Friday, February 5, 2016

Tokyo Kawaii Life order 30 - Liz Lisa "pseudo-bukuro"

I decided to treat myself to some items from the Christmas sale since I didn't order a fukubukuro from Liz Lisa this year (yeah, that didn't end up staying true but it was correct at the time I made the order!). This way, I'd still be getting a good deal on items but wouldn't be constrained by the lucky pack set contents specifically. I ordered these items on 12/30 and because of the holiday break, they didn't ship from TKL until 1/4. No big deal to me because I wasn't in a real particular rush to get them lol. I ended up consolidating this with a small One Spo order and shipped via EMS which I haven't used in a long time. After consolidation, it was the cheaper shipping method considering the weight of the package, and it was nice to receive the package in 4 days (although during less busy times of year, sometimes SAL only takes a few days longer so I usually don't mind saving money for just a few more days wait).
The idea I had was to put together my own little "pseudo-bukuro" (a fake "fukubukuro") with sale items but constrain myself to the fuku set price and general content principles (outer + OP or other pieces and being able to make coordinates amongst with the items). In truth, I ended up going about 1000yen over the limit I set for myself but only because I didn't want to compromise what I was getting for the price and weird rules in comparison to just purchasing something I actually liked and thought I would wear. I guess you could also think of this as a DIY lucky pack! It's not really a surprise you're choosing all the items yourself, but you are getting a good deal on a variety of items compared to the retail price!
Quick note: ...SO APPARENTLY WHEN I TOOK THE COORDINATE PHOTOS FOR THIS POST, THE CAMERA WAS A LITTLE ZOOMED IN AND IT CUT THE TOP OF MY HEAD/MY FEET OFF IN MOST OF THE PHOTOS. UGH. I'm sorry but it took me so long to take all these photos and I didn't even realize it would be accidentally cropped like this because the camera was in the same place as it always is but apparently the lens was zoomed just a little bit. I just can't bring myself to take them again. I know the cropping is ugly and possibly distracting but it's definitely unintentional. This is really just too bad because I was SO looking forward to the coordinate photos for this post in particular and now they're a huge mess. Ugh, god, it's so irritating to look at considering how long it took me to take these photos tbh. Check the camera after the first few next time to make sure the framing is right, especially when you're going to take 529 photos FML. #lessonlearned

ライダースジャケット (152-7004-0)
Riders jacket in pink
I had absolutely no plans to get this jacket, especially because I have a somewhat similar beige one also from Liz Lisa that I just bought in March with slightly different details. HOWEVER, this one is pink! And it was initially sold out (in pink) when this listing was in the Christmas Sale but then somehow miraculously one was restocked in this color. Since I was trying to put together this pseudo-lucky pack, I gave myself permission to buy it because this was going to serve as the "outer" piece that's usually included in lieu of a coat since coats are not useful to me, but this kind of jacket is more likely to be worn. And if I'm going to be customizing my "lucky pack", I might as well pick things that work for me, plus how fortuitous is it that TKL restocks just one in pink just as I'm trying to put this all together!
IRL, the tone of this jacket is actually quite dark. I would still generally consider it "pink", especially in comparison to what the brown color option looked like, but the stock photo is definitely not the true color. My initial reaction was that the color was a bit more like "mauve" which has a bit more purple in it than pink. [After googling, I think the most accurate definition of the color might be "mauve taupe". Even my mannequin photos aren't picking the IRL color up the best so check out the link for a better color reference.] Considering that this is an autumn item, I'd say that the darker tone matches the season (versus a lighter pink that might be expected in spring). I'm not unhappy with it, but the color difference from the stock photo is notable imo. No real surprises except for the color. The fit and design is exactly as expected. The only thing is that the lace-up detail in the back is sewn such that it can't be adjusted to be tied tighter unless you seam rip out a set of stitches. This makes it seem a bit loose on me and on the mannequin so I may make some changes and re-tie it but it still functions fine as it is. It is indeed very similar to the spring 2015 version except for the color and a few details. I don't think it's a waste to have both though because I really do like that this one is pink. However, if I went on a trip, I would definitely only choose one to bring with me (whichever matched with whatever else I was bringing best).
No coordinate photos with the jacket here in this section, but you'll see it paired with all the other items from the "pseudo-bukuro" below!<

