Friday, January 12, 2018

My Liz Lisa Wardrobe 2017

I've never really felt like it was necessary to do one of these because I thought it would be redundant to my Liz Lisa wardrobe master post, but after seeing this kind of content from lolitas for the last couple of years, I thought I'd try it out a modified version of it for myself. These are the Liz Lisa items in my wardrobe as of 31 December 2017. (All items displayed in this post are Liz Lisa - no sister brands or LizMelo items.)

OPs (dresses, all-in-ones, jumperskirts)
 Floral ribbon OP in bordeaux (AW15), Pleats puff OP in bordeaux (AW16), Vintage rose OP in bordeaux (AW17)

 Heart check jumperskirt in bordeaux (AW17), Choco dip cherry jumperskirt in pink (SS17), Cape glen check OP in beige (AW16)

 Hep Five-limited check OP in brown (SS14), Floral cameo OP in brown (AW12)

Floral all-in-one jumpsuit in beige (AW13)

 Bandana floral print cami OP in mocha (SS15), Sweets print OP in white (SS14), Stripe peekaboo OP in white (SS15)

 Pleats flare OP in white (SS15), 2013 fukubukuro dot tulle OP, Chiffon pleats lace up OP in white (SS17)

 3-tier cotton cami OP (SS10), Ribbon embroidery faux-2 piece OP in white (SS14), Boa bustier OP in white (AW15)

Floral print romper in white (SS12), Tiered floral OP in white (SS10), Floral cami OP in white (SS11)

Strawberry gingham OP in red (SS17), Strawberry jam OP in red (SS16), Sunflower parfait OP in white (SS16)

 Margaret cherry OP in white (SS16), Fruits logo OP in white (SS17), Floral collar OP in white (SS14) 

Small floral fade OP in white (AW16), Mermaid print OP in white (SS14), Ribbon print OP (SS17)

 Fit flare flower fade OP in white (SS16)

Tulip romper in white (SS17), Lace pleats OP in mint (SS17), Fruits ring halter OP in mint (SS17)

 Rabbit ribbon jumperskirt in pink (SS17), Cameo print jumperskirt in pink (AW17), Parasol print OP in pink (SS17) 

Floral chandelier jumperskirt in pink (AW16), Stripe bouquet jumperskirt in pink (SS16), Fruit water jumperskirt in pink (SS16)

 Ice cream print OP in pink (SS17), Piping OP in pink (SS17), Gingham floral OP in pink (AW15)

 Ribbon print OP in pink (SS16), Sleeping beauty OP in pink (AW15), Floral lace border OP in pink (AW13)

 Floral logo OP in pink (AW15), Rose print jumperskirt in pink (AW15), Yui Kanno collab fairy story OP in pink (SS15)

 Closet print OP in pink (AW16), Classical dot OP in white (AW16)

 Embroidery off shoulder OP in pink (AW17), Yui Kanno collab constellation OP in lavender (SS14), Floral jumperskirt in lavender (SS14)

 Floral shirring OP in white (SS13), Chiffon floral bandana maxi dress in white (SS16), Yui Kanno collab stripe flower OP in pink (SS15)

 Seashell motif tulle OP in white (SS15), Big flower romper in white (SS15), Flare jumperskirt in navy (SS12)

 Floral criss cross OP in navy (SS12), Transfer floral OP in navy (AW15), Big rose print OP in navy (AW15)

 Constellation print OP in white and navy (SS16)

 Ballet shoes print OP in bordeaux and pink (AW14)

 Dot flower OP in white and pink (AW15)

 English rose frill OP in white and pink (AW16)

 Tropical juice print OP in white and yellow (SS17)

Sunflower print OP in white (SS17), Sunflower print jumperskirt in white (SS17)

 Sweet latte OP in brown and pink (AW17)

 My Melody 2nd collab puff sleeve OP in white and pink (SS13)

 My Melody 3rd collab OP in pink (AW13)

 My Melody 4th collab floral OP in blue and pink (SS14)

My Melody 5th collab strawberry OP in white (AW14)

