Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Tokyo Kawaii Life order 32 - Liz Lisa Picnic print skirt, Fur collar cardigan & Floral sweater dress

I may have just used Chinese New Year as an excuse to order new clothes lol. Although really, I knew I wanted these items regardless...and since I was a cheapo and went with SAL, they didn't actually come in in time lol. So why wait to order at all? I was secretly hoping that there would be a magic sale price for one or more of these so I figured I would stall as long as I could and constantly check the stock numbers until there were only a few left and I'd have no choice but to purchase then at whatever price or not get them at all. Sometimes you just have to pay retail price lol.

Picnic print back ribbon skirt in pink (161-4002-0)
I missed out on getting the snow dome print skirt from late winter 2015 because I hesitated way too long, but I guess I can't complain because now I feel no guilt buying this early spring 2016 picnic print skirt haha. And actually I think this one might be a bit more suitable for me anyway. I always feel a little uncomfortable wearing anything with a snow print because it seems so poser-ish or out of place in the weather here haha.
Last year it was the wagon skirt and this year it's the picnic skirt! I really couldn't resist and I didn't want to miss out on getting my first choice for color. Although I really like all the color options for this series, but I decided that pink appealed the most especially after seeing all three side-by-side on the LL Gals. I really liked the top they paired with it as well, but I couldn't justify two full price items at this time. I'll definitely try to snag it during a sale though. I like both pink and white!
with Liz Lisa lace sleeveless top and Liz Lisa knot wedge sandals + Samantha Thavasa handbag  -

with Liz Lisa off shoulder ribbon blouse and Liz Lisa lace-up back pumps + Liz Lisa rose quilted purse -

with Liz Lisa fur collar cardigan (see below), Liz Lisa beret and Liz Lisa OTK boots -
No surprise, this skirt and the print are very pretty in person. The one thing that was surprising to me was that there's a side zipper! I believe this actually allows a little more flexibility for larger sizes because the fit does not rely solely on shirring and you don't have to worry about pulling it over your hips. As a result, this doesn't fit as snugly on my waist as the wagon skirt or the key skirt since the waist isn't full shirring due to the bow, but it does still sit nicely. I definitely see this being easy to use in multiple seasons. <

Fur collar cardigan in white
I really fell in love with this cardigan for some reason. It was paired with the snow dome skirt which was a late winter 2015 item and I really liked that combo but I hesitated for too long and missed the chance to get the skirt. Since the cardigan was still available when I was purchasing the picnic skirt, I figured it would still pair fairly well with that and other items that I have, so might as well get it! (See above for the cardigan paired with the picnic skirt!) I thought it was a bit unusual that the pink version of the cardigan had sold out so far ahead of the white one, but all the better for me since I only wanted white lol.
with Liz Lisa flower dot dress and Liz Lisa ribbon pumps -

with Liz Lisa faux 2-piece big flower OP and Liz Lisa (pom pom) pumps -
I was a bit concerned about the thickness of the cardigan. Even though the fur collar is removable (which is A+ for me), if the main part of the cardigan is too thick to wear often, it won't be used as much as I'd like. It's actually decently thin although the material itself does provide a little warmth. I think it will make a good layering piece. Another great thing about this cardigan is that I feel like it can easily be worn in different ways depending on what you're pairing with it - buttoned up (to double as a "top/blouse"), just top button with fur collar tied or without the fur collar at all which makes it a lot more basic and classic looking. You can even wear the fur collar without the cardigan with other items as well! (See below.) Pretty much all of my other Liz Lisa cardigans are cropped length which matches pretty well with most other Liz Lisa items, but I really like having this length of cardigan as well. <

Floral angora OP in white
I was really surprised to find this with still a lot of stock left! Usually white (and pink) sell out really quickly for sweater dresses when they go on sale. Despite living in Hawaii, I'm actually a huge fan of sweater dresses but I just don't usually buy them from Liz Lisa because I can't justify spending anything near retail price on something I probably won't wear very much. (I used to own and wear quite a few knit/sweater dresses in high school from like Charlotte Russe or Forever21, which by comparison are much cheaper but obviously also a very different style as well.) By the time Liz Lisa sweater dresses get down to a reasonable (for my purposes) sale price, the color option I prefer is usually sold out. Even though I still don't see this being a frequently used item for me, I had to jump at the chance to get this OP on sale in white and just hope it wouldn't be painfully thick!
with Flag J pumps -

with fur collar from Liz Lisa fur collar cardigan (see above) and Liz Lisa pom pom knee high boots -

with Liz Lisa OTK boots + Liz Lisa riders jacket -
The fit is just about as expected, and I really like the general shape and the length. Thankfully the material isn't insufferable but, at the same time, I know I'll probably look to wear this more on a trip most likely rather than at home unless we get an unexpected cold spell. That being said, because the dress isn't really, really thick and the main color is a very light color, nude color underwear is likely best to wear under it. I think anything exceptionally bright or contrasting to your skin tone could likely be seen through it. This isn't a problem for me, but possibly something worth noting for others!

I was very excited about this order particularly because the picnic skirt is my first spring 2016/"Pique – nique sur l'bere" item! Although I love seeing what Liz Lisa produces for autumn and winter, I really look forward to when spring finally rolls around because it means summer is also coming soon hahaha. No, but really, spring is usually a nice turn around from what winter brought and often means a whole new color story and theme. I can't wait for more spring items to be released!
That being said, I've really run out of room/space for my clothes and I'm going to attempt to cut back on my purchases for at least the next few months. That will help with not only the storage problem, but I'll also be saving money, so there's dual benefit. In the meantime, I've been evaluating my wardrobe and trying to pick out items that I don't wear very much or don't think I will use to the fullest of their potential. As such, I am looking for new homes for them, and you can view them here in my "Emiii's secondhand sales" page. (There's also a link at the top of my blog under the header.) There's nothing wrong with these items except that I feel like they would benefit from having new owners. Some of them are recent items that I like but don't think I will get around to wearing for one reason or another. Others are previously loved and worn but are no longer go-to pieces for me. Please see each item's description for specifics. You can message or comment on the sales page with questions. Thank you!


  1. They are all so sweet, I love the fur collar cardigan.

    1. Thank you, Ming! I love the cardigan too :)

  2. The cardigan is really nice. It looks really thin but warm and I really like the fur collar. The sweater dress and skirt are A++ (cause I bough both as well, so you know,)

  3. oh thank god I passed on the cardigan because I cant be bothered with thin material. Picnic skirt tho <3

    1. It's thin but not like painfully so, lol. But yeah, probably too thin for you. That being said, the fur, as much as I like it, is too hot for me lol. My neck was very very warm and my body was just slightly so lmao.

  4. Do you wear tights or leggings with a sweater dress?
    white sweater dress