Monday, January 27, 2014

2 Liz Lisa orders arrived - Check romper, Scallop knit & Happy Winter Tote

It's been a month, but I'm finally posting about my two latest Liz Lisa orders

I received the first order on 12/31 after ordering it on 12/25. I was super surprised how quickly my order was processed and shipped, not only by VENT but also by Tenso and my local post office. I think I just managed to miss the rush.

Check Romper in beige (122-6041-0)
Sorry, I was having some major problems with the lighting in my room and also my make-up/face wtf. Even my hair wasn't really cooperating. Anyway, the romper is pretty much as pictured in the stock photos. I like it a fair amount. I don't know how often I'll wear it, but for the price, I think it was worth getting. The material is good quality - actually not too thick or thin - and not scratchy. It's the kind of romper that isn't really fussy with lots of buttons that make it hard to take on or off. There's a deep side zipper that functions well. I wish it was a little more fitted at the waist, but that might make it less comfortable to move and sit, etc so I guess it's minor.

 Scallop U-neck Knit in white (120-3009-0)
No big surprises with this cardigan. It's a basic sweater with nice detailing around the neckline. The buttons are roses and not extremely easy to use (ask my bf's 3 year-old niece who loves buttoning things and had the hardest time) but I don't usually button my sweaters anyway. A good, classic item that isn't wholly mundane because of the little details but basic enough to wear during any season.


My second order came in the same day as my LLxMM collab carry fukubukuro and which is the reason for the delay in this post lol. I ordered it on 12/31/2013, and I received it on 1/11. It is also a lucky pack in a sense, and I wasn't sure what to expect although I did have high hopes. I do like the bag a lot. It's not extremely well made but it's adequate, and I like to have cheaper/not as expensive bags that are still cute for going to the beach or being outdoors so I don't have to fuss over them.

Happy Winter Tote (130-0502-0) contents:
Crochet pull-over -
 It's not horrible and definitely not something I would have bought for myself so it's interesting to see. Seems good for layering/being a basic item. I think it's from 2013 spring/summer? I'm currently listing this top in my storenvy in case you're interested. I don't think there's anything wrong with this piece specifically - it's just not something I see myself using often and don't want it to waste by just sitting on my clothes rack! I don't like to uselessly hoard clothes, and I'd much rather see it go to a home where it can actually be worn. Price negotiable (especially if you read my blogspot posts :3)!
High-waisted shorts -
This is an interesting addition to my wardrobe. I'm always wary about buying shorts (from anywhere) because I like a certain kind of fit, but free size shorts actually work reasonably well for me. I'm pretty sure these are the shorts from the 2013 white ribbon tote. I will likely not wear them with a shirt tucked in in these pictures but rather with a longer top like the pink ruffle top I had from the LLxMM LP (now sold). Mostly only wearing it this way to show the entirety of the shorts. I'm keeping these shorts for now but aren't really planning on wearing them any time soon, so if you're interested, make me an offer. When I wear shorts/casual wear, I tend to stick to the same Hollister shorts over and over again so I will unlikely even think of these as a regular option.

High neck long sleeve OP -

SIGH. Another long sleeve item, but seriously what was I expecting?...honestly though there were a few short sleeve autumn/winter items released and the top from the tote isn't even from autumn/winter so idk. Okay, anyway, this is definitely not something I would have bought for myself based purely on the fact that it's long sleeved. When I first saw it in the plastic wrapping I thought it was a different dress and was pleased until I actually unwrapped the entire thing. I don't mind the way it looks on me (and actually quite like this picture lol) but I just do not see any reason to keep long sleeve items in my wardrobe. It's listed in my storenvy. Again, price negotiable. Nothing wrong with it, just doesn't vibe with the weather where I live, so no sense hold onto it. (Now sold, thank you!)

Overall, not really pleased with the Happy Winter Tote, but I suppose it could have been a lot worse. I have to remind myself to stop buying these things. I really get caught up in the novelty of it all and the element of surprise. The first happy pack I ever bought was actually quite a good one though...Idk if my standards/tastes have changed or I'm just less lucky lol.

  How to order from Liz Lisa and Tokyo Kawaii Life video and photo tutorial here!


  1. The romper looks really cute on you!! I love that it looks like a dress as well~
    The cardigan is nice too (but it's a cardigan, lol what else can you say??)
    I think that knit is really cute by the way~ It would look nice with shorts - more casual and stuff. :3
    The dress looks nice on you but yeah... tots impractical...

    1. Thanks! Certain times the shorts part of the romper cuts in a little so it really looks like a romper and others times not lol. I was decently surprised about the OP. When I first tried it on, it looked really frumpy but I think it just needed heels!

  2. I kind of understand your feeling toward long sleeves, my country is hot too, so...I just hate having to roll the sleeves when I cannot bear the heat orz
    The pull over look good on you, dear! Seriously, I really love how you style it!

    1. Lol I think I just feel too self conscious wearing long sleeve tops/dresses here because people are like wtf are you wearing this is Hawaii haha. It's weird because I wear cardigans all the time but I guess the difference is that it's removable. I only really need to wear long sleeves in air conditioning but once I'm outside, forget it.

  3. Totally get what you mean by the happy/lucky packs; I need to stop getting those too because often times I will get pieces I don't fancy and even when I try to sell them off it's hard to get buyers for them. Seems like LL just stuff in pieces they can't sell into the bags.

    You look good in that long-sleeve dress but like you said, it might be just impractical to wear it.

    1. I always get suckered in by the novelty of surprise! It gets me every time and I'm like ADLKJFk I MUST KNOW WHAT IS INSIDE. Sometimes it's leftover stock but sometimes it's stuff that's manufactured for the bags I think like the 1st anniversary bag. I've definitely had better luck before and now have a few pieces that I never would have bought but are nice have for the price. It might also depend what generation of the listing you get? But yeah I must stop.