Saturday, October 26, 2013

Liz Lisa order arrived! - Floral overalls style OP, LLxMM iPhone case, Kawaii Magazine vol. 6

The phone case and OP that I ordered on October 18 arrived yesterday (10/25) but since the package requires a signature, and I wasn't home at the time of delivery, I went to the post office to pick it up this morning!
The contents -
It came with a shopping bag (as usual) and because I ordered more than 3150yen's worth of product, I also received the Kawaii Magazine vol. 6! I'm very pleased with everything. 
Here's a few more detailed pictures...

The dress フレアラインバラ柄ワンピース (132-6080-0) -

 The phone case リズメロIPHONEケース (132-9905-0) -
 My DSLR just wouldn't capture the true-to-life color, but this is the best picture that shows what the color actually looks like 

(I used my iPhone to take this)

Scans from the magazine (click on the picture to enlarge) -


And this is how I think I will coordinate the dress :) -

Also in the mail today, I received a small package from my host mom (from when I was in Japan last summer)! In it was this Liz Lisa top -
She sent it as a late birthday gift. She is so sweet! I hope I get to go to Japan within the next year so I can visit her and go shopping :3
I do not claim ownership of any of the scanned images. (Scans are for personal use!)
  How to order from Liz Lisa and Tokyo Kawaii Life video and photo tutorial here!

Friday, October 25, 2013

Selling ~

The clothes rack that I keep my Liz Lisa/Tralala/Liz Lisa Doll/Juge Etta items on should look like this in all its glory -

But, since the rack is fairly cheap, and I keep buying more and more clothes, it slowly started to look like this -
And then of course it ends up looking like this -
 It has fallen over 2x already. Which is really 2x more than it should have, imo. The first time, I was standing around in my room after getting home from work, and it crashed. I was a bit surprised but figured it was bound to happen and jumped a little at the sound but that's it. The second time, I was sleeping, and a loud noise woke me up. I knew it had to be the clothes rack, and I almost didn't even turn a light on to check what it was. Could have been someone breaking into my house, and I was just going to blame it on the cheap rack :| In the end, I did turn on a light, and it was a good thing because the clothes/rack were right next to my bed, and I would have eaten shit when I got out of bed in the morning, lol.

Anyway, the point of this post is
I opened a storenvy store after a few (or one? I can't really tell) anon(s) suggested it.
EDIT 06/26/2015: I have closed my storenvy because their policies have changed. I am now currently selling through a Facebook album here. I know it's a bit informal but it's the quickest way to move shop! (edit end)
It's basically for clothes that I own that I don't/didn't put to good use for whatever reason. I aim to be 100% transparent about all of these items, and it is never my intention to trick anyone so if you ever have any questions regarding an item, please let me know! I started only selling never used/used only once brand name items but then yet another anon encouraged me to sell other used clothing, so I obliged. I'm not looking to make money on this venture so many of the prices are listed as such because that's about what I paid but are typically still below the retail price. Most of the prices are a bit negotiable, especially if you know me from tumblr! If it has a tag attached and has never been worn, I typically have a bottom line amount in mind, but if you want to make an offer that's not the amount I set, there's really no harm in asking! My main goal is just not to lose any money by selling clothes, haha.
I still have quite a few Liz Lisa (+ related) items listed, so if you're interested, it will help me out a lot to relieve some weight from my lazy clothing rack! S actually helped me order a new (and hopefully better quality) rack from Amazon, but I still have more clothes than I should anyway and have no idea when the rack will arrive. We had several unsuccessful attempts at getting a really good quality one because most people don't want to ship to Hawaii :(
Please check it out if you're interested! A few examples of items -
Tralala set
Liz Lisa halter dress
Liz Lisa top
Liz Lisa hi-low dress SOLD thank you!
Liz Lisa Doll dress SOLD thank you!
Liz Lisa button down top SOLD thank you!
Liz Lisa crochet cover-up
Visit my storenvy Facebook album for more! And please lmk if you have any questions or want to negotiate the price. I'll answer anything in attempt to make you feel confident with your purchase!