Thursday, January 30, 2014

Liz Lisa early Spring 2014 & Jumper skirt, Pom pom boots order

Blog pictures from Liz Lisa's official blog, and Liz Lisa's Sendai blog
Pictures from the earliest Spring 2014 releases 

It's obvious that lavender will be a highlight in Liz Lisa's spring color palate. I'm not personally a huge fan of wearing lavender (I like it as a color but less on myself) but I love seeing it as a color option. There is also a lot of navy which wasn't uncommon in the past, but an interesting choice for spring.
There are even lavender and navy shoe options which I feel like I rarely see.

Even though I won't be purchasing this (long sleeves), this is one of my favorite coordinates from what's been released so far!
I feel like it could be appropriate in a variety of situations from work to dinner to church or a party. It's a little matchy-matchy with all of the navy and white, but I like that it's an obvious set.

I especially like the purses/bags for this season with the color choices and the design. 
I don't need any more purses (∩︵∩) since I recently got a Samantha Thavasa bag and still have many others, and shipping bags is actually more expensive than it seems. But if it weren't for all that, I'd have pre-ordered 1 or 2.

This is the skirt I was dying over when I saw the first release of the spring images -
When I saw that it was finally released on VENT (so happy that it was immediately available and didn't have to preorder), I purchased it in white on 1/17 and it arrived at my post office on 1/27 (I wasn't home to sign for it so I had to pick it up the day after).
(In my experience,) The clothes always come in plastic wrappings, but usually the item is folded within the plastic so less plastic needs to be used with the exception of certain dresses or coats.
I was very surprised to see this skirt in a full plastic bag. This item (at 6,720yen - yikes did I really pay full price :|) is 500yen+tax more than the average skirt/bottom from Liz Lisa so I was hoping for some slight enhancement that made it worth the increase. I was happy to see that this skirt has a side zipper and the material seems to be good quality. It does seem to be a little bit longer on me than other Liz Lisa items but not so much that it looks irregular.
All the shop staff coordinates have a long sleeve shirt with this skirt, and as much as I like the look, I don't think I'll wear it that way. However, there are many interesting long sleeve tops (many of which are cropped) in the webstore right now and I think most of them would be able to work with this skirt.
 I'd consider buying one with the rose cut out collar details at sale price to alternately use as a pull over sweater/layering piece rather than just a top.
Again, sorry for the bad lighting. Due to a change in my work schedule, I leave my house before the sun rises and get home right around the time it's setting (when it's basically dark) so these are all photos taken with my bad room lighting with no aid of natural light. Also taken on my phone because my DSLR takes extremely yellow photos with only my room light.
In the package was the Spring 2014 newspaper and an ad for Tralala's Spring collection. The newspaper is actually quite large! Practically the size of a regular newspaper except a little skinner. I was very surprised to see it at that size lol.
The newspaper contents have already been released on so if you're interested, you should go there for high quality photographs, but here's a quick look at it -
I'm excited about the spring novelty items. I would like them a lot more if they would be available through VENT, but I'm half considering asking someone to in-store shop for me just so I can get them...

Here's the skirt on the mannequin -
I thought this skirt would be really similar to the suspender skirt I already have from Summer 2013, but there are some definite differences besides the obvious small style details. First, the quality of the spring skirt is better (not exponentially so, but noticeable). There isn't anything wrong with the pink summer one, but it was priced cheaper and that's reflected in the difference. Second, the skirt length is longer for the spring skirt. Third, the waistband is thicker and sturdier on the spring skirt and because of this, there is a side zipper that the summer one does not have. I think the waist on the spring skirt is also meant to sit a bit higher on the body as well. 

Hopefully coordinate pictures this weekend if the lighting is good. A bit doubtful since it's been really cloudy lately, and I do have errands to run. It might have to wait until I get my next order in so I can kill two birds with one stone ...

My thoughts on Liz Lisa Spring 2014 thus far
It really seems like Liz Lisa/clothing brands in general just can't win. They get criticized that everything is too similar/mundane (too much pink, same skirt in different colors, not enough variety), and then when they try to explore other silhouettes and a slightly different color palate, customers still complain. I personally like that the spring collection is something different. I don't want to buy every single thing in what has so far been released from the spring collection, but that's how I feel about items every season. I never like 100% of the items. I think if I could try some of the items on before purchasing them, I'd buy a lot more because it wouldn't be such a guessing game since fit is really important on many of these items like the denim pencil skirt with suspender straps.
I'm not willing to take the chance with most of the items at full price, but there are some I'd definitely snatch during the sales later this year if they're still in stock.
I titled this blog post "early Spring 2014" because I think I've seen some blog photos of spring stuff that has yet to be listed online, and I'm definitely excited about that and for short sleeved stuff and shorts that I'm sure is soon to come in the next month or so. I think if you have an open mind and aren't afraid to experiment with fashion, this slightly different direction that Liz Lisa is going with is fantastic! Pin up isn't exactly a new idea, but in combination with the Liz Lisa aesthetic/Japanese fashion, I think there are some really interesting pieces in this collection. When I see how shop staff coordinate the different pieces in ways that I would personally never think of, I become more convinced that I like the concept and can't wait to see more.


