Friday, December 11, 2015

Liz Lisa 2016 Fukubukuro (& sample reveals!)

UPDATE - For information regarding Liz Lisa 2018 fukubukuro click here!

For actual photo reveals by customers, please check out my Liz Lisa 2016 Fukubukuro recap post here!

Need an introduction to New Years fukubukuro/lucky packs? Please check out what I've written in my guide to buying Liz Lisa online blog post! (or click to jump to a section below)
Fukubukuro/new year's lucky packs
     What are fukubukuro/lucky packs?
     What's inside?
     How can I get one (online/since I am not in Japan)?
     How much is shipping?
     How else can I get the items?

Liz Lisa announced their fukubukuro options by price on Dec 1, 2015 at around 19:00.
Tokyo Kawaii Life pre-orders would begin on Dec 11 at 19:00 and this was also announced on Dec 1 at 19:00.

The designs and details based on their TKL listings are as follows:
★ Premium My Melody tote
25000円福袋 プレミアムマイメロトート
Price: 27000yen (tax in)
# of contents: 6 including a coat and My Melody pouch. Items should be able to create 2 coordinates.
The tote has a plaid and My Melody print on it with frill detail on the handles. This lucky pack is exclusive to Tokyo Kawaii Life for online sales. I'm not certain as to it's exact size but comparing the picture to previous years' big tote, it does appear to be slightly smaller.
Sample "reveals" featuring the possible contents (worn by Yui Kanno) were added to the TKL listings on 12/18 at approximately 19:00 -

A sample reveal was also posted to on 12/18 -
The contents are described as a 2-way coat, floral print OP, check print top, check print sukapan, camisole and My Melody print pouch with a retail value of about 42000yen.
Check out more reveal photos here [X] [X][customer reveals]
[The pre-order listing for this bag sold out on TKL on 12/11, noted at 18:00 HST. TKL "relisted" this fukubukuro as pre-order at approx 18:00 on 1/5, Japan time after a small announcement/hint on their IG (although the hint listed the time as 19:00). The second pre-order listing sold out on 1/9 at around 16:00 HST. TKL restocked the second listing (again as pre-order) on 1/13 and was noted as sold out on 1/18.]
I ended up ordering one :D Click here to check out my blog post about the contents with coordinates.

★ Rose ribbon tote (Sweet or Casual style)
15000円福袋 ローズリボントート   Sweet Set / Casual Set
Price: 16200yen (tax in)
# of contents: 3 including a coat which should create 1 coordinate.
Floral print tote with ribbons on each side. Appears to be bigger than the Liz Lisa x My Melody x Little Twin Stars triple collab tote.

Sample "reveals" featuring the possible contents (worn by Yui Kanno) were added to the TKL listings on 12/18 at approximately 19:00 (left: sweet, right: casual)-

A sample reveal was also posted to on 12/18 (top: sweet, bottom: casual) -
The sweet set contents are described as a hood ribbon short coat, collared top and floral print skirt with a retail value of 25000yen.
The casual set contents are described as a short "P" coat, off shoulder knit top and volume skirt with a retail value of 25000yen.
Check out more reveal photos here [Sweet X | customer reveals] [Casual X | customer reveals]
[As far as I can tell, the listings for these bags on TKL did not "sell out" but the listings for both bags were removed from TKL on 1/4]
[Individual content items were listed for sale on TKL on around 02/08]

★ 3-way Lace up bag
Price: 5400yen (tax in)
# of contents: 2 including an OP.
Lace up detail on front flap of bag which can be used three ways - as a handbag (short top handle), as a shoulder bag (removable long strap through the two links on the side) and as a backpack (removable long strap linked at the bottom on one side, going through the top middle link and then fastening on the opposite bottom link). Based on the pictures, it seems to be a very similar size to the 2015 3-way bag.

