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Japan trip Summer 2017 Part 6: Other shopping items & coordinates

For the past few Japan trips, I haven't been having very much luck in putting together solid "other (non-Liz Lisa) shopping purchase" posts because for some reason I've been reluctant to spend my money other brands which is, frankly, ridiculous. I tried to make a solid effort on both the first and last days of this trip to focus on the other brands, but still couldn't loosen the purse strings enough even though I still had plenty of spending money allotted for the trip. That being said, these are the few non-Liz Lisa items I purchased for myself, and I really like them even though there isn't much to show. I guess I'll take quality over quantity - especially when my wardrobe is feeling really tight right now. [Consider checking out my secondhand sales page if you might be interested in buying items I'm trying to find new homes for!]  

Secret Honey back ribbon cross cutsew in white
This is a stretchy white shirt with criss cross lace detailing across the neckline. There is a small flutter detail on the shoulders with off shoulder "sleeves" in the same lightweight material and a tulle ribbon at the back.
This was my first real non-Liz Lisa clothing purchase of the trip and I didn't even make it until the afternoon of the day we were leaving. I walked around in Secret Honey in Shibuya 109 for a while, looking at the different items and trying to judge what might be a good match for me. The shop staff were really nice but not pushy and it was actually because of one of their suggestions that I decided to try on a few things. There was only one dressing room available and it was already taken so I did have to just loiter around in the store until I could use it. I figured that if I was going to make the effort to wait, I should actually seriously consider buying something. The other two items I tried on weren't right for me, but I did end up liking this top!

with Ank Rouge organza frill embroidery pleated skirt and Liz Lisa back ribbon pearl pumps + Liz Lisa candy pouchette -

with Liz Lisa floral jumperskirt, Samantha Thavasa purse and Liz Lisa many ribbon pumps -
This top has a lot of details in the upper region so I think it pairs really nicely with a more subtle skirt like the solid pink one from Ank Rouge but also adds an interesting twist when layered under a jumperskirt. The color makes it versatile but the little add ons make it special, and I especially like the bow in the back. I definitely see myself being able to pair it with a number of items in my existing wardrobe - expect to see it used as a support item in future posts and OOTDs!

Evelyn frill tight skirt in pink
This is a narrow, trapezoidal shape skirt with two small vertical ruffles on the top and back and a horizontal frill detail at the waist.
This was my second non-Liz Lisa clothes purchase and it took me so long to decide on it. After I purchased the Secret Honey top, I immediately started brainstorming ideas and my first instinct was a fitted deep pink skirt. I went hunting around Shibuya 109 and tried on something at Ank Rouge but didn't see anything that was exactly what I wanted that could be useful with other outfits as well. I had pretty much already given up by the time I got to the floor Evelyn was on, but ended up browsing and contemplating for like 10 minutes before finally bucking up and asking to try on this skirt, and whaddaya know?, there's a line for the dressing room again haha. Thankfully it was worth the wait and I wanted to purchase the skirt!

with DaTuRa peart scalloped blouse, Liz Lisa sweet latte necklace and Liz Lisa ribbon platform sandals + Kate Spade New York quilted purse -

with Liz Lisa 3D flower cut cardigan, Liz Lisa embroidery ribbon beret and Liz Lisa 3 strap pumps + Liz Lisa lace up pom pom purse -
When I tried on the skirt in the dressing room, I actually thought it was a little loose, but if I wear it after eating a meal it definitely fits a bit better. Plus, I tried it on on the last day of the trip after having done all that walking around that I usually never do, so now that I'm back in my regular potato shape, it's fine. Although I bought this skirt with specific intentions to pair with the Secret Honey top, I actually love both coordinates above - one a bit more casual and easy to wear in summer and the other more like autumn and using all Liz Lisa items. I might even like them better than the Secret Honey top pairing 😂. The color matches amazingly well with the deep pink Liz Lisa accessories I recently purchased (linked in the outfit descriptions above)!

Secret Honey back ribbon cross cutsew & Evelyn frill tight skirt "set"
This isn't a real set of course, but I purchased it to be one, so I thought this deserved its own little separate feature. I really like how the simple, solid color fitted skirt balances out the mess of details at the top of the blouse but still has a subtle tie in with the vertical frills. This was almost exactly what I was picturing in my head when I was aimlessly browsing after buying the top, and I'm so glad I dipped my toe outside of my very narrow comfort zone for this.

with Liz Lisa ribbon wedge sandals + Liz Lisa frill denim jacket and Liz Lisa round tulip purse -

with One Spo beret and Nine West ankle boots + Material Girl faux leather jacket -
I really wish I had a good chunky black shoe to wear with these Larme inspired pink/black coordinates but since I'm still unwilling to put money towards that (and ship them!), my Nine West boots will have to suffice. They're not exactly fitting with the style, but I do still think they work okay and I love the height of the heel.
As intended, the top and the skirt are a very reasonable match! I wouldn't call it perfect, but for two random last ditch finds from stores I don't usually purchase from and actually waited around to use the dressing rooms, I'm going to consider it good by my personal standards. I had an idea in mind and somehow managed to execute it somewhat well!

