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Japan trip Summer 2017 Part 4: Liz Lisa summer items haul

Here are the summer items I purchased during my Summer 2017 Japan trip! -

Since it seems that some people want shorter blog posts but there's still a desire to organize the items to know exactly which will be in which of 2 posts, I've decided the best way to satisfy that is to separate this trip haul into two seasons - Summer and Autumn! Summer items are up first because they were released first chronologically and fit best with the current weather we have in the northern hempisphere :| I tried to integrate some of the new items into outfits with the other new items! When you see the item marked with a * in the description of a coordinate, it's also a new/featured item within the post!

Sunflower OP in orange (173-6039-0)
Purchased from Liz Lisa Harajuku Takeshita doori on Day 3.
I knew going into the trip that I wanted to buy the sunflower OP from this year after seeing it on Amby. I already have the jumperskirt version from this print series in white, so I wanted to take a look at the two other color options (deep pink and orange) in person and decide which I liked better based on that. In the end, I mostly ended up picking orange because I knew I needed an outfit to wear on the last day, and the dress needed to match the shoes I already had with me. Regardless, I think I would have picked orange either way. It's certainly not in my usual wheelhouse but I don't mind that!

with Liz Lisa stripped can can hat* and Flag J sandals + Liz Lisa ice cream woven bag*

with Liz Lisa (flower) wedge pumps + Liz Lisa My Melody 2017 fukubukuro cardigan -
I wore this on Day 6 of the trip, and it wasn't as heavy and bulky as I expected it to feel in the humid summer weather. I ended up wearing it with the sleeves on my shoulders (vs off shoulder) for most of the day, and there wasn't anything particularly awful about it! The color is a little unusual - in some lighting I think it would likely pass as a peach or even possibly nude color, but I think it's more interesting that way and matches with all of my neutrals and even looks good with whites!

Sunflower OP in white (173-6039-0)
Purchased from Liz Lisa Machida 109 on Day 5.
This is the same dress as above but in the white colorway. It's also the same series and color as the jumperskirt I purchased from TOM.
Although I had already purchased this dress in orange, when I saw that the Machida store still had the white color option in stock, I jumped at the chance to get it as well because I really like the print on white. It also helped that Ebony would also be purchasing it!

with Liz Lisa corsage actress hat, Liz Lisa sunflower motif clips* and Liz Lisa knot wedge sandals -

with Liz Lisa sunflower motif clips* and Liz Lisa ribbon wedge sandals + Liz Lisa frill denim jacket -
Despite already having the jumperskirt, white was really my first choice for color if possible and I'm delighted to have had the chance to get it. The sunflowers stand out so well against the background in this colorway! The fit of this OP is really nice. There's no side zipper but the waist is extremely stretchy and still has a small enough starting point where it isn't bulky on my body. The neckline is also stretchy and is great for off shoulder looks as well. The bows on the sleeves are a little obtrusive under outerwear, but I think it's meant to be shown off without being covered anyway

Sunflower motif 4 set clips in white (173-9208-0)
Purchased from Liz Lisa Ikspiari on Day 4.
There are two solo sunflowers on small alligator clips and two solo ribbons on small alligator clips. They can each be used individually or as desired.
Because I have multiple sunflower items in my wardrobe now (including those from past years' sunflower series), it only makes sense to also purchase sunflower accessories! I was determined to get these clips after loving and using well the red hair clips I got during the last trip.

with Liz Lisa sunflower jumper skirt, Liz Lisa cardigan and Liz Lisa wedge sandals -

with Liz Lisa sunflower parfait OP, Liz Lisa tulle can can hat and Liz Lisa platform lace up sandals -
[Also worn with Sunflower OP in white coordinates above]
I'm happy with this purchase and actually used both the ribbon clips and the sunflower clips while on the trip itself [Day 5 and Day 6]. The clips really help complete a sunflower themed outfit and are perfect on twin tails or just a small little added detail to an updo. The clips grip very well and are easy to use. There is actually a left and right side to the ribbon clips which is something they didn't do for the cherry clips earlier in the season.

Sunflower ribbon clip earrings in white (173-9006-0)
Purchased from Liz Lisa Harajuku Takeshita doori on Day 3.
Each earring features a sunflower with attached ribbon and heart rhinestone. The earrings are clip on style with a small adjustable screw for comfort.
I purchased these on accident because I thought they were the clips above! No worn example pictures because I didn't try them on. I am thankful that I have since found a new home for them ♡

Lace pleats OP in green (173-6043-0)
Purchased from Liz Lisa Omiya Arche on Day 3.
I have the long sleeve spring version of this dress (purchased in January), but the sleeveless version looked so lovely as well that I knew I would want to try and get it if possible - especially because it was available in this light green color! Although the white and pink version is so idyllic and sweet, there was something I always found interesting about this dress in green that made me immediately want it. Most of the stores didn't have stock in this color, but I'm glad I was able to find a store that did.

with Liz Lisa ribbon wedge sandals* + Liz Lisa ice cream woven bag* -

with Liz Lisa 3D flower pumps + Liz Lisa x Yui Kanno collab rose drop cardigan and Kate Spade New York purse -
The "waist" of this dress sits fairly high on my body but that's not unusual for free size items on me. With a little adjustment, it doesn't look awkward or unnatural as far as I can tell. The waistline is stretchy and there is no side zipper for this dress. I do like the length and the material and the color is definitely something I'm glad to have.