Sample "reveals" featuring the possible contents (worn by Yui Kanno) were added to the TKL listings on 12/18 at approximately 19:00 (top left and bottom row: sweet, top right: casual)-

A sample reveal was also posted to on 12/18 (top: sweet, bottom: casual) -
The sweet set contents are described as a ruffle shoulder A-line OP and camisole with a retail value of 11000yen.
The casual set contents are described as an off shoulder knit OP and "shaggy" tank with a retail value of 11000yen.
Check out more reveal photos here [Sweet X | customer reveals] [Casual X | customer reveals]
[The pre-order listing for the sweet version sold out on TKL on 12/18, noted at 06:30 HST. The pre-order listing for the casual version sold out on TKL on 12/25, noted at 16:00 HST. The "sold out" listings for both bags were removed from TKL on 1/4.]

Please also remember that I don't have any extraordinary knowledge about lucky pack contents. What I've written here that isn't explicitly stated by TKL in the listings is pure speculation and just based on what information I've gathered from previous years. However, there's never any guarantee that what's happened in the past is necessarily what will occur this year!
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  1. I'm tempted to buy one but don't know whether to wait for the sample reveal or not in case it sells out. I'm disappointed in the amount of items this time though for the rose ribbon tote set. It seems quite expensive for only 3 things even if 1 item is a coat and I like that tote more than the my melody one which is a shame.

    1. I think that if you'll have any sort of regret later and you can manage it financially (in general), it's best just to do the preorder unless you're going to stalk the listings like a hawk. Waiting for reveals is risky but sometimes if you're tight on cash and particular about what you like, it's worth it. Liz Lisa seems to account for their popularity and stock quite a few LPs for each listing based on last year (but of course that doesn't necessarily mean they'll do the same this year). Once reveals are exposed, certain bags will likely sell quite quickly.
      If you look at what Liz Lisa has offered in the past and compare it to the choices now, it is easy to feel disappointed based on the price and number of content items and I understand your feelings. However, 15000yen for two clothing pieces, a coat and a tote is still pretty reasonable. Similar totes have been retailing for around 6500 - 7400yen. A coat retails always retails for more than 10000yen (usually 13000yen at minimum). If the clothing items are a cami and an OP, the retail for those will be around 12000yen+. If it's a top and a bottom, those usually retail for 6500-7400yen each. If you think about it that way, it's not so lopsided. I don't think it's too bad of a deal but it's certainly been better and I'm not sure why they didn't list the retail value of the contents this year which is making me just guess based on previous years.
      I've appreciated the effort Liz Lisa has put into the designs and quality of the recent years items though.
      Good luck with whatever you decide!

  2. I want to get the rose tote, but I can't decide between sweet and casual. I wouldn't mind getting pink things, but I'm not as into Liz Lisa's more hime things anymore, so I don't want to risk it being really girly, but at the same time I'd hate for the casual bag to be too plain, I mean.. I guess it's LL so it's not going to be plain but you know? I didn't like their dress from the casual bag last year... I don't even know if they will do reveals seeming they were so late bringing out the bags this year :(

    1. I'm sure they will do reveals but likely not on the same day as last year since we're already about 10 days behind the 2015 release schedule. The good thing about Liz Lisa is that they usually do continually sell the LPs even after the presale (as regular listings) after Jan 1 since they do produce so many. But ofc it does depend on how popular the product is and every year isn't guaranteed to have the same response.
      I thought that Liz Lisa handled the "casual" style bag really well last year. It was true to the casual theme yet still strongly Liz Lisa. If you liked last year's I'm sure this year's wouldn't be too much of a stretch for you either.
      I know a number of people who are waiting for reveals, so if that's what you're doing too, I would be watching the listings carefully!

  3. I was considering getting the 5,000 yen lucky pack for a graduation present to myself, though I'm not sure if it's worth it with shipping and everything factored in. Someone told me that shipping alone could come out to be $40 or more... is it really that expensive to buy things from Japan?

    1. It depends on your forwarding or shopping service and what shipping method you choose. It also depends on what country you're shipping to and what the current conversion rate is to your country's currency (whether the yen is strong or weak compared to it can make a huge difference).
      Consider checking out the shipping information I've collected from past year's fukubukuro here - and here -
      You may also be interested in looking at my examples of Tenso usage fees based on past orders of my own here -
      Hope this helps.

