Saturday, February 1, 2014

Liz Lisa Spring jumper skirt coordinate

Floral suspender skirt in white (141-4001-0)
I found some time to snap a few photos of me in my new jumper skirt! I was worried because it was raining really heavily this morning, but the sun came out in the afternoon a bit. The lighting wasn't perfect and was kind of variable, but I don't know when I'm going to have another chance to take pictures anytime soon.
I think this (kind of skirt) looks best with that one white Liz Lisa collared top I have so here it is again lol. + Liz Lisa white beret with flowers and Tralala wedge heels with removable bow in pink. 
Tbh, the beret doesn't fit well on my wig, but my real hair was a hot mess today.
I liked this skirt in the stock and blog photos so much, but when I finally received it, I was surprised about how saturated the colors on the skirt were. However, this skirt photographs much lighter than it looks in person so I guess there's nothing to be done about it. I do like it either way.

Side and back view -
I like that the Liz Lisa suspender skirts are meant to be criss-cross in the back because it helps the straps stay up a bit better. The straps are removable and there are 2 options for length. I think there's about a 2-inch difference from middle of one button hole to the middle of the other. The skirt has a fair amount of volume if you fluff it a bit. It's not over-the-top/obnoxiously fluffy, but just enough, imo.

With the Liz Lisa Spring 2014 newspaper -
It's actually really large (twss?). I saw blog photos of it on a "magazine stand" in one of the stores but I still didn't realize the one I would get with my VENT order would be this big lol. Not quite sure what to do with it because I usually keep the catalogs in one of the pink shopping bags and this one doesn't fit...I don't want to fold it, but I think I'll have to because it's going to get bent either way. High quality pictures of the newspaper are on the Liz Lisa website if you're interested.

I also tried on my yellow Liz Lisa wedges (from Summer 2013?) because I thought it would make it look more "spring-y" with the bright color, but I think it's too bright lol.
The colors of the skirt are a bit washed out in the photos, but there is some yellow in it.

And just a few photos of the skirt laying flat lol -
Idk why I didn't take any photos of it with the Tralala shoes, but I think I didn't think about wearing them with the skirt until right before I was ready to take the pictures with me in them lol. Beige purse in the photos is from Ank Rouge and the boots are from Nine West.

  How to order from Liz Lisa and Tokyo Kawaii Life video and photo tutorial here!


  1. Ahhh, I still want it too... fml. I like it with the yellow wedges actually... ^.^

    1. I think the skirt photographs light and the shoes photograph bright. But whenever I wear the shoes I'm always surprised at how intense the color is....It really IS a summer yellow.

  2. The skirt color looks so lovely! I tried it on the store but the color didn't go well with me, you're so lucky it suits yours!
    lol about the big newspaper. I ended up folding them up because it's bigger than I expected T w T

    1. Lol it is SO much lighter in pictures than in person. You're so lucky you get to try things on (at least for the next few weeks at least)!

  3. The skirt really cute, and I love the color of it as well! The floral patterns on the skirt reminds me of water color paintings, but only from far away.

    1. Thanks! The patterns and colors remind me of watercolor as well.