 My Melody 6th collab vol 1 sweets OP in white and pink (SS15)

 My Melody 6th collab vol 2 gingham floral jumperskirt in white (SS15)

 My Melody x Little Twin Stars triple (7th) collab angel OP in lavender, white and deep pink (SS15)

 My Melody 8th collab vol 2 snow OP in white (AW15), My Melody 8th collab vol 1 cosmetics OP in pink (AW15)

My Melody 9th collab cherry OP in white and pink (SS16)

 My Melody 10th collab vol 2 cache coeur OP in limited color all pink (AW16), My Melody 10th collab vol 1 sweet cake OP in pink (AW16)

 My Melody collab 2017 fukubukuro OP

 My Melody 11th collab vol 1 sailor OP in white and pink (SS17)

  My Melody 11th collab vol 2 cosme print OP in white and pink (SS17)

 My Melody collab special set music OP in pink (SS17)

My Melody 12th collab love letter OP in white and pink (AW17)

Tops (blouses, button downs, tunics, knits)
 Plain browsing top in white (SS15), Ribbon off shoulder top in white (SS15), Ribbon off shoulder top (SS14), Peplum cotton blouse in white (SS15), VENT 1st anniversary fur trim top (AW12), Cotton lace frill ribbed top in white (SS16), Chiffon A-line no-sleeve blouse in white (SS16), Margaret applique top in white (SS17), Lace bowtie blouse in white (SS13)

 Sailor collar blouse in white (SS16), My Melody 6th collab vol 2 gingham sleeve blouse in white (SS15), Vertical lace blouse in white (SS13), Cut x chiffon blouse in white (SS17), Tulip sleeve frill top in white (SS16), Cropped cambric puff blouse in white (SS14)

 Smocking embroidery off shoulder top in pink (SS17), Stripe ribbon blouse in pink (SS17), Stripe ribbon blouse in red (SS17), Cherry cotton top (SS16), Cinderella collar blouse in beige (SS15), Color collar top in bordeaux (AW17), Gingham ribbon blouse in white (SS17)

Lace sleeveless OP in white (AW14), Bow tie blouse in white (AW16), Lace collar top (SS11), 2013 fukubukuro ribbon graphic tshirt, Flare sleeve top in pink (SS16), 2013 fukubukuro butterfly sleeve floral top

Cotton lace frill top in white (SS16), Embroidery cotton top in white (SS13), Hep Five limited floral top in navy (SS12), Floral stripe top in navy (SS12), Sunflower parfait browsing top in pink (SS16), Floral cami top in white (SS13), Dyed check top in beige (AW13), Sailor collar top in navy (SS12), Check top in bordeaux (AW16), English rose peplum top in navy (AW16)

2013 fukubukuro 2-tone marshmallow knit top, Argyle marshmallow knit top in white (AW16), Rose lace shoulder knit top in white (SS15), Heart x candy knit in white (SS17), Open shoulder knit top in white (AW16)

Bottoms (skirts, suspender skirts, sukapan, shorts, pants)
 Houndstooth floral belted skirt in pink (AW15), Snow globe skirt in pink (AW15), Wagon skirt in pink (SS15), Ice cream skirt in pink (SS17), Cinderella suspender skirt (SS15), Opal flower gingham skirt in pink (SS15), Picnic print skirt in pink (SS16)

 Knit fitted skirt in white (AW13), Dyed check skirt in beige (AW13), Panel floral skirt in yellow (SS15), Cinderella suspender skirt in white (SS15), Waffle x lace skirt in yellow (SS16), Margaret cherry skirt in yellow (SS16)

 2013 fukubukuro check skirt, Sweet latte skirt in bordeaux (AW17), Ice cream skirt in red (SS17), Check skirt in bordeaux (AW16), Teddy bear book skirt in white (AW16), 17th anniversary key frame skirt in white (AW16), Key motif skirt in white (AW14)

 Lace flare skirt in navy (SS14), Houndstooth fitted skirt in navy (AW14), Gobelin print skirt in navy (AW17), Lace flower border skirt in navy (SS16), Handkerchief skirt in navy (SS16), Ice cream skirt in blue (SS17), Small flower fade skirt in pink (SS16), Monotone flower skirt in pink (SS16)

