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Japan trip Summer 2017 Part 8: OOTDs

Due to all the differences in this trip series, I didn't get to discuss or showcase the different outfits I wore throughout the trip! Fashion isn't always my #1, but it's something I do put effort into when I travel since I will only be bringing a select set of clothing.

Since the trip was only going to be 6 days with a full day's hike among it, I decided to just bring 4 sets of "real" (aka non-hiking) clothes - knowing I'd always be able to buy and wear something new if need be. I also had 1 set of clothes for the plane that I considered re-wearable if necessary.
This is what I brought with me to Japan for non-Fuji related activities including what I wore on the plane (minus the socks and small hair accessories):
OPs -

Separates -

Necklace, shoes, purse -

Unfortunately, since I wanted to take a lot of pressure off myself and S to capture the "perfect picture" every day of my outfit, I don't have the same reliable pictures I usually do for my trip posts. Because of that, I almost skipped out on this post because I live for consistency, but since this series is a bit of a misch match anyway, I think this follows the theme pretty well.

Day 0 - Plane outfit HNL to HND
OP: Liz Lisa striped peekaboo OP
Cardigan: Spinns COOLMOON V neck cardigan
Shoes: Liz Lisa platform sports sandals
Accessories: Liz Lisa butterfly necklace
Bag: Liz Lisa 2013 Royal Rose fukubukuro tote
If possible, I try not to rewear the same outfits trip after trip, but I feel like my best summer items have already been worn! This striped peekaboo OP is one that is great for hot weather and matched so well with the platform sandals, but since I didn't want it to be a main outfit (previously worn on Japan trip Summer 2015), I settled for just bringing it along by wearing it on the plane. The skirt is nice and roomy, and it was fine for the flight and arrival.

Day 1 - Assorted minimal shopping
OP: Liz Lisa fruits ring OP
Cardigan: Liz Lisa lace puff short sleeve cardigan
Shoes: Liz Lisa platform sports sandals
Accessories: Liz Lisa butterfly necklace
Bag: Liz Lisa rose quilted purse
Although I don't consider halter necklines the most comfortable, I really wanted to wear this OP because of the fun fruit print! Since I didn't want to be completely shoulder baring, I paired it with my short sleeve cardigan that was well used during my previous summer trip in 2014 for the same reason. I didn't want a high maintenance hairstyle or really worry about going through the trouble of curling it and it looking just like nothing after 1/2 hour in the heat, so I just french braided it to the base of my head and made pigtails. It allowed my neck to breathe a little more this way as well lol.

Day 2 - Fuji hike (ascent)
Top: Adidas long sleeve tee
Bottoms: Ideology Rapiddry colorblocked capri leggings
Shoes: Ahnu women's Sugarpine waterproof hiking boots + Darn Tough socks
Accessories: Adidas visor
Bag: CamelBak Sequioa 18L women's backpack
(I have somehow lost my poncho but it should have been in the flatlay!)
I only recently started to work out more, so I don't have a lot of choices for athletic clothes, but I knew I wanted to make sure my skin was protected with a long sleeve shirt since I'd be outdoors for an extended period of time. I didn't intend to occasionally need the poncho and the jacket on the way up, but it just depended on how much it rained on us that I put on or shed the outer as necessary.

Day 3 - Fuji hike (descent)
Top: Ideology Rapidry half-zip performance pullover
Bottoms: climbing pants borrowed from my mom + ski pants from an old ski trip
Jacket: North Face Arrowood trimclimate jacket
Shoes: Ahnu women's Sugarpine waterproof hiking boots + Darn Tough socks
Accessories: Adidas visor & Ralph Lauren sunglasses
Bag: CamelBak Sequioa 18L women's backpack
It's really cold at the summit of Mt Fuji, especially when the sun isn't yet out to provide some heat! My North Face triclimate jacket was great and I was definitely grateful for the ski pants as well - it really would have been miserable without them. It was also good that they were just layered over the outfit I had changed into at the mountain hut which is pretty similar to what I was wearing previously. When we stopped at the 8th station, I was easily able to just slip off the warm layers and be ready for the rest of the descent!

