Saturday, February 27, 2016

OOTD - January & February 2016

Outfit dump for January and February 2016! I ended up creating more coordinates and actually capturing them more than I thought I would between these two months because I had anticipated being really lazy lol.

Outfit 1 (for church) -
Liz Lisa big flower faux 2-piece OP, Liz Lisa lace peek cardigan, Flag J pumps, off brand hair bow 

 Outfit 2 (for church) -

Outfit 3 (for work) -
Liz Lisa logo floral OP, Liz Lisa batwing knit cardigan, Kate Spade New York handbag, Liz Lisa knot wedge sandals

Outfit 4 (for work) -
Spinns embroidered collar blouse, Material Girl cardigan, Liz Lisa lace flare skirt, Liz Lisa ribbon pumps

Outfit 5 (for work) -

Outfit 6 (for church) -

Outfit 7 (for dinner with friends) -
Charlotte Russe high neck sleeveless lace top, Charlotte Russe tulle skirt, Flag J sandals, Forever21 necklace 

Outfit 8 (for work) -

 Outfit 9 (for work) -

Outfit 10 (for work) -
Liz Lisa sunflower OP, Liz Lisa floral wedge pumps

 Outfit 11 (for work) -

Outfit 12 (for church) -
Liz Lisa ribbon off shoulder blouse, Ank Rouge mermaid skirt, Liz Lisa (Popteen novelty) tote, Liz Lisa ankle socks, Liz Lisa (pom pom) pumps

Outfit 13 (for work) -
Material Girl dress, One Spo heart button cardigan, Nine West ankle boots

Outfit 14 (for work) -

Outfit 15 (red for Chinese New Year!) -
H&M dress, Flag J pumps

Outfit 16 (for work) -

Outfit 17 (for family CNY dinner at my grandma's house) -

Outfit 18 (for work) -

Outfit 19 (Valentine's Day coordinate / for church) -

Outfit 20 (for church) -
Liz Lisa off-shoulder plain browsing top, Liz Lisa picnic skirt, FlagJ sandals, Samantha Thavasa handbag

Outfit 21 (for work) -
Liz Lisa x Yui Kanno collab floral stripe OP, Liz Lisa puff sleeve lace cardigan, Liz Lisa (pom pom) pumps, Betseyville dot bow purse

Outfit 22 (for work) -
H&M sheer overlay dress, Nine West velvet sandals, Kate Spade New York purse

I got a bit lazy in January because I wasn't doing much lol. Mostly just work and I didn't bother looking good because most people were on leave at the beginning of the month haha. But I somehow unconsciously picked it up later in the month and continued on through February. When I was trying to determine what I could bear to part with to sell and what I wanted to keep from my wardrobe, I picked out a few items I hadn't worn in a while but definitely still love and wore them out later that week lol. I was also really excited to wear out a few of my newer items! Honestly, since these kinds of OOTD posts are only getting produced every couple months, it probably seems I re-wear items more than I really do (since I often wear the same outfit but to different events or occasions where the same people don't see me), but I'm happy to keep the pieces that I have and if they get more wear, that's better right?


  1. Woo! Nice variety of outfits! And also - lots of different hair styles ^^ I love the hair on Outfit 17~

  2. Love these posts, they are good for inspiration! I still can't get over how beautiful that Hep Five dress is @_@

    1. Thank you! I'm glad I grabbed it when I had the chance!

  3. I love the outfits but I love your hairstyles even more! :)

    1. Thank you! I don't do anything too intricate, but I'm glad you like them!

  4. I always feel so inspired to up my outfit game after I visit your blog! haha You are so on top of it and I'm always going to be a big fan of your style! <3