Also, as slightly alluded to above, submitted another VENT order -__-
I wasn't planning on buying for awhile/until spring items went on sale, but email coupon. How can I turn down 30% off already reduced prices? Unfortunately the coupon couldn't be used on any spring releases or preorder items, but that's just as well because it meant I spent less.
These boots were originally 14490yen and were on sale for 5250yen at 64% off. I had been thinking about buying these boots at the 5250yen price but wasn't sure about how often I'd be able to wear them since the pom poms kind of scream autumn/winter to me. Don't get me wrong, I love pom poms, but boots are already kind of weird in Hawaii so any kind of pom pom/fur boots are even more highly criticized and look extremely out of place.
I really wanted them in pink but they only had beige and the brown in my size. I decided on beige because I already have a dark brown boot. With the coupon code, the boots came down to around $37, but I had to pay for domestic shipping so my total with VENT was 4200yen. Not bad for boots that were originally 14490yen! Don't tell me that brand is impossibly expensive because you can truly get some really great deals. I'm thinking that Tenso shipping will be around $45-55 but I'm willing to pay that much for boots. Can't wait :3

  How to order from Liz Lisa and Tokyo Kawaii Life video and photo tutorial here!


  1. That suspender skirt is so dreamy * A * While you cannot risk buying another long sleeve items, I cannot buy suspender skirt or any short skirt/pants anymore T w T I just ordered one white cropped blouse (the one with navy ribbon) and I'm planning to buy that blue blouse next week!
    IA with the critics, yet, I'm sure there're still many people who will come and buy their products, at least here in Japan, it's the only store in 109 which is never empty with no customer.

    1. I mean, I understand why some people are critical and it seems like one of the biggest criticisms (from international fans/customers) that I've seen is that some of the styles look unflattering to shorter and/or curvier girls? Which is definitely true of many of the long(er) skirts which need to hit a certain point on the leg else they be overwhelming and just plain wrong. Also (and this is obviously not everyone or even the majority but definitely a few) people seem to forget that this Japanese brand is specifically catering to a Japanese/Asian customer and definitely has a target audience *within Japan* and that, unfortunately, some of the clothes just aren't meant for the "average American" especially because of it only being available in free size.
      I guess I'm extremely lucky where I'm currently at a weight/bust/height that free size is not so bad on me, and that I can even fit my foot in one of their shoes.
      I think that some of these items would be a fun challenge to style. Like, if I were given the chance to view whole collection in person (not happening ofc, but hypothetically), I'd love trying on every single thing to see how it would fit on me and how I would style it for myself because it's not as predictable. Not everything is going to look good on me obviously but experimenting with fashion is fun, and it's great that they're willing to try something slightly different.
      I guess to me, I was fine with how the past collections were ("mundane" or not) and continue to be fine with this one. No huge grievances on my part as long as the brand lives on.

    2. IA at part they're forgetting this is Japanese brand targeting Japanese audience. Even though they're aiming to be global, I think it's not necessary for them to change their 'signature characteristic' because then they'll just kill their own 'identity'.
      Cutting wise, this season's collection is quite tricky with the skirt's length and cropped tops everywhere. These items seems to be designed specifically to suits the other items in the collection. But as you said, it enables us to experiment, it enables us to find a new style that we never knew look good on us (change in style is always good), and the experimenting part is always fun!

    3. I do agree with your comment about the tricky cuts. My knees are practically afraid of fabric, and I am fairly certain I will not be purchasing any of the knee length skirts/bottoms, but there are still many other shorter skirts to choose from unless you also hate the color palate for this season. I'm not a fan of cropped tops either but it seems like they just cropped them because they're meant to be worn with the higher waisted skirts(?) [like you said] Not necessarily so your midsection is supposed to show like in some of the stock photos which certainly makes them look less than desirable to me...
      Even though I have like 6 or 7 cropped tops, I don't wear them out of the house unless I'm going to the beach, and none of them are long sleeved.
      I just realized that most of these items would look fabulous on someone like Cheesie ( (besides the pregnancy thing and her not really being into a girly style anymore) since she's slim and tall and not afraid of the more 'ridiculous'/'out there' fashion items. Despite liking the items, *I* would shy away from wearing of a lot of the EMODA items that she wears, but *she* can actually pull it off lol.