Ice cream motif necklace in pink (173-9112-0)
Purchased from Liz Lisa Harajuku Takeshita doori on Day 3.
This is a single chain necklace with clear beads intermixed along the chain as well as a tiny star charm on each side of a 3D ice cream x ribbon pendant.
Since I have the ice cream dress, I needed the ice cream necklace! I'm slowly but surely becoming more accustomed to buying/spending money on and wearing a slightly larger variety of accessories! I'm not really sure why this is, but I just love having a full matching set of items and since this was available, I was happy to purchase it.

with Liz Lisa ice cream OP, Liz Lisa striped can can hat*, Liz Lisa ice cream woven bag* and Liz Lisa ribbon wedge sandals* -

Also shown up close with Ank Rouge big collar OP -
This necklace is pretty specific, but I was on a roll with the ice cream series, so I was determined to complete it. It's the perfect complement to the ice cream OP but also just works as a quirky necklace with any pastel look!

Ice cream woven bag in blue (173-9421-0)
Purchased from Liz Lisa Machida 109 on Day 5.
This bag is made from a soft woven material in the shape of an upside down trapezoid. The interior is lined with a striped fabric and has a drawstring closure. There are tiny ribbon appliques evenly applied to the front of the bag and a removable large, flat ice cream pass case charm.
Although I DIY'd my own version of the red gingham bag, I realized that I really wanted an actual woven bag from Liz Lisa given the opportunity if I didn't have to ship it. I loved seeing this bag in a lot of Liz Lisa shop staff photos and thought it would be great for summer (which is all year in HI)! I chose the blue color because despite the interior pouch and handle having a light blue stripe pattern, with the ice cream removed, it really just looks all white, and I thought it would be most flexible this way!

with (Liz Lisa ice cream motif necklace*), Liz Lisa chiffon bandana print maxi dress and Liz Lisa ribbon platform sandals

with (Liz Lisa ice cream motif necklace*), Liz Lisa tropical juice OP and Liz Lisa clear pearl sandals -
[Also shown with Sunflower OP in orange, Lace pleats OP and Ice cream motif necklace coordinates above + Striped can can hat coordinate below]
The blue stripes for the interior fabric and handle are very unnoticable and I'm glad I made the decision to get the blue version of this bag which I think is going to be extremely versatile. Once the ice cream pass case is removed, it becomes much more neutral and can be used with almost any summer outfit! With the pass case on, it's a lot more cutsey with the novelty aspect and is especially great to pair with blue and white outfits. The bag can also hold a really good amount of stuff and the drawstring closure allows for even more space.

Striped can can hat in pink (173-9504-0)
Purchased from Liz Lisa Machida 109 on Day 5.
This is a short brim can can style hat with a lace detail along the brim and a striped band around the base. At the back of the hat, the band concludes in a ribbon with a small 3D ice cream charm.
I saw this hat in most other stores only in the red version, but Machida pulled through again having one last pink hat! I already have the red tulle can can hat, so I was really hoping to get a similar style hat with pink or white details and this was just perfect, especially because it will just so easily match with the rest of the items I got from the ice cream series this year!

with (Liz Lisa ice cream motif necklace*), Liz Lisa floral shirring OP, Liz Lisa ice cream woven bag* and Liz Lisa knot wedge sandals -

with Liz Lisa flare sleeve blouse, Liz Lisa fruits water jumperskirt, DIY gingham woven bag and Liz Lisa flower wedge lace up back sandals -
[Also shown with Sunflower OP in orange and Ice cream motif necklace coordinates above]
While being an extremely similar design to the tulle can can hat, there's something slightly less flattering for my head shape/size(?) with this hat comparatively. It does seem to fit a little better on my head so maybe it's slightly smaller but it could just be my imagination. That being said, I still really like it and found it easier to match with than I had anticipated. Of course it looks great with all the other items in the ice cream series, but can easily work with other non-ice cream themed outfits as well because the charm is so subtle.

