Thursday, January 2, 2014

Happy New Year & Small gifts

Happy New Year!
Nothing really eventful happened with me. I was going to write a reflections on 2013 post, but I decided to just have a short blurb here. Things to remember in 2013 - Liz Lisa, college graduation, getting a new job (in GIS!). That's all I can think of atm lol. This really was a year of Liz Lisa for me. I think I had 18 VENT orders this year and really expanded my wardrobe. I also had the opportunity to connect with other people who like Liz Lisa/similar fashion so that was great too :3

Anyway, I just wanted to share a few small things I recently received. The first is from my grandma. It's a Toki Doki Hangyodon! 
My mother and I recently realized that Hangyodon might be the best Sanrio character ever. There's something about his blank, but slightly worried expression, and the fact that his listed hobby is "comedy" lol. 
Donut Hangyodon gets to hang out in my cubicle with the rest of my miscellaneous items lol. The Mickey doesn't really fit in (-__-) but he was a going away gift from someone at my old job, and I felt bad locking him away in the cabinet so he just sits in the corner haha.

The second gift is from my boyfriend.
This is how he gave it to me -
Okay so he obviously ordered it in the mail. I go to open it and
it's already open lol.
I pull out what's inside
Plastic also already ripped open haha. At this point I suspected it was a wallet he bought for himself because he recently mentioned to me that he needed a new one.
I take the box out of the plastic.
Okay. Seems and looks legit.
I still think it might be a men's wallet.
Lol it's actually something for me. And it's quite nice. I was very surprised. I don't know why he gave it to me in the shipping package, but I guess whatever. I asked him why everything was already opened, and he said he had to check to see if it was actually nice or not lol. If you're going to open it, why not throw away the shipping envelope -__-
Apparently he got me this because I helped him a lot with one of his classes this semester and because he noticed my keychain was kind of bare and I was having trouble finding it in my purse.
Thank you, boyfriend.

Other notes:
★I got my first Liz Lisa order (check romper and scallop knit) in the mail on Tuesday! Fast shipping is fast. I'm so happy there were no holiday delays. Ordered it on 12/25, and I received it on 12/31! I'm going to wait until I receive the Happy Winter tote to post about them since the two items aren't very exciting, but I've already added the items to my Liz Lisa master post if you want to check it out. I'm slowly trying to add better links to it and some small html magic so that it's easier to navigate.
★In the next few weeks, I'm expecting a package I'm really really excited about. It hasn't departed yet, so it'll be awhile, but I'm really looking forward to it.
★Hint about the above package: Around the same time, I will be posting a review about a shopping service.


  1. Happy new year, Dear! I wish you another fabulous year! o(^^o) (o^^)o
    I'm glad I met you too last year teehee. Why I never knew there's a character called Hangyodon? Oh my god, it's so adorable, more so than Hello Kitty and My Melody (゜◇゜)I think I'll go off and buy it somewhere.
    Can't wait to see your package! and shopping service, I'll be returning to my home country so I will be needing it

    1. Happy New year! Haha I don't know why Hangyodon is so funny to me, but he just is! I bet you'll be able to find really awesome goods there. I started working on my review, but I'm going to wait to publish it until I receive the package. I'm really excited to share it with you guys!

  2. Happy New Year~
    That Tokidoki figure is really really cute! I love tokidoki. ^.^ And that key chain is way way cute!! Such a nice gift too!!

    1. Haha I was so surprised lol. My boyfriend is notoriously horrible at giving gifts.