Wednesday, January 18, 2023

EATME 2023 New Year Fukubukuro

I knew I would be interested in this year's EATME 2023 fukubukuro after being really pleased with last year's contents [EATME 2022 New Year Fukubukuro blog post]. Little did I know exactly how similar they would be!
The Runway Channel webstore had pre-orders available on November 22 with 2 color options corresponding to the dress - either black or mix (grey check). The other revealed item was a black coat and there would be 2 additional mystery items.
I knew for sure the black coat was something I wanted in this lucky pack, so there wasn't too much questioning about whether I'd pre-order or not. The only thing was the OP. Although extremely similar to last year, I chose the black version of the dress because it looked like it could possibly be a little bit longer (a positive to me) and I just didn't love the mix version. 

The contents
A black heavy pack! Slightly A-line knee length black coat (as promised), similarly slightly A-line black dress with removable contrast color collar and cuffs, a black puff sleeve thick knit cropped cardigan and a matching black thick knit mermaid style skirt. + the bag which is a black tote with faux leather straps.

The coordinates
the dress

the dress without collar or cuffs

the dress + cropped cardigan 

the dress + coat

the skirt (with EATME pintuck blouse)

the skirt + the cropped cardigan, unbuttoned and buttoned

the skirt (and cropped cardigan) + coat

with the bag
Love the fit of the dress and the coat! I really like the length and the little puff sleeve on both, and they pair very nicely together. I'm also so glad about the cropped cardigan length. It actually hits my waist where it's flattering and the sleeves are so cute. They don't come off really strong in photos, but I'm loving it in person. The skirt is a bit plain and the waistband is maybe a couple centimeters larger than I'd prefer in order to keep it on my waist with the overall weight of the skirt itself, but it's absolutely wearable while still feeling trendy.

2022 vs 2023 comparisons
The coats have different cuff details at the ends of the sleeves and overall the sleeve shape is a little bit different (more volume/length on the 2022 version). For what I was looking for this year, I'm glad to have the simpler 2023 version as part of my wardrobe. The dresses are near identical in the same color but the big difference in the waist seam on the 2022 version and the collar area. I do prefer the 2023 version and I'm glad I decided to get black despite the extreme similarities. Big differences for the skirt and the cardigan are the material but both are just solid black which makes them great wardrobe staples. Also the trendier half volume sleeve on 2023's cardigan is something I'm so looking forward to styling. The bag follows the same trend of being extremely similar without being the same. The 2023 version does seem to be a little bit smaller, but I don't have any problems with that. 

While this didn't turn out to be a very exciting lucky pack after getting the 2022 version, I'm still glad I got it for the coat (main impetus for the purchase anyway) and everything else is just great padding to my wardrobe. Can't go wrong with black lately!

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