyo boxes years ago for my brother and I borrowed a couple to add a little variety to my Tues/Thurs workout after the 100 burpees.

I did a little tidying project with the sideboard and took some before and after pictures that I'm actually kind of proud of. But that's mostly because the spaces were SO MESSY before that anything was an improvement. I hadn't organized anything in there since we first got it after moving into the house almost 2 years ago.

I don't have any purchases to share because apparently I am only interested in pre-order/special order things or items that take forever to ship and may not even make it to me before the end of May. (Note - I completely understand shipping delays during this time and don't want to make it seem like I am complaining too much but just wanted to explain why I don't have anything to blog!) Hopefully I'll actually have something to report next month!

We didn't even eat anything particularly exciting in April, although we did continue to try to do take out from local restaurants 2x a week. I've been eating a lot of popcorn and cookies though lol.
A couple of our favorite restaurants are opening up again (for take out only obviously), so we'll probably try to hit those up in the coming weeks. Lines/wait times look like they've been crazy though!

Very sorry there isn't much new content in this blog post, but I've definitely been enjoying my time at home by mostly relaxing and watching TV. I do miss creating outfits and actually wearing heels (since I'm always in slippers or running shoes these days) but not feeling obligated to go anywhere or do anything is really nice as well.
I know that I continue to be very lucky to be employed and working safely from home. Thank you again to all essential workers who are keeping society afloat.
If anyone is ever bored and wants to chat, my IG DM's are open! I can't always promise I'll respond super quick (especially in the middle of my work day), but we're got time, right?