Friday, February 12, 2016

One Spo online store first order

I've been meaning to try ordering from One Spo's online shop, but haven't had the chance until recently. I was able to find a few items I was interested in during a sale and am glad there were no issues with the ordering process. I was able to use my Tenso forwarding service address without any problems. Since this was my first time ordering, I didn't want to take too big of a risk so I just ordered two small items!

2 Heart lace up OP in pink
The dress is on the thin side, unlined and a tad bit short on me. I guessed that this would be the case based on the price and style, and it is true. It's not anything worth complaining and certainly not unexpected. That being said, I really quite like it for what it is. It fits as I'm sure it's intended but I just personally prefer a slightly longer skirt for an OP, and I couldn't wear this to work. This is definitely a casual dress. It would also make a really reasonable nightgown except for the lace up ribbons lol.
with Guess? mary jane pumps and off-brand OTK black socks & Material Girl blazer -

with Nine West knee high boots -

with Nine West ankle boots & Michael Kors handbag & Material Girl faux leather jacket -
I'm not disappointed with it based on what I paid for it and although it doesn't really match well with a lot of my Liz Lisa items (not that I expected it to), it does bode pretty well with my non-Liz Lisa/regular wardrobe, so I think it's pretty good although I was scraping the bottom of the barrel with some of the accessories for this lol. The other ways I would wear it (like with a black cardigan and toned-down black sandals) I thought was a bit too uninteresting to bother photographing and unfortunately I don't have many "exciting" black accessories. I think I prefer it best in this last look with the faux leather jacket and the ankle boots!

Heart button cardigan in blue 
This color is so different and contrasting to my himekaji wardrobe, but I think it will be a great pop against black or white items. And it's so, so soft and warm, plus the heart shaped buttons are super cute. I purchased this thinking it would be nice to match with my One Spo skirt purchased during my Nov 2015 Japan trip since I can't always wear the pink fluffy long sleeve top with it. I like cardigans because unlike long sleeve OPs or blouses you're able to take them on and off as weather/temperature dictates lol.
with off-brand strapless top, One Spo plaid trapezoidal skirt and Flag J pumps -

with Liz Lisa tulle OP (minus bustier) & Samantha Thavasa handbag -

with Material Girl dress and Nine West ankle boots -
For some reason the blue/teal/turquoise color of the cardigan came out to be so electric when photographed wtf lol. It is certainly quite bright irl but not so toxic looking and matches with these items a bit better, I swear lol. I may need to toy with the editing a little more, but the IRL color is very close to the stock photo color. As it appears now, it does really make a statement though wtf. This cardigan is definitely on the warm side but will be good when I know I will be in chilly AC for a while (for example, at work). I look forward to using this as a more exciting alternative to just my white, cream or black cardigans.

I would definitely consider this order a success albeit quite a small one. I was able to confirm that I can order from One Spo's online store without issue in a low pressure situation since I was ordering sale items and am now somewhat familiar with the process for future buys that may be of more importance or "risky". For future reference, the One Spo online store domestic shipping flat rate charge is 648yen unless you meet the minimum for free shipping. The listings will tell you how long it will take to ship the item (usually around 2-3 days). I made my order on Jan 9, and it was shipped from One Spo on Jan 11. I'm glad to add these two items to my non-Liz Lisa or non-himekaji-ish wardrobe which has been stagnant for quite some time now.


  1. I quite like the dress but its definitely an item that needs styling but I think it would look cute with lots of different items. Love the colour of the cardigan as well.

    1. Definitely! It's quite plain on its own but with the price, it's justified I think.