Flower round pouchette in pink (173-9429-0)
Purchased from Liz Lisa Harajuku Takeshita doori on Day 3.
This is a small, round shape wicker/woven-type purse with 2 different size roses on the face with short handles and a solid pink color drawstring pouch sewn in for the interior.
The roses and cute round shape immediately caught my attention for this item, but it wasn't until seeing (and using!) Amby's that I knew I wanted it for myself. I was very pleased to find that a few stores still had this pouchette in stock in pink and happily scooped it up given the chance.

with (Liz Lisa ice cream motif necklace*), Liz Lisa x My Melody 4th collab floral OP and Liz Lisa flower wedge heel cage sandals -

with Liz Lisa off shoulder ribbon blouse, Liz Lisa tropical juice sukapan and Liz Lisa (pom pom) pumps -
It's so cute but fits almost nothing in it, especially because the woven part of the bag is very structured/stiff. It's definitely not something I see myself being able to use for daily life (maybe a specialty outing) but I love the concept and that it has both the short handles and the thin chain for a shoulder strap. The pink roses will easily match with many Liz Lisa items.

Ribbon wedge sandals in white (173-9610-0)
Purchased from Liz Lisa Omiya Arche on Day 3.
These shoes feature a wedge heel with a platform, open toe front and closed back with an ankle strap. There is a ribbon at the back with the ankle strap that is tied in a bow but can be (re)moved.
This was actually the last white pair in L they had at this location! I already have the same shoes in the deep pink color, but I love them so much that I knew I would want them in white as well, especially because it's a bright white color! I ended up using them on Day 5 of my trip when I went shopping with Ebony and she purchased the same pair ♡

with (Liz Lisa ice cream motif necklace* and) Liz Lisa My Melody collaboration special set OP -

with (Liz Lisa ice cream motif necklace*), Liz Lisa floral chandelier jumperskirt and Samantha Thavasa purse -
[Also shown with Lace pleats OP and Ice cream motif necklace coordinates above]
Like the pink pair, the ribbons can easily be removed or retied per your preference. When I used the shoes in other items' coordinates, the bow is in the back but also showed it without and on the side directly above. The white color is very easy to match with, especially because it's a very bright white color. The only downside is that I see these getting dirty pretty quickly without proper attention!


When I unpacked my suitcase at home and examined what I had purchased from SS17 during the trip, I realized how light I was on summer clothes! In fact, I only bought three clothes items and they were all dresses...2 of which are the exact same dress (which would only be 1 dress if I had only seen the white one first). I guess I ended up purchasing all of my priority summer items ahead of the trip because I was worried they would sell out or I was just incredibly impatient! In any case, I was still able to get most of what I wanted from this season, and I'm really happy with purchasing the two bags during the trip because they're such a pain to ship. I think most of the non-clothes items I got will be extremely useful/versatile within my wardrobe, and I'm glad I'm branching out a little more from just buying clothing! It was fun to integrate the accessories into many different coordinates throughout this post.

Autumn items purchased during the trip are coming up next! Published now here!

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  1. I really like the sunflower OP on you! I wasn't sure on it initially but it looks really nice on you. The light orange is really beautiful as well. Also love that you basically binged accessories. XD Good job!

    1. I think the sunflower OP is much more flattering irl than it seemed in the photos, especially because of how fitted the waist can be!

  2. I loved the sunflower skirt last time and then this post is just ALL sunflowers and it made me smile! haha That first one that has the dusty-pinky color is so flattering on you!

    1. The orange color is such a nudey tone that I think it almost washes me out but I'm happy to be trying it out!

  3. not trying to be stuck up about spelling, but just letting you know that you have one spelling typo in the description paragraph for the ice cream woven bag in blue -- "despire" when i think you meant "despite" haha.

    anyways, i love all the bags that you got! they're so cute <3 i also really love the striped can can hat. i'm so into woven items right now. it's great to dress vicariously through your posts x)

    1. It's not stuck up at all. I clearly don't think despite is spelled like despire - it was definitely a typo that I didn't catch, and I'm glad you pointed it out. Thanks for actually reading!

  4. You got it in orange!! I think it even kinda looks a bit baby pink, and gosh it is such a nice fit isn't it? Easily my fav dress of this collection! I also love the sunflower ribbon combo you did with the hair clips, so cute!!! I can't wait to see what Autumn items you got..!

    1. It's definitely not as strong of an orange as I would have assumed - very nice!

  5. So cute!

    The sunflower and ice cream accessories are adorable. I really like that bag and hat from the ice cream set! The bag is, as you said, a great neutral piece and just screams summer. The flower clips are very cute, and your hair is adorable with them in it ^^ Tbh I'm not a fan of the opening on the sleeves of the sunflower dress, but I think does add to the summery mood. Your first coordinate with the white OP is lovely, and the mint dress would probably look beautiful in a neopolitan colorscheme!

    Also you pull off the maxi dress so well.

    1. I actually like the keyhole in the sunflower OP sleeves but aren't the biggest fan of the length and bulky bows but I think it's still a fairly cute design overall. Thanks!

  6. I LOVE the sunflower dress in white! So pretty! And those bags! I always had a love for food theme bags. I think that's the kind of thing that stuck when I used to be a Lolita xD And the rose bag is really cute! Though I always wondered how they attached the fabric part to the wicker....

    1. Haha my guess is that it's simply...glue. I haven't really looked at it well but they do seem pretty secured!