Monday, February 1, 2016

Popteen February 2016 scans

I purchased the February 2016 issue of Popteen from Amazon JP (shipped directly to me!) and I wanted to share a few excerpts of them with you that interested me/that I thought would be interesting for you. These scans are meant to be for personal use and I do not claim ownership of these images. Please do purchase the magazines/book available through Amazon JP if you are interested in seeing more!
[click images to enlarge]

Like before, ordering from Amazon was simple and easy. My account was already set up, so I really just needed to sign in, add the Amazon fulfilled option to my cart and then check out! It shipped via DHL and arrived within 4 days.

NGL, I kind of purchased this specifically for the Liz Lisa tote that came with it lol. I'm that sucker who is just buying whatever has the Liz Lisa name on it wtf.
Although honestly, I have always been a fan of Popteen magazine. Even though it's changed a bit over the years, I still find the coordinates inspiring and I'm really happy with my decision to purchase this issue in particular. There was a ton of content I really enjoyed in it!

I do not claim ownership of any of the scanned images. Please purchase and support where you can!


  1. Some of the outfits are really cute - I like the way the page is layouted out too. I have no idea who the models are for popteen anymore (besides Nicolun XD)

    1. Sometimes I have a hard time picking which to scan since there's so much great content!

  2. Wow I feel like popteen is really changing! They are definately adding more Harajuku styles in there, and I saw a few larmeish looking outfits too!
    I love Nicorun :) And Michopa!!!

    1. (Foreign) People were getting really upset with Popteen looks being ID'd as "gyaru" for a while recently because it's not a "gyaru magazine" but I definitely still see all sorts of inspo that people from various fashion genres can pull from which is so great! I think it's really interesting that they're starting to feature men's beauty and fashion tips now too even if it's just a small section :)