Sunday, June 11, 2017

Tokyo Kawaii Life order 52 - Liz Lisa ribbon OP, gingham ribbon barrette & ribbon wedge sandals

Can you believe how long it's been since I've done a "TKL order" post? Although the label was missing from the title, technically the Liz Lisa My Melody 2017 fukubukuro was TKL order 50 and the Liz Lisa x Cinnamoroll collab OPs were TKL order 51 but those were both specialty items and this was my first "average" shopping purchase from Liz Lisa's online shop in 2017 :O.

Ribbon print OP in pink (173-6035-0)
This dress features a scattered ribbon print throughout. There are small details of eyelet lace and gingham ribbon and two wide pieces of fabric extending from either side of the bust that can be tied together in a bow at the front (or back if desired). There is a side zipper and two great panels of shirring on the upper back and waist areas.
with Liz Lisa ribbon platform sandals + Liz Lisa peplum cardigan and Betsey Johnson bow bag -

with Liz Lisa flocked cardigan and Liz Lisa knot wedge sandals -

with Liz Lisa 3D flower cut cardigan and Liz Lisa t-strap bow wedge sandals + Samantha Thavasa purse -

with Liz Lisa many ribbon pumps and Liz Lisa candy pouchette + Liz Lisa momonga cardigan -

with Liz Lisa frill denim jacket and Liz Lisa ribbon wedge sandals -
Because of the added panel of shirring in the back of the bust, this OP is a little big on me on the top, but not so much as to hinder wear. The skirt has great shape and just the right amount of volume with the tulle hem on the lining.

Gingham ribbon barrette in pink (173-9207-0)
This is a multi-loop ribbon in a gingham print fabric. There is a small heart charm with the Liz Lisa logo text engraved in it. The fastener is a skinny french style barrette.
Worn with every ribbon OP coordinate above! It's simple and cute and should be useful with a number of existing items in my wardrobe.

Ribbon wedge sandals in pink (173-9610-0)
These shoes feature a wedge heel with a platform, open toe front and closed back with an ankle strap. There is a ribbon at the back with the ankle strap that is tied in a bow but can be (re)moved. The color is very bright which I was kind of expecting, but not to the degree they appear in real life. I was opening the shoe box in my room and my mom walked by and said "wow those are obnoxious" lol.

with Liz Lisa lace flower fade OP (& Malco Modes Angela petticoat) and Liz Lisa flocked cardigan -

with Liz Lisa cotton frill top and Liz Lisa cotton frill shorts + Liz Lisa My Melody mook furoku tote -

with Liz Lisa off shoulder ribbon blouse, Liz Lisa tropical juice sukapan and Liz Lisa margaret choker -

(ribbon tied on the side) with Liz Lisa tiered cami OP -

(no ribbon) with Liz Lisa floral OP -

(no ribbon) with Liz Lisa mermaid OP + Samantha Thavasa purse and Liz Lisa x My Melody 11th collab vol 2 charm -
The color has really grown on me and I think I'm going to love using them as a statement item in future outfits! I especially love it with the lace flower fade OP and any all white clothes coordinates. The fit is as expected for size L Liz Lisa, and they're actually really comfortable. I hope I can see more of this heel height in the future!

I'm happy to have all three of these items even though they don't match exactly how I anticipated. They're great additions to my wardrobe and I can't wait to wear them more. 
I tried to make this blog post a little shorter because multiple people requested less text/wordiness in the survey. I'd love some feedback on this if you have an opinion!


  1. Oh man, every time I see you with the pink wedges I wish I had gotten them instead of the white colour. Ribbon OP is fab and I like it paired with the jacket especially.

    1. Every time I see shop staff with the white, I want it more! (But only bc i haven't seen your blog post yet)

  2. Love the ribbon print OP!! I'm a sucker for anything ribbon print, haha. And the shoes are so vibrant and cheerful, they're perfect for summer! :)

    1. Me too! I almost didn't buy it but ofc I got suckered in!

  3. The ribbon dress with the denim jacket was my favourite coord! I got the dress in blue and it is so puffy haha! I wasn't expecting that for some reason!

  4. Goodness, I love the OP! Paired with the denim jacket it's just precious *-*

    1. I couldn't be happier with this denim jacket! it seems to pair well with so many things :)

  5. the color may be obnoxiously bright but i think the wedges are really cute!!

    1. Thank you for saying so! I think I like them a lot more now :)

  6. Omg the dress is adorable! Love those wedges too *o*