Day 3.5 - Liz Lisa shopping
Top: Liz Lisa lace sleeveless blouse
Bottoms: Liz Lisa sunflower parfair sukapan
Shoes: Liz Lisa platform sports sandals
Accessories: Liz Lisa butterfly necklace
Bag: Liz Lisa rose quilted purse
I honestly didn't expect to want to go out and shop after returning from our Fuji hike, but we were both feeling pretty good and didn't want to waste the day! After returning to the apartment at around 12:45, we did a surface clean and unpacking of our hiking gear, thoroughly showered and immediately got ready to go back out. Since I hadn't anticipate needing a real outfit for this day, I didn't have one in mind to wear and just decided to just throw on my separates which was the most casual coordinate of all my choices. It worked out because it matched my super lazy hairstyle (which started as a high bun but drooped throughout the afternoon). I didn't end up staying out for that long, but I did manage to get a lot done, so I'm glad I took the opportunity to go out!

Day 4 - Kappabashi and Liz Lisa Ikspiari
OP: Liz Lisa ice cream OP
Shoes: Liz Lisa platform sports sandals
Accessories: Liz Lisa ice cream motif necklace (purchased on Day 3), Liz Lisa gingham ribbon barrette
Bag: Liz Lisa rose quilted purse
We didn't have any real plans for this day, but ended up walking around the Kitchen Town near Asakusa which is just a long street with a lot of shops! It was really hot, so my hand fan came in handy. I'm glad I was wearing comfortable shoes and a lightweight dress. 

Day 5 - Liz Lisa escapades with Ebony
OP: Liz Lisa x My Melody 11th collab vol 2 OP
Shoes: Liz Lisa ribbon wedge sandals (purchased on Day 3)
Accessories: Liz Lisa butterfly necklace, Liz Lisa ribbon clips from sunflower clip set (purchased on Day 3)
Bag: Liz Lisa rose quilted purse
It's always a joy to twin with Ebony. I wasn't in the rush to get ready in the morning, so I tried to do a slightly more involved braided hairstyle, and, simple as it was, it still took me almost an hour. However, it did stay put throughout the day and I liked that I was able to incorporate the little ribbon clips from the sunflower clip set! I chose to wear the ribbon wedge sandals to give my feet a break from wearing the platform sandals and was happy to encourage Ebony to buy the same pair from Machida 109.

Day 6 - Last minute shopping
OP: Liz Lisa sunflower OP (purchased on Day 3)
Shoes: Liz Lisa platform sports sandals
Accessories: Liz Lisa butterfly necklace, Liz Lisa sunflower clips (purchased on Day 4)
Bag: Liz Lisa woven ice cream bag (purchased on Day 5)
I used quite a few items purchased during the trip for this outfit! It could have been completely new items if I had chosen the other shoes, but I thought the platform sandals matched best and actually bought the sunflower OP in orange specifically because I thought it would be good with those, so I stuck with them. The sleeves of the OP didn't bother me as much as I had anticipated even in the humidity and a lot of shop staff in 109 commented on my sunflower covered look! The ice cream bag was also really fun to use and has so much space in it.

Day 6.5 - Plane outfit HND to HNL
OP: Liz Lisa striped peekaboo OP
Cardigan: Spinns COOLMOON V neck cardigan
Shoes: Liz Lisa platform sports sandals
Accessories: Liz Lisa butterfly necklace, Liz Lisa striped can can hat
Bags: Liz Lisa 2013 Royal Rose fukubukuro tote, Liz Lisa My Melody 2017 fukubukuro suitcase
As I guessed would happen, I didn't end up buying anything suitable to wear for the plane ride home during the trip. I washed my striped peekaboo OP using the washing machine at the apartment, and it was ready to serve its purpose again! I really think it's great for this because it's fashionable without being too showy and works in both Hawaii and Japan weather (+ day and night)! It also helps that it matched well with my striped can can hat that I wanted to wear so I wouldn't have to smash it in my suitcase. 

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I'm sorry I'm not able to gif the individual outfits for this blog post, but please check out the video if you want to see my recreation of the outfits worn!

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Even though I feel like doing an outfits post as part of the trip series can be a little bit of a throwaway sometimes, I always have a small sense of accomplishment when I am able to come up with such a cohesive set of clothing for my trips (despite how short they may be). It was great to just bring and wear one pair of shoes for the majority of the trip! I probably could have even worn the platform sports sandals on Day 5 because they matched well enough, but I just wanted something a little less casual for meeting with Ebony. All in all, with this trip being so low key aside from the Fuji hike, I think I've said all I had to say about it!

Thanks for reading ♡
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  1. I really love the sunflower op. It's so pretty and the hair clips are the cutest little touch. The fruit ring in mint is super cute as well - glad you purchased it :D

    1. Lol Berri, kudos to you for being able to come up with a different comment every time! I appreciate it!

  2. I love seeing these posts, cause god when I go to Japan do I over pack and regret it! You have it down-pat. Enough items to get you through, but leave enough space for inevitable spending... xD

    1. I agree with this!! These posts are super helpful for trip planning xD

    2. Thank you both for letting me know these posts are not just vain-recreations that I'm using as filler content! I always wonder if talking about packing is just redundant at this point, but planning the outfits and thinking carefully about what to bring (then having my pre-planning pay off) is one of my favorite parts of the trip!