 Sunflower parfait sukapan in pink (SS16), Pleats sukapan in pink (SS16), Floral chiffon sukapan in pink (SS15), Candy print sukapan in pink (SS17), Rabbit ribbon sukapan in pink (SS17), Floral sukapan in pink (AW15), Floral sukapan in deep pink (SS14), Tropical juice sukapan in pink (SS17)

 Floral chiffon sukapan in white (SS15), Embroidery cotton sukapan in white (SS13), Corset tulle sukapan in white (SS16), Lace sukapan in navy (SS12), Hep Five limited floral sukapan in navy (SS12), Check pleats winding wind sukapan in brown (AW17), Pleats tulle sukapan in bordeaux (AW16), 2014 fukubukuro check sukapan

 Denim skinny pants in indigo (SS17), Floral pants in orange (SS13) 

2014 fukubukuro check pumpkin shorts, English rose ruffle shorts in navy (AW16), Knit shorts in pink (AW16), Floral shorts in deep pink (SS13), Cotton lace frill shorts in white (SS16), Knit shorts in white (AW16), Floral shorts in white (SS13), Back ribbon shorts in pink (AW13), 2013 fukubukuro shorts, Lace trim bubble shorts in white (SS10), 2013 fukubukuro inner short pants

Cardigans (sweaters and cover ups)
Scallop U-neck knit cardigan in white (AW13), My Melody collab 2017 fukubukuro cardigan, 2014 fukubukuro lace detail cardigan, My Melody 6th collab vol 1 merry go round cardigan in white (SS15), 17th anniversary key embroidery cardigan in white (AW16), 3D flower cut cardigan in white (SS15)

Frill ribbon cardigan in white (SS15), fur collar cardigan (AW15), Puff short sleeve lace cardigan in white (SS14), Lace peek cardigan in white (SS14), Sweet latte cardigan in white (AW17), Yui Kanno collab rose drop cardigan in white (SS15)

Long cardigan in white (SS15), Feather knit cardigan in white (AW16), Peplum cardigan in white (SS16)

2013 fukubukuro batwing knit, Crochet knit cover up in white (SS12), Ribbon line momonga cardigan in pink (AW17), Momonga cardigan in white (SS16)

Tulle layered cardigan in navy (AW17), Yui Kanno collab rose drop cardigan in lavender (SS15), Stripe ribbon cut cardigan in bordeaux (AW17), Flocking cardigan in yellow (SS16), Flower button cardigan in pink (AW16), Gingham ribbon cardigan in red (SS17), Watermark knit cardigan in pink (SS17), Flocking cardigan in pink (SS14), Bijou frill cardigan in pink (SS17)

Inners (camisoles and inner tops)
Key motif chain camisole in white (AW14), Daisy motif chain camisole in pink (SS12), Ribbon pearl motif chain camisole in pink (AW13), 2014 fukubukuro camisole, VENT 1st anniversary camisole, 2017 fukubukuro camisole

Outers (coats, jackets)
2013 fukubukuro fur collar coat, My Melody collab 2017 fur collar coat, My Melody collab 2016 fukubukuro pom pom coat, 3-way trench coat in beige (AW16)

Frill denim jacket in medium blue (SS17), Faux denim cropped jacket (SS13), Frill embroidery blouson in white (AW17), Rose applique frill blouson in pink (SS17), Riders jacket in pink (AW15), Riders jacket in beige (SS15), Scallop frill peplum blazer in beige (SS14)

Shoes (sandals, pumps, boots)
Ribbon platform sandals in white (SS14), Ribbon t-strap wedge sandals in white (SS12), Flower lace-up back wedge sandals in white (SS14), Flower heel wedge sandals in white (SS14), Clear pearl sandals in pink (SS14), Platform sports sandals in pink (SS17), Ribbon wedge sandals in pink and white (SS17), Knot wedge sandals in pink, yellow and white (SS13), Flower wedge sandals in beige (SS13)