WEGO lace up shorts in denim pale color -
This pair of high waisted shorts features a lace up detail in the middle front and has front side pockets and open back pockets. There is a side zipper which is used for access and a small panel of shirring in the back waist.
I made it to the top of 109 and was going to call it quits (since I wasn't being very successful at shopping fml), but I decided to quickly look through WEGO. These shorts caught my eye because I have such a hard time finding high waisted shorts in the US that fit nicely (not squeezing my butt and upper thighs into oblivion while still hugging my waist). I tried them on and they fit, so that's all there was to it!

with Charlotte Russe high neck sleeveless lace top and Flag J sandals -

with Liz Lisa candy pullover knit and Liz Lisa many ribbon pumps -
It was a bit of an impulse buy and I'm not sure if that I had actually done properly shopping earlier in the trip that I would have wasted time/money on these, but I do still like them for what they are. There's a very casual feeling with the lace up detail in the front though so I'm not sure if I'm really going to end up wearing them as I might have intended initially. I didn't have a super clear vision, but when I dress very casually, I usually prefer a more relaxed pair of shorts and I own a few pairs that are easier to wear than these. So for high waisted shorts, I like to think that I can sometimes elevate them but we'll have to just see how it goes lol.

WEGO ribbon sleeve tshirt in white -
This is a cropped length crew neck tshirt with split sleeves tied with 3 small ribbons.
I wasn't really looking to purchase something like this shirt specifically but I thought it might be good to have the option of a loose fitting shirt for the plane ride (just in case I decided not to go with my original plane outfit plan). Despite wanting the comfort of a tee, I also wanted something that was slightly trendy so that's why I like that this had the bows on the sleeves!

with WEGO lace up shorts and Liz Lisa ribbon platform sandals + bear backpack -

with One Spo check trapezoidal skirt and Liz Lisa ribbon wedge sandals -
Although I put together these "looks" above just to have some content to share, I don't think I'll really be using such a casual piece as part of my everyday fashion wardrobe. I'm really imagining this just to be something to throw on if I'm going out just briefly, and I don't want to wear an old tshirt I got free at an event or something. Basically it's just a slightly elevated tshirt that I'll probably wear untucked with denim shorts to go fill gas or pick up take out!

WC pink soda tshirt in white -
This is what I would consider an average crew neck tshirt with some really cute pink soda embroidery in the chest area.
There was a super small sale promotion, so I got this shirt just so I could get a tiny additional discount on the ribbon tee. Does that really make sense to do? Probably not - especially when I shouldn't be randomly buying more tshirts, but I do like the embroidery on this one and the simple graphic!

with Hollister shorts -

with Charlotte Russe long tulle skirt and Liz Lisa knot wedge sandals -
Like the other tshirt above, these are kind of throwaway "coordinates" just to give you an idea of how it looks worn on a real person. I really don't intend to use tshirts in any intentional fashion look (despite how increasingly trendy it might be). If I'm going to wear a tshirt, I want to just relax in it and probably wear it with sleep shorts or something.

______________________________________ ✧ ________________________________________

I wasn't initially going to include the items purchased at WEGO at all, but since this post is so sad and pathetic without them, I threw them in at the last minute. The coordinates aren't the most thought out, but since I will be wearing them all casually (and not so much "for fashion"), I think this isn't a terrible representation, and lazy is as lazy does. The items I'm definitely most excited about are the Secret Honey blouse and the Evelyn skirt, and I can't wait to continue to explore different looks with them! This blog post was not as content-filled as I would have wanted it to be, but once again, just an accurate reflection of the lackluster non-Liz Lisa shopping I always end up doing - intentional or not.
Last couple of posts will wrap up this short trip series! Thanks for reading ♡
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  1. Ooh, what a mix of items ;0

    I'm actually loving those Wego shorts. If you want the tee shirts to feel a bit more fashionable maybe do a cute tie style at the end to help define your waist? There's an old school charm to a tee shirt tucked into a simple skirt.

    I love the two coordinates showcasing the Evelyn skirt so much! The first is feels very sensual, the second, despite having so much more detail than the first, looks so wearable and comfy.

    1. I don't actually want them to feel much more fashionable, but thanks! Don't want to tie them up at my waist and expose my stomach. I'd rather just sleep in them haha.

  2. Uuhhhh, the Evelyn skirt is amazing - I love it. The Secret Honey Top is really cute as well. The shorts fit you really well btw.
    The two tshirts are nice even though they aren't that 'special' or 'interesting' I like them anyways.

  3. The coord with the black beret and boots is amazing! Also the first one with the Wego shorts too. I love everything you post, please keep it up!

  4. The Secret Honey top and Evelyn skirt are both SO CUTE, and they really do go so well together!