    4. I feel you, dear, my legs are short so I have to be careful when it comes to skirt T w T
      The color palette seems the be another reason why people steer away from this collection, which confuses me even more, despite saying they wanted something new from Liz Lisa when they`re doing it, people are still not satisfied. This collection seems to be those kind of `looks pretty on the model but not on me` kind of collection. She is fabulous! Yeah, I agree, I think it`s the matter of knowing what kind of clothes that makes you look good.
      Is there any other spring item you`re thinking of purchasing?

      I`m still bitter about LL shoes by the way lol

    5. Lol yeah, that's the part that bothers me the most - the people who complain that the color palate is boring but then they hate when it's changed! I love all of the clothes on Risato Hara but I think she's a few inches taller than me.
      I'm considering one of the rose cut out knits if it's still available in white and goes on sale for at least 30% off. Have you seen those in store? Would you happen to know how thick they actually are? I also like quite a few of the OPs, but I don't "full price" like them if you know what I mean. Can't wait until sale time. I wish I could use that 20% coupon but I just sent it to a friend over there who didn't buy an LP so at least it won't waste :)

    6. Which one? I haven't go to LL since the new collection came out but I'm planning to go to actual store on 8th February, I'll check them up.

    7. If you could, that would be *so great*. They look thin/light but I'm often surprised about the actual weight of some of the items when I receive them wtf. I'm specifically thinking about the two cropped knits in the stock photos after my photo of my new skirt in the plastic wrapping with the rose detailing around the collar.

    8. The knit is quite thick, I think it's as thick as regular LL's winter cardigan.

    9. Arghhhh. Thanks for checking on it for me. That's definitely helpful :)

    10. No probs. The later item that will come out around the end of spring will be probably be lighter in material.

    11. Sigh. Too bad. I liked the detailing on those knits! But at least I'll save money by not immediately hopping on board to buy them. Thanks so much again :)

  2. I also want that denim skirt - the longer one. Lol. I just want to try it!! I'm sure I'll wear it once or twice at the most but... I don't know what makes me like it more!
    I really like the new look - I don't love it enough to want it too stay forever mind you but I'm happy it's here for a season or two? If that makes sense? I feel like everything in Liz Lisa is still cute it's just a different type of cute.
    I agree about the lavender as well, I like it on others just not me... oh well, I might still try one or two things in Lavender just so I can be trendy still lol.

    1. I'm glad i'm not the only one who likes it...I think there's a light floral print on it []? which is cool. It'll be kind of long on me I think but *if* the length were right, I'm pretty sure I'd love it...
      Same with the lavender as well. Same everything. I <3 you lol.

  3. On my part, I don't mind Liz Lisa being too pink as it is my fav colour and at the same time I do like seeing them venturing into other designs. It is just that this season's choice of colours and cuts are not particularly appealing to me since they're not my cup of tea. However I do understand that the fashion is not catered for one person alone and I actually applaud them for trying out different styles. :)

    I also like the navy dress with white skirt above. To me it actually looks like a coord that a lolita would wear on casual days. It won't look good on me though. :D

    Also, despite not warming up to most of the clothing that have been released, I am still looking forward to the future pieces, they might eventually have something I'm interested in. :)

    1. I actually don't mind the past color palate or this current season's one since I often buy the "white" colorway and I feel that that's almost always going to be available. I do also like pink as a color, but not so much on me all the time. There is -still- quite a bit of pink in this collection so far, so idk what the big deal is for some people. Lavender and blue/navy have just replaced the brown/camel color option for many of the items which is cool because brown is typically big in autumn/winter and it's so nice to see a change for spring with "spring colors"!
      I definitely cant wait to see what else will be released.

  4. I like the lavendar and blue colors, I think most people are complaining not so much because its not all pink (I like most colors and don't always choose the pink version of LizLisa clothes), but they are complaining because of the style, my friends had the same complaint as me about the pencil skirts, as I like the flowy puffy type of skirts, and I don't care for the 1950's look. Also its lacking the romantic floral French style it usually has. I know that they don't always have to have the same style all the time but it seemed really un-LizLisa. But its ok though to get a break from clothes that are loved so much, I would hope though that by summer or fall they would have their frilly romantic style again though.

    1. I've actually seen a fair amount of complaints about *both* - the color and the styles lol. (The color one really doesn't make much sense since pink is STILL available, just not photographed at the primary as often.)
      And still beyond that, there are those who complain that Liz Lisa is too mundane and "always the same" despite seeing what they released for spring. I'm not sure what they hot pants?
      I understand both sides, but really, it's just obvious that they can't please everyone.