Pom pom pumps in pink and white (AW15), Heart suede pumps in pink and red (AW14), 3-strap pumps in pink and bordeaux (AW17), Lace up pom pom pumps in bordeaux (AW16), Lace up platform pumps in red (SS17), Message embroidery cross pumps in pink (AW17), Heart organza pumps in pink (AW16), Many ribbon pumps in pink and beige (SS17)

Ribbon pumps in navy, blue and pink (AW15), Suede ribbon pumps in beige (AW16), 3D flower pumps in pink, yellow and white (SS16), Back ribbon pearl pumps in white (SS16), Glitter pumps in white (AW12), 2-strap ribbon pumps in beige (AW12), Flower wedge pumps in ivory and camel (AW15)

OTK ribbon pom pom boots in pink (AW13), OTK ankle chain boots in camel (AW12), Knee high pom pom boots in beige (AW13), Ankle boots in beige (AW13), Frill booties in pink (AW17), Ribbon ankle boots in pink (AW17)

Bags (purses, pouchettes, luggage, totes)
Seashell pouchette in white (SS14), Sweets clear envelope clutch (sS14), Ribbon embroidery pouchette (SS17), Ice cream woven bag in white (SS17), 3-piece cup Team C multi-way bag in beige (SS15), Scallop ribbon shoulder bag in navy (SS16), Heart frill pouchette in red (AW16), Tulip round purse in pink and white (SS16), Round flower pouchette in pink (SS17), Candy pouchette in white (SS17), Lace up pom pom pouchette in pink (AW16), Quilting pouchette in bordeaux (AW17)

2012 fukubukuro suitcase, 2013 fukubukuro suitcase, 2017 My Melody fukubukuro suitcase, 2015 web-limited embossed suitcase

2013 fukubukuro tote, 2016 My Melody fukubukuro tote

Strawberry happy bag tote (AW14), Floral happy bag tote (SS15), Happy winter tote (AW13), My Melody 2012 mook vol 1 tote, Logo happy bag tote (SS13), My Melody 2014 mook vol 4 tote, My Melody mook 2016 vol 6 tote, My Melody mook 2015 vol 5 tote, My Melody 2013 mook vol 2 pouchette, Popteen ruffle tote, My Melody 2013 mook vol 3 tote, VENT 2nd anniversary happy bag tote (AW13), various magazine pouches

Jewelry (necklaces, earrings)
Many flower earrings in yellow (SS15), Flower pearl 2-chain necklace in pink (SS15), Ice cream motif necklace in pink (SS17), Butterfly 2-chain necklace in white (SS16), Bijou necklace in white (AW15), Cameo motif necklace in white (AW14), Margaret choker in pink (SS15), Cherry pearl necklace in red (SS16), Sweet latte necklace in pink (AW17), Rabbit motif necklace in white (SS17), Big flower necklace in pink (SS14)

Hair accessories (barrettes, clips, hats)
Gingham ribbon barrette in pink (SS17), Yui Kanno collab rose barrette in pink and white (SS15), Flower pearl barrette in white (SS14), My Melody 6th collab vol 2 gingham ribbon barrette in white (SS15), 4-piece rose clips in pink (SS15), Strawberry ribbon barrette in red (SS17), 17th anniversary big ribbon cameo barrette in white (AW16), 4-piece sunflower clips in white (SS17), 4-piece cherry ribbon clips in red (SS17), Yui Kanno collab pom pom ribbon barrette in bordeaux (AW15), Cherry ribbon barrette in bordeaux (SS17), 2-piece bear ribbon clips in pink (AW17), Fur ribbon headband in pink (AW15)

Ribbon embroidery beret in pink (aW17), Corsage actress hat in white (SS16), Striped can can hat in pink (SS17), Flower applique beret in white (AW13), Dot mesh ribbon pork pie hat in beige (SS14), Paper can can hat in beige (SS16), Big ribbon beret in bordeaux (AW15), Wide brim fedora in white (SS16), Tulle can can hat in red (SS17)