オパール花ワンピース (152-6032-0)
Opal floral print OP in white
I saw this OP in a few stores during my autumn Japan trip and almost bought it because I just needed something to wear and wanted it to be something I could also wear at home. This is an autumn item (obviously why it was still in stores in November) but still really light and therefore suitable for Hawaii as well. But I couldn't bring myself to pay full price for it knowing that it would likely make it to a good sale price online. And lo and behold, there it was in the Christmas sale. Even when it was on sale, I was nervous to purchase it though wtf. Because I didn't try it on in store while I had the opportunity, I was unsure about the fit and thought it might be too short since the stock photo model is very petite and I liked the length on her. Then Catherine pointed out to me that actually the listed length was longer than a number of dresses I already own which I failed to realize bc I was so focused on just comparing myself to the stock photo. Length no longer an inhibiting factor? Added to cart lol.
with Liz Lisa knot wedge sandals (summer coordinate) -

(Psuedo-bukuro coordinate 1) + Liz Lisa riders jacket with Liz Lisa OTK boots -

with Liz Lisa ankle boots & Liz Lisa cardigan (autumn coordinate) -
I s2g the base color of the dress IRL is actually almost pink-ish in certain light. I don't mind it personally and actually quite like it, especially because I think it matches with the jacket better this way. It can sometimes appear a bit more ivory/light yellow in other light though wtf. The only part of the dress that's bright/true white is the collar. The length of this dress is great for me (thank you Catherine for helping me realize it), and I really like it. However, like many other freesize OPs, the elastic waist of this dress is a good 2+ inches higher than my natural waist and sits on the bottom of my ribs. This is old news to me by now since it happens so often but it's still irritating somehow lol. It could be a lot more flattering but my torso is just a little too long for many freesize items to be A+ on me. <

ボアビスチェワンピース (152-6030-0)
Boa bustier OP in white
For reference: Shop staff on the left is 152cm. LL Gals Rima on the right is 164cm.
Items like this are usually a hard pass for me because of the mokomoko material of the bustier, but it's removable and I thought the (under)dress was simple but therefore quite versatile and casual without it. I also I really liked it on Rima! The sale made this dress a very reasonable price so I just wanted to try it lol wtf.
with Liz Lisa (pom pom) pumps (early autumn coordinate)-

(Psuedo-bukuro coordinate 2) + Liz Lisa riders jacket with Liz Lisa pom pom boots -

with Liz Lisa porkpie hat + Flag J sandals (casual summer coordinate) -

with Swankiss heart argyle top, Liz Lisa heart suede pumps and Liz Lisa ribbon ruffle bag (casual spring coordinate) -
I quite like it! This item is actually bright white in the top part and slightly off white in the skirt IRL as expected from the stock photos. The pom pom in the top center of the bustier is removable which I didn't realize when I ordered it and I quite like that. The fit is pretty good in terms of length, but again, without the help of the bustier, the dress would fit a lot better if the waist started an inch or two lower for me. The bustier itself is quite soft and I'm not exactly sure how much stretch it really has but it fits on me, as well as I could hope and isn't noticeably too big or too small. It also just barely fits on my mannequin though which is more like a medium but doesn't have a big bust. My only complaint is that it's a little hard to put on myself since there's a full zipper in the back. It's not impossible or different from any other garment with a back zipper though. The dress on its own does have a side zipper, but I didn't even notice it until after I had tried on and then taken off the dress and don't personally even need it to get in or out of it. The tulle is nice but not as soft as the chiffon on other Liz Lisa products (which is only expected). I'm not sure how often I'll use the bustier part since it does actually make me quite warm wtf, but I do think this will make a great casual OP.<

前結びノースリブラウス (652-1205-0)
Tralala cropped sleeveless blouse in white
I really wanted to have a basic white top in this order to complete the pseudo-bukuro. I wasn't really interested in anything from Liz Lisa due to the price + what was available mostly being winter stock. Somehow this Tralala top is for autumn/winter even though I personally think it fits a lot better with summer lol. But that works for me! It was actually between this and a pink cami with flower chain from Liz Lisa (since camis are common fuku items), but in the end, I thought this would be more useful than a cami and also the price was cheaper which I needed to make up for the Liz Lisa bottom that I purchased (see item below).
with Liz Lisa fruits gingham skirt and Liz Lisa knot wedge sandals (summer coordinate) -
The pseudo-bukuro coordinate for this item is with the floral sukapan below since you need a bottom to complete the look lol. After seeing this in person, I definitely think this is more of a summer item although the material is not really all that breathable. The color is bright white though. It's supposedly 100% cotton but a little on the stiff side although it also wrinkles fairly easily. I do like the fit on me and the length as a crop top is reasonably suitable for me, actually hitting my waist. Although it could easily work, I don't think I'm going to be wearing with/in conjunction with Liz Lisa coordinates very often. I would personally rather have this as a simple basic to wear with denim since I had quite a few other (Liz Lisa) basic white tops that don't have the cropped length or the little tie on the waist that potentially creates bulk there. Regardless, I believe it does serve its purpose in this order and also can stand on its own as needed. <

