Friday, January 17, 2014

MARUQ Liz Lisa fukubukuro pre-orders

MARUQ has finally started the online reservation for select Liz Lisa, Tralala and Liz Lisa Doll 2014 lucky packs!
In an earlier post, I mentioned I would let you know, so here's the link! Shop MARUQ.
They currently doing reservations for
Liz Lisa Classical ribbon tote and Classical ribbon boston
Tralala Heart bag and Daisy tote in both the sweet and casual variation
Penderie Dolly Classic bag*
Liz Lisa Doll Brilliant boston and Brilliant tote

It seems like the price actually went down a bit from what I can remember from last year. The 5250yen fukubukuro are priced at $70 and the 10500yen fukubukuro are $140. You are even eligible for free shipping if you buy at least $150 worth. Maybe that's why they lowered the price, but it's still not a bad deal I think.
They also have a price calculator at the bottom of the page in your cart if you have an item in there.
I think the shipping prices have changed a bit though. In-store pick up is obviously $0, but if I wanted a large tote shipped to HI, my cheapest shipping option is $23.70 for 3-day Priority mail. Last year I paid $15 for who knows what kind of mail. That's probably because I live in the middle of the Pacific Ocean though. Shipping to SoCal is $14 with 2-day Priority mail. Overall, good prices and still cheaper than Tenso.

Nothing for me since I was hoping for the Heartful Monogram line. It's just as well because I really need to save money -__-

*this option was added at a later date

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