  3. The video is really cute, already commented on it ^^
    Additionally, thank you for this blog post. It is - as some people already wrote before me - really useful to see how others like you pack for a trip where they want to incorporate more than just casual outfits like denim pants and t-shirts and such. Especially Liz Lisa or other brands that produce these type of girly-feminine, more complicated styles.

    I have a little problem, maybe you have a tip and maybe I am not the only one?
    I'm curious.
    When planning for a trip myself, I usually manage to narrow down the garment pieces to a good set that matches well with each other. At least, I get better at that with every time. But then I run into one problem: shoes. too many to make it all work- every time!
    Say, in your trip coordinates, I noticed you don't pack many shoes at all and still it all fits well together. And you don't always bring only neutral shoes, that is what amazes me!
    Would you recommend to start with the shoes and then add the pieces like tops, bottoms and OPs? How do you usually start? Or do you just pick out one or two things or coordinates that you already know you absolutely need/want to wear (including matching shoes) and afterwards slowly add the other pieces?

    1. Sometimes I do build my trip wardrobe around a single pair of shoes! (But I often keep in mind what shoes will be in stock in store and know that I'll want to buy a pair or two during the trip and wear those as well.)
      It's gotten a little easier lately since I don't want to repeat shoes and during certain seasons only select ones are appropriate (based on material and just general comfort level, etc). But since my largest variety in my personal wardrobe is with general clothes, I usually pick the shoes and bag (and outer if seasonally appropriate) first bc they're more limited and work around that.
      That's why I usually don't wear navy during my trips even though I like the color a lot. While I can simply wear it with white shoes, it doesnt always match well with the outer or purse I will have. Red has been a problem in the past too but I knocked that out this spring but was lucky because Liz Lisa released so many red items I knew I wanted around that time and was sure I could find during the trip. I got to do an entirely bordeaux themed trip this past Thanksgiving but it was just a 4ish day trip, not to Japan and not shopping heavy, so it didn't matter as well.
      Otherwise, I'm really sticking to pink/white palates. The mint was an exception this time but I specifically bought the platform sports sandals in pink because the color was so incredibly neutral. It wasn't the BEST match to any of the other clothes, but that's often the sacrifice I make when choosing these things.
      I rarely think I am creating A+ outfits in a general sense when traveling, but they are a success in that I don't look like a total hag but also didn't overpack.

    2. Thank you SO SO much for taking the time to reply to all the comments and always being so helpful! It's really kind that you engage with your readers so consistently on here. :)
      Thank you very much for the insight, it is very interesting to understand your thought process when packing and maybe learn something new. I will definately try to take inspiraton from what you wrote for the next time I need to pack for a trip, which is in a week already!

      I totally see where you're coming from with navy and other bolder color choices. I especially have the same problem with navy- even though I own a few pieces it just doesn't seem to pair well with everything and sometimes would even require navy shoes. I own only one pair of navy shoes that are appropriate for Liz Lisa outfits and wouldn't want to bring a bulky pair of shoes just for one or two of about ten or so total outfits I'd need..

      I think I might try and see if I can start with a pair of shoes I will definately need this time around and maybe white and light pink or cream for the color theme and see what I can come up with. I would love to try lilac/lavender or pastel yellow but I'm not sure I have enough pieces in those colors...maybe as a accent? I just love how friendly and spring/summery yellow and lavender are and it's still summer here. Hmm, this is fun but also stressful lol!

    3. A lavender trip would be a dream! I've also always wanted to do yellow. I guess on my recent trip in May (also not to Japan), I did a lot of navy and yellow/gold but, again, short trip and not shopping heavy so I could basically bring whatever I wanted.

      Good luck with your trip!

  4. Oh my goodness, Liz Lisa uchiwa fan! *-* Ah, I'm so jealous of the ice-cream OP >< Every outfit is adorable!

  5. Super cute post! Even with limited space, you always manage to look good.
    I actually like your hiking gear lol very fashionable for the day's events. The ice cream and sunflower OP coords are my favorites. I'm really loving that bag for the sunflower OP.

    1. Haha the athletic wear is really never meant to be fashionable - I always just wanted to buy what's cheap and keeps me visible lol.