花柄スカパン (152-5005-0)
Floral sukapan in pink
This is the item that made me go over my imaginary "fuku price limit". This wasn't even on my radar because this sukapan had long since sold out in all colors by the time I was ordering. And then lo and behold, with all the browsing I was doing throughout the day to ensure I was making an informed purchase, I found this listing with just one restocked in the color I actually originally wanted it in back when it was first released. (Similar to the situation with the pink riders jacket, I figured that if I saw this randomly restocked with just one article in my color of choice and I only noticed it because I was so meticulously combing through the listings, I was meant to have it.) It was either this or a pink Tralala skirt that actually allowed me to be "under budget" but in the end, I reasoned that I liked this better and it was worth the higher price, especially because the Tralala skirt was actually kind of similar to a Liz Lisa skirt I already have.
(Psuedo-bukuro coordinate 3a for summer) + Tralala cropped sleeveless blouse with Liz Lisa knot wedge sandals -

(Psuedo-bukuro coordinate 3b for winter) + Liz Lisa riders jacket with Liz Lisa OTK boots -

with Liz Lisa flower lace shoulder knit and Liz Lisa flower wedge pumps (early autumn coordinate) -
The color is a little deeper than the stock photo which is quite washed out. I have the OP version of this print in bordeaux, and I don't think I would have recognized them to even be the same without prior knowledge tbh. They look quite different due to the variation in color story between the two. The fit is the same as pretty much every other sukapan I have in this style. It fits well on the waist and the length is on the short side for a skirt but appropriate for a sukapan imo. The overall look and material of this item is similar to another pink sukapan I have from summer 2013 but the print and color are different enough that I don't think having both is repetitive. It matches reasonably well with the Tralala top from this order. Tbh I was a bit nervous about the length of the top being too short to wear with this sukapan, but it worked out as well as I could hope, and I quite like the look with the top + sukapan + jacket! I'm glad I decided to get this sukapan in the end, and I'm happy with it.<

転写花柄ワンピース (152-6038-0)
Transfer floral OP in navy
For reference: Shop staff on the left is 168cm. Shop staff on the right is 160cm.
(If you can offer a better translation of this item name, please do!)
This OP wasn't high on my must buy list before the sale, but it was a price I couldn't resist, and I do love navy. The reason I wasn't immediately sold on this dress was because the neckline seemed too high for me. I thought it would just fit oddly on my body proportions which happens sometimes with certain freesize items depending on the cut. After looking at it on two different shop staff of different heights (I'm actually in between at around 162.5cm), I figured I could deal with the neckline because I liked the length and just added it to my cart because sale, so why not just try it?
with Flag J pumps (spring/summer coordinate) -

(Pseudo-bukuro coordinate 4ish) + Liz Lisa riders jacket with Liz Lisa ribbon pumps -

with Liz Lisa riders jacket (beige) and Liz Lisa ribbon pumps (autumn/winter coordinate)-

with Liz Lisa (pom pom) pumps & Liz Lisa x Yui Kanno collab rose drop cardigan (autumn coordinate) -
The pseudo-bukuro coordinate for this item doesn't REALLY work the best imo so I changed out the pink riders jacket for my beige one which I think is a slightly better match. In truth, I think this OP works best with a white cardigan, but I wanted to show it with the jacket anyway. The color of the navy color option in the stock photo is a lot more turquoise-y grey than it looks in the shop staff coordinates. IRL it's actually...kind of in between tbh. My mother insisted that it wasn't a true navy but I'm okay with calling it that. Idek lol. I actually really quite like the fit of this dress! There's no back or side zipper, but the waist actually sits pretty well on my body and the length isn't too long or too short. The ribbon tie is kind of long and wide though which can add unnecessary bulk to the waistline lol. I think I could have lived with it being at least a couple inches skinnier. I actually don't mind this OP with the ribbon tie tied in the front, back or not worn at all which is a first for me tbh and quite good lol. The neckline doesn't bother me at all either like I thought it would and it doesn't seem suffocating. Overall, the dress does have a bit of weight to it. It's not "heavy", but it definitely seems like an autumn/winter item rather than spring/summer just based on the material and because of that it makes it feel sturdy and well made. Because it's sleeveless, it shouldn't be a problem for me but I was surprised by the heft of it when I took it out of the package initially, especially compared to the other dresses.