Miscellaneous items/accessories (swimwear, roomwear, socks, cosmetics, handkerchiefs, phone cases, charms, etc)
Floral novelty rubber slippers, Gingham flower bikini in red (SS16), Gingham floral swimsuit set in pink (SS14), Floral novelty towel, Bandeau rose swimsuit set in white (SS15), Gingham floral towel in pink (SS14)

Chambre a coucher fruits heart pillow case (AW12), Chambre a couher flower lace heart pillow case (AW12), Key motif novelty pillow (AW14), My Melody 6th collab vol 1 pillow (SS15), 2014 My Melody fukubukuro blanket, Chambre a coucher lace big rose roomwear jacket and shorts in white (SS13), Bear roomwear jacket and shorts (AW16), My Melody 40th anniversary collab jacket and headband in white (SS15)

15th anniversary playing cards novelty floor mat (AW14), Chambre a coucher floral floor mat (SS11)

Argyle knee high socks in white (AW17), 3D flower ankle socks in lavender (SS14)

2014 fukubukuro fluffy pouch, My Melody Little Twin Stars (7th) triple collab LTS charm, Floral light up keyboard (SS11), Teapot & teacup novelty set (AW15), Floral 2015 event novelty headband, My Melody 6th collab vol 1 handkerchief (SS15), My Melody 2017 fukubukuro MM charm, My Melody 10th collab vol 2 stuffed iPhone case (AW16), My Melody special set MM charm (SS17), My Melody 11th collab vol 2 MM charm (SS17), Present print iPhone case in pink (SS17), Champouf charm in white (SS15), 14th anniversary floral ribbon watch (AW13), Rose motif lip gloss (AW14), Cinderella print novelty tea cups in pink and blue (AW14), Angel print handkerchief in pink (SS14), Selfie stick novelty (SS16), Rose scarf print handkerchief in beige (AW15), My Melody 5th collab strawberry iPhone case (AW14), My Melody 3rd collab iPhone case (AW13), Champouf pass case in pink (AW14), Champouf pouch in pink (AW14), Yui Kanno collab fairy story print novelty jewelry box in pink and white (SS15), Top and bottom eyelashes set (SS10), Big ribbon novelty pouch (SS15), Oshare Note dress up book, Big ribbon novelty mirror (SS15)

The questions
How many Liz Lisa OPs?  103
How many Liz Lisa tops?  43
How many Liz Lisa cardigans?  28
How many Liz Lisa bottoms?  57
How many Liz Lisa outers?  11
How many pairs of Liz Lisa shoes?  42
How many Liz Lisa items acquired in 2017? According to my tracking spreadsheet - 133

What is the oldest item I own? I've never really thought about this before, but since I had to go chase down some of the release seasons for the secondhand items, it's probably one of the tiered dresses from SS10. The earliest Liz Lisa items I purchased myself from a Liz Lisa store are the navy sailor collar blouse and flare jumperskirt from SS12 though.

What is the newest item I own? The most recently released item I currently have are the pink frill booties I think! I almost didn't get them because I was worried about the color, but they're actually more versatile than I expected.

What are my favorite items? It's really hard to pick, but I think that the knot wedge sandals from SS13 are definitely my favorite pair of shoes and my favorite clothing item might be the floral chandelier jumperskirt or the tulip romper!

Wardrobe goals for 2018? My current plan is to reduce clothing items by 50% or hopefully more. I have started listing clothing items in bulk in a public Facebook album initially and will possibly be extending to other venues if necessary. If you want to add me on Facebook, here's my profile, but you don't need to be FB friends with me or have an account if you're interested in an item. I will be arranging direct sales through email or messenger as necessary but primarily updating the items for sale through the album. Thank you.

This post includes about 99% of my Liz Lisa items. There are a few that I know I still own but just couldn't find while I was taking the pictures (a few pairs of earrings) and a few that I left at my work place (mirror, clock, towel), but I think this post is still a pretty accurate representation of the Liz Lisa items I had in my possession in December 2017. I did my best with the items names, colors and release season/year, but if you noticed I made an error, please let me know (especially helpful if you have a back up source link for older items!).