  4. i cannot wait to get the Lucky bags! I am thinking about the My melody one, and the casual tote!! which one or ones do you one emi?? : )

    1. I'm not confident yet! But the MM sold out pretty quickly. I guess we'll have to see if it restocks :)

    2. oh dear!! i will be one of the first ones to line up at the LL store here!! It opens at 10am i will be there!! Hahaha!!! i hope you get the one you want! : )

  5. Do you know if there are no trunk that would be announced later or there is no trunks this year?

    1. At this point there are no trunk lucky packs for Liz Lisa to be sold online. The information I have provided in this post is the information that I know. Unfortunately, I do not have any extraordinary or inside knowledge from/about the brand and I would not withhold it if I knew more :)

  6. which one were you hoping to get this year?

    1. I'm not sure. I purposefully didn't wake up for the pre-order this year because I didn't want to get pulled into the hype without thinking it through and I've been trying to be more conservative/smarter with my personal finances. Lucky packs are fun but always have winter items like coats which are not useful to me. I haven't decided what I want to do yet :)
      Anything for you?

    2. Somewhat of the opposite lol. I wanted next year to start actually expanding my wardrobe so I got the My Melody one. I am also thinking of getting the 5000yen one but probably will wait until the reveal.

      Im really excited :)

    3. I'm excited for you as well! Hope you get some good stuff :)

  7. Do I need to pre order online if I'm going to japan? Or do I just line up?

    1. You can pre-order online and have the lucky pack delivered to your residence or you can line up and purchase in store and get it in person. Pre-ordering it online will not equate to a reservation for in store pick up.
      If you want to get one from stores in person, I would suggest going to the store you are planning to visit and ask what their plans are for fukubukuro (what day they will be sold, what time they suggest you line up, where the line will start, etc.)

  8. Oh dear, I sprung for the rose ribbon sweet set. The coat is cute but I hope there are some lighter color skirts. I should've waited for the reveal! I wouldn't have been able to afford the My Melody sets, but they're adorable. I'm really wishing I had gotten the casual lace-up bag. Maybe if I'm lucky TOM will re-stock it. :c

    1. They still have it available on TKL and Shibuya 109 net shop if you're interested.

    2. Thank you! I'm going through your tutorials for that right now C:
      Unfortunately I think after the ribbon lucky pack I probably don't have enough in my budget for the lace-up bag and shipping. :C

    3. Hope you receive something you'll be happy with!

  9. Which ones are you getting Emi? =) I think I'm going to get the Lizmelo and sweet set!

    1. Are you going to be in Japan again? So lucky! I didn't order right away so I'll see what they restock :)

  10. So sad they don't have any trunks this year :(

    1. At least the shipping should be a little cheaper lol. I don't mind the change up but I think that's probably because I can't afford to impulsively buy a 5th trunk.

  11. Hey, Emiii-chan!
    I was wondering-and I'm sorry if you've covered this on another blog post, I just haven't seen it- when does Liz Lisa begin announcing pre-orders for fukubukuros/lucky bags?
    I can assume from this post the winter ones pre-orders begin December 1st and as you said they officially came out on the 1st this year... But what about the spring and summer lucky bags?

    1. I've been trying to document any announcements that Liz Lisa has made about fukubukuro in their corresponding blog posts. It's not the same every year so it's best to just subscribe to TKL emails or follow the official blog or social media accounts. According to this post, the announcement for 2016 fuku release dates came out on Dec 1. According to the 2015 post, the announcement for 2015 fuku release date was Nov 26. I was not yet blogging at this level of detail prior to that.
      Fukubukuro are specifically *New Years* items but the "happy bags" that are listed throughout the year do not follow such strict guidelines or seasonal regularness and are at the discretion of the brand. Again, it's best to subscribe to TKL emails to keep up to date on these announcements if they come up. If you're buying from secondary sites not officially affiliated with the brand, unfortunately I do not have information about those and do not blog about them.