Here's a quick coordinate video if you want to see more detail on the items or how the items "move" when worn -

For my first time trying to put together something like this, I'm actually quite pleased although it's not like the concept is all that novel. It's just that sometimes when things go on extreme sale, you're left to pick from odds and ends so it's not always as easy to create coordinates with all the items in an order. I think I was able to do a pretty good job of balancing things I wanted to buy while still keeping my pre-set budget in mind despite the very light overage. I'm going to forgive that given how many items I ended up with compared to how many came with the actual lucky pack of the matching price. I was able to create 3 different coordinates with the items in this order with the jacket and really there are 4 "coordinates" that can stand as their own without the jacket as well if that makes sense since an OP is kind of a coordinate on its own. Despite this order being made of entirely AW15 clothes, the items in this order are easily suitable not only for the summer-like weather in Hawaii but their intended season as well (and I tried to include coordinates that show that)!
I spent a lot of time putting things in and taking things out of my cart trying to decide the best combination of things (this cami or that top? this skirt or that sukapan? should I get shoes instead of a third dress? etc), but I'm genuinely really happy with this order as is. I guess if you're being a stickler, this isn't a true fukubukuro/lucky pack replacement because the top is from Tralala and there isn't a bag/tote that goes with it. But to be honest, I didn't include a bag on purpose. Although there is no exact pattern that I've been able to suss out, I have noticed that when I do get customs fees assessed, it's usually when I have a bag in my package. And because of that, I've been trying to order less bags from overseas. I'm going to cheat a little bit and count the linen shopper as the fuku bag since it did come with the order and it is technically Liz Lisa and matches with everything? Lol.  Yeah, I know I'm kind of stretching it, but give me a break lol. I got 3 OPs + a top and bottom + outer that work super well for me for a similar cost to a fukubukuro that only included a top and bottom + outer (+ tote), none of which were really usable for me in Hawaii weather except the bag. I'm going to call that a win :)

When I was trying to explain the "pseudo-bukuro" concept I had come up with to S to get an objective opinion, he told me "That's stupid. What you're doing is just shopping." And yes, ofc it is shopping wtf lol. I'm not saying that it's not. The point of this post and concept is more to show you that if you don't like the "mystery contents" idea from fukubukuro but you still enjoy getting a major deal on items especially around New Years, you can still employ the general concept but do it yourself and end up with items that you genuinely enjoy. Every year I see more and more complaints about customers not liking that you cannot choose what is in your lucky pack but insist on buying it anyway and then continue to complain. There's no need to complain! You can put together your own little bundle of items during a good sale and just buy what you want. I don't know if that's already clear or not, but I just wanted to try it out since this was supposed to replace a fukubukuro purchase for me this year. If no one but me likes the idea, I probably won't do it again but I wanted to give it a shot.


  1. While it's probably true that the general idea might not be completely new, I actually think you did a pretty good job with this pseudobukuro! <3 Well done!

    Two of my favourite coordinates here are:
    1 the navy OP with the pom pom pumps and rose drop cardigan and
    2 the pink sukapan with the flower lace shoulder knit and flower wedge pumps.

    Actually, the jacket in mauve-pink you picked doesn't clash too much with the navy OP (even though I agree that white looks great/best with it) since there is some kind of pink in the flowers that matches the jacket. Maybe with different shoes or mauvy-pinkish colorws socks and white shoes...?

    I also like your idea of pairing the Swankiss heart argyle top with the Liz Lisa heart suede pumps and ribbon ruffle bag with the plain white dress, that is creates very cute and happy outfit! ^^

    1. The navy OP coordinate is one of my favorites as well! I've already worn it out like that :) There is a LITTLE bit of pink in the flower but it's definitely not enough to be noticeable. If I wasn't all that picky, I'd wear them together but it's not what I could honestly call "matching" on it's own. You're right though that maybe socks or a different shoe could help. Probably not worth forcing it though lol!

  2. wow, I love all the dresses you show, and the jacket is soooo cute! But what I like the most is the skirt, i'm in love with it! I love your style, i'm following you now ^^

  3. I really like the jacket - I quite like the dusty pink. I like the idea of choosing the contents of 'pseudo-bukuro'.

    1. The jacket turned out to be really great (although tbh I expected it to be lol).