Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Liz Lisa outdoor[!!!] photos with Amby

@chibiamby and I recently connected on IG and after chatting for a bit, we agreed to meet up! As it turns out, the Liz Lisa Summer 2017 Coordinate Olympics was ongoing during the period we were to hang out, so I suggested going to take photos of some of the outfits we wanted to feature!
We met up on a few occasions throughout this month and since outdoor photos were the most requested from the survey, I wanted to share a few with you.

First weekend
Amby is wearing: Liz Lisa rose pattern top/sukapan set up, Liz Lisa butterfly necklace, Liz Lisa tulle can can hat, Liz Lisa lace up platform pumps, Liz Lisa frill heart pouchette
even though this is a candid "outtake", it's one of my favorites from the day when we were caught in the rain!

I am wearing: Liz Lisa tulip romper, Liz Lisa 2-chain butterfly necklace, Liz Lisa paper can can hat, Liz Lisa clear pearl sandals, Liz Lisa heart pearl woven bag
actually this is me trying to be entertaining for Sayuri but I can tell you she was not impressed


Second weekend
Amby is wearing: Liz Lisa fruits ring OP, Liz Lisa rabbit motif necklace, Liz Lisa ice cream camisole, Liz Lisa strawberry ribbon barrette, Liz Lisa lace up platform pumps/Liz Lisa knot wedge sandals, Liz Lisa flower embroidery bag, + Liz Lisa gingham ribbon cardigan

I am wearing: Liz Lisa ice cream OP, Liz Lisa pearl chain camisole, Liz Lisa rose clips/Liz Lisa tulle can can hat, Liz Lisa many ribbon pumps, Liz Lisa candy pouchette


Third weekend
Amby is wearing: Liz Lisa x Cinnamoroll collab OP, Liz Lisa ribbon clips/Liz Lisa flower crown, Liz Lisa butterfly necklace, Liz Lisa many ribbon pumps, Liz Lisa rose embroidery heart bag with Liz Lisa x Cinnamoroll collab charm

I am wearing: Liz Lisa fruits logo OP, Liz Lisa gingham ribbon cardigan, Liz Lisa cherry pearl necklace, Liz Lisa cherry clips, Liz Lisa tulle can can hat, Liz Lisa lace up platform pumps

(outfit change!)
Amby is wearing: Liz Lisa chiffon superimposed flower lace OP, Liz Lisa ribbon clips/Liz Lisa tulle can can hat, Liz Lisa ribbon wedge sandals, Liz Lisa flower round pouchette

I am wearing: Liz Lisa parasol OP, Liz Lisa cut x chiffon blouse, Liz Lisa tulle can can hat, Liz Lisa rose clips, Liz Lisa heart frill pumps, Liz Lisa flower round pouchette

I have a lot of fun hanging out with Amby! I love all the outfits she creates and the poses she comes up with. It's so great to shoot her. However the reality of doing three outdoor shootings 3 weekends in a row (in addition to doing OT for work), definitely only solidified my apprehensions about being able to do something similar consistently. I don't regret taking the time to do these things and do love the results, but it was definitely at the detriment of my regular/average blog posts. If I didn't already have several posts planned specifically and already shot a head of time, I wouldn't have been able to keep on my typical schedule, especially because I got food poisoning during one of the weekends and have other priorities during my time off.

In terms of producing posts like this ("higher photo quality" and "FUN poses") or more thoroughly introducing items in a somewhat timely manner with a number of coordinate examples for each, I'm honestly still going to prefer to shoot quantity (in terms of coordinate variety and # of posts) over quality (in terms of level of photography), especially when it's clearly very reliant on having someone else physically available to snap the photos and packing up my car with literally 5 different bags of miscellaneous clothing items and traveling X number of miles to do so since I can't expect a person to come to me. I have to do 0 travel to shoot in my own house and bother pretty much no one else to shoot in my room, plus I have all items I need at my disposal without having to pack and move them.

This was great and certainly worthwhile (especially making a fantastic new friend who I don't want to take advantage of for photos), and I'm happy to share it, but it's not realistic for every post.
It's fun to hang out with Amby. It's nice to have quality photos. But it's not amazing to shoot outdoors and deal with all of the mess behind a small set of photos. I work over 40 hours a week (and yeah that's not very much compared to a lot of people, and it's an office job, but it still takes time and effort), and I already dedicate one day of every weekend to blogging which I prioritize over everything else - I want to at least enjoy it. And while this experience was great and I had so much fun with a new friend, I now solidly recognize that taking photos outdoors in and of itself is not something I enjoy.

My attitude may change in the future as logistics are rearranged, but for now, this is something that I know isn't great for me. And if I've come to realize anything in the last few months, I can't keep catering to requests at the expense of myself. I look forward to hanging out with Amby more in the future but without the added pressure of shooting worthwhile pictures every time!


  1. These photos are absolutely gorgeous and well worth the effort you put into them! It was a nice change of pace, but I certainly don't blame you for not making this your regular set up (trust me, I shoot all my flat lays on my bed. literally no change there haha). Happy to see you had fun with your new friend and it shows in these pics!

    1. Haha I had fun but definitely more fun behind the camera. In front of the camera, just gotta fake it until you make it wtf.

  2. Doing photoshoots is always exhausting! Especially if there are multiple outfit changes!!! But you two managed to pull it off so well! Everything looks natural and relaxed for you two ♥


  3. I really liked this pictures and it's cute to see Amby on your blog as well. I also really like all the outfits - sharing stuff is cute as well.

  4. So cute :D
    I love your first outfit for weekend three and your weekend two outfit the most <3 The red hairbows are so, so super cute gosh! And you pull off hats so well am I jelly. Amby's second weekend outfit has to be my favorite of hers too, that bag is so great! I never saw it before and now I kind of want one lol
    Thanks